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 Dong Yueli thought to himself before kneeling on the ground and saying, "I am willing to submit to Your Majesty; please accept my surrender."

Zhao Fu felt quite pleased and smiled; Dong Yueli was quite tactful. He accepted his surrender and had people take him away.

At that moment, Bai Qi came up with a trace of a smile and said, "Your Majesty, this subordinate has prepared some beauties for you from the Glass World; please enjoy them. This subordinate will take his leave."

Zhao Fu lightly laughed and nodded, after which six women were brought up.

The first was a tall and slim woman who had an elegant aura, and she was called He Limei; she was Dong Yueli's mother. The second was a beautiful woman with a mature figure; she was Dong Yueli's married sister, Dong Zhimei.

There was also a woman with a fiery figure who had a trace of seductiveness about her, and she was called Nuo Mei. There was also a gentle and calm-looking woman called Weng Yazhi. There was also a voluptuous and simple-looking woman called Nan Min, and a relatively skinny but bold-looking woman called Bai Heli.

Zhao Fu glanced over the six women. They all had white hair and were quite beautiful, and they were indeed the top beauties from the Glass World.

He Limei smiled and said softly, "Your Majesty, are you satisfied with us? Hurry and use us; we want to know how pleasurable it is doing it with Your Majesty."

She knew that her son had submitted and knew why she had come here. Resisting was useless, so she could only accept her circumstances. If she served Zhao Fu well, it would be of great help to her son in the future.

However, Bai Heli said coldly, "Just kill me! I won't serve anyone."

Zhao Fu ignored her and lightly smiled as he walked towards them and started to do it with them. Under Zhao Fu's body, the women all cried out lewdly.

Afterwards, He Limei's face was red as she hugged Zhao Fu. Even though she had heard how dissolute Great Qin's Emperor was, she had never thought that doing it with him would be so wonderful, and she felt as if she had become addicted to that kind of feeling.

Dong Yueli's older sister also lay in Zhao Fu's embrace with a reddened face. She had originally only served Zhao Fu so her husband and little brother would not be harmed, but she had found that both her body and soul had betrayed her husband and greatly enjoyed doing it with this man.

The bold-looking Bai Heli who had wanted to resist also lay strengthless by the side.

He Limei smiled as she said, "How did we taste, Your Majesty? Did you feel that we Glass women were different from other women?"

Zhao Fu lightly laughed as he replied, "You were all very good!"

The Glass women were indeed slightly different to normal women because their bodies were slightly cold and their skin was incredibly supple. Doing it with them in the summer would be quite pleasurable.

He Limei said, "Your Majesty, since you like us, I have a few sisters with whom I have a good relationship with. Later, I'll call them to serve you; they'll definitely like Your Majesty as well."

He Limei wanted to bring in some helpers so that she would have a better time in the harem.

Zhao Fu did not refuse; it was better to bring back more to enjoy.

Following this, Zhao Fu brought his army back to Great Qin and made these women Concubines. Large amounts of Phoenix Qi flowed into the Emperor Phoenix Statue.

"Skreee!" a phoenix's cry sounded out as the Emperor Phoenix Statue gave off immense golden light and turned into a golden phoenix with a wingspan of 70,000 meters and flew into the sky. It gave off boundless golden light and dyed the entire sky golden.

By now, the Emperor Phoenix Statue had enormous power and greatly surpassed that of an ordinary Nation Armament and even Clan Armament. It was only a bit away from having the level of power similar to the Primogenitor Statue.

Now that they had conquered the Glass World, what remained was to digest it, fully control it, and have it become part of Great Qin.

A few days later, within the massive and somewhat-crude Desolate God Temple, there was not a single believer inside, but a woman's lewd cries could be heard. A woman with a fiery body, blood-red short hair, and a wild aura was being ravaged by a handsome young man.

Zhao Fu asked somewhat displeased, "It has been so long; why have no Blood God Demons been created yet?"

The Desolate God also replied in displeasure, "It's not like I don't want to! Creating Blood God Demons is too difficult, and with my power before, I couldn't make them. However, now that I've regained much of my power, as long as I have suitable Emissaries, I should be able to make them. I feel that the Desolate Crow Race is quite suitable; have some people bring some of them here.

Zhao Fu nodded, and the two of them continued to do it. In the end, the Desolate God lay within Zhao Fu's embrace, and Zhao Fu ordered guards to bring a few excellent Desolate Crow women over.

Standing on a platform, the red-faced Desolate God stretched out a hand and pressed it against the forehead of a woman half-kneeling in front of her. Her palm gave off intense blood-red light which flowed into the woman's body, causing her eyes to become a blood-red color.

A blood-red, beast-like mark appeared on the woman's forehead. This was the Desolate God's Divine Mark, which would allow her to become a God Emissary.

Following this, dozens of bound beasts were placed around the platform. The beasts did not know what was going to happen, and they struggled and howled.

The Desolate God's expression was serious as she stood at the center of the platform and took out a dagger. She casually slashed out, and a sharp arc of light flew out and cut open dozens of beasts' throats.

The beasts screamed in pain and blood flowed out from their throats, dyeing the ground red.

The Desolate God then used the dagger to cut her own palm, from which blood flowed out. Under her ground, the blood continuously condensed and formed a blood-red rune.

At that moment, the Desolate God pointed out and the blood-red rune gave off intense blood-red light and shot into the sky, giving off a formless suction power as the blood from the beasts were sucked into the air and an orb of blood appeared in the air.

The Desolate God called over the woman who had been made a God Emissary and also cut her palm and let out some blood, which entered the orb of blood. A connection seemed to be formed between the woman and the orb of blood, allowing her to control it.

The orb of blood was two meters wide and gave off a faint blood-red light, and it floated in the air.

Zhao Fu frowned as he looked at this powerless orb of blood and asked, "Is this the Blood God Demon you were talking about?"

The Desolate God had just created her own Blood God Demon and was in a good mood, and she smiled as she nodded.

Zhao Fu felt quite displeased because he had heard how terrifying these Blood God Demons were and how they were forbidden creatures. However, this orb of blood seemed completely powerless, and he asked, "Can this thing fight?"