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 Zhao Fu smiled and nodded as he said, "You can rest at ease, I'll send people to take care of this. You've been running for a while and should go to Great Qin to rest."

The Fishmen people all happily nodded; they could only leave this to Great Qin.

Zhao Fu's gaze fell on the golden-haired woman and he said, "Come with me!"

The golden-haired woman's face became a bit red, not understanding why Zhao Fu seemed to be interested in her. However, standing by his side and smelling his scent, her body, which had not been touched by a man for many years, started to react.

After returning to Great Qin, the soldiers Zhao Fu sent out brought back a large number of corpses; these all belonged to the Fishmen people who had been killed by the Wind God Empire.

The second Wind God Empire only took the valuables from these corpses and were not interested in the corpses themselves, and they threw them to the side. This allowed Great Qin's soldiers to bring them back.

The blue-haired big man, the fierce-looking man, and the chubby man were all within the corpses, and seeing their loved ones' corpses, the Fishmen people who had survived started to weep.

The bewitching-looking woman and the flirtatious-looking woman leapt into Zhao Fu's embrace and wept as she said, "Your Majesty, our men are all dead; in the future, we can only rely on you."

As they spoke, they used their mature and fiery bodies to rub against Zhao Fu's body. Their tears were simply part of their act, and their faces were red as they looked at Zhao Fu lustfully.

Before they had left for Great Qin, they wanted to leave their men, and now that their men had died, things were easier for them.

However, the other women were truly broken-hearted and wept in grief.

Zhao Fu did not bother them and brought those two women away, and he also looked at the golden-haired woman, the gentle-looking woman, the elegant-looking woman, and the two beautiful Princesses. Their faces became red, and they knew what Zhao Fu meant.

Following this, they came with Zhao Fu to a room, where intense sounds continuously sounded out.

Aa while later, Zhao Fu was doing it with the golden-haired woman when a voice sounded out from outside, "Your Majesty, are you done? We want to see you."

Zhao Fu frowned and felt quite displeased; he did not like being interrupted at times like this. However, the golden-haired woman said, "Your Majesty, they all just lost many loved ones; please be good to them. We'll properly serve you more later."

By now, the golden-haired woman had grown a golden fish tail again, and the other women's legs had also turned back into fish tails. They were unable to maintain their human legs for long and could only continue doing it with Zhao Fu in their true forms.

Hearing this, Zhao Fu smiled and put on some clothes and let the people outside come in.

Seeing the erotic scene within, the faces of the women who had come in from outside became somewhat red. Zhao Fu was sitting on the bed while the women on the bed were all panting raggedly with reddened faces, and all of them were undressed. They naturally knew what had happened.

The elegant-looking woman had been saying how Great Qin's Emperor was not as licentious as the rumors said, but right after they had escaped to Great Qin, Great Qin's Emperor had started using their bodies.

Moreover, the elegant-looking woman was the first to be taken by him.

Zhao Fu looked at the puffy, red eyes of the women who had just entered and asked, "What is it? Why have you come to find Us?"

The blue-haired, dignified woman stepped out and said earnestly, "Your Majesty, please take revenge for our husbands!"

Zhao Fu looked at them and lightly smiled as he said, "Whether it's the second Wind God Empire or the Devil Horn Empire, they are enemies of Great Qin. Don't worry, I will definitely take revenge for you all."

Hearing this, the women looked a bit happier and were no longer as sad.

Some of the women stepped forwards and asked, "Your Majesty, can you save our loved ones who were captured?"

This was quite difficult because of how many people were captured; it would be almost impossible unless they completely destroyed the second Wind God Empire.

Zhao Fu smiled and replied, "We will do Our best!"

Hearing this, the women's hearts sank and their expressions became slightly unsightly. Zhao Fu was evidently just pacifying them, but they understood how difficult this matter was.

The women thought about it and took the initiative to take off their clothes. They did not have anything to attract Zhao Fu with, so they could only use their bodies.

The gentle-looking mother pleaded, "Your Majesty, we can't expect you to save everyone, but please save our relatives and our bodies will be yours; we'll serve you wholeheartedly from now on."

Zhao Fu thought about it; it was just rescuing the relatives of four people, it should not be a big deal; sending a few members of Eternal Night should be enough. As such, Zhao Fu smiled and agreed as he walked towards those women.

The wife of the Fishman World's strongest expert and the other women who had just wanted Zhao Fu to take revenge wanted to say goodbye and not interfere with Zhao Fu enjoying himself.

However, Zhao Fu smiled and brought them into his embrace and started to do it with them. More and more women were called over, and hearing the intense sounds from within the room, they knew what was going on.

However, they still went in, not only to ask Zhao Fu to take revenge for their deceased loved ones or to ask him to rescue their captured loved ones, but also to enjoy the pleasure of doing it with Zhao Fu because they heard how mad and lewd the women inside were.

Zhao Fu enjoyed the bodies of innumerable Fishmen women on that day, and he especially liked the mature women and the mothers.

"Arghhh..." Pained cries sounded out as four young men howled in pain on the ground as they continuously struggled. Their eyes opened wide and they foamed at the mouth, feeling as if their minds were going to collapse.

They were the cold-looking young man, the refined-looking young man, the elegant-looking young man, and the handsome-looking young man. They were within a hall and Feng Shensha sat with her legs crossed on the throne as she gave a calm smile and looked at the four men.

She was holding dog leashes in her hand, and next to her was a golden-haired young man squatting there like a dog. A certain part of his body had been cut off, without a trace of it remaining.

Seeing that it was about time, Feng Shesha gave a happy smile and stretched out her foot which wore a crystal shoe. The four young men hurriedly ran over and stretched out their tongues and madly licked that foot.

She had trained another four male dogs and Feng Shensha felt quite pleased. She put four collars attached to leashes around the four young men's necks, and she led the five male dogs out of the hall and had people cut off certain parts of the four young men's bodies.