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 Swish, swish, swish...

Great Qin shot out countless arrows containing immense power that tore through the sky, and they descended like torrential rain.

Having lost their defenses, the Devil Horn soldiers were unable to defend, and many of them were hit by the arrows. Their bodies were pierced by countless arrows and blood spurted everywhere as countless people immediately died.

"Kill!" Great Qin's side started to charge as the black-armored army flooded forwards like an apocalyptic flood towards the Devil Horn army.


A massive explosion sounded out as the flood of Great Qin's soldiers smashed into the Devil Horn army, and soldiers from both sides started to clash.

A Great Qin soldier slashed with his saber, chopping off a Devil Horn soldier's head and causing blood to splash onto his face. Another Great Qin soldier ferociously stabbed his spear into a Devil Horn soldier's mouth, piercing through the back of his neck.

The Devil Horn army desperately fought with Great Qin's soldiers, causing roars and clashing of weapons to continuously sound out. Blood dyed the ground red as more and more people fell.

Zhao Fu controlled the Primogenitor Statue to once again raise its sword and vigorously slash, and a powerful sword energy blasted out with enough power to destroy all things.

In front of that immense sword energy, the Devil Horn Empire's countless soldiers were like ants and were slashed into tiny bits of meat. Blood covered the ground and gave off a pungent smell, and the scene was quite gory.

Yao Ming's expression was quite unsightly because most of the soldiers dying were from the Devil Horn Empire. If this went on, the Devil Horn Empire would suffer heavy losses.

The Devil Horn Empire had lost this time; Yao Ming had never thought that Great Qin could summon so many ghosts and that Primogenitor Statue would be so terrifying.

"Retreat!" Yao Ming did not hesitate to order a retreat, and the Devil Horn Empire started to withdraw.

Great Qin gave chase for a short while, but because Zhao Fu was wary about an ambush, they did not continue. Moreover, the most important thing was to defend this place and prevent the Devil Horn Empire from attacking Great Qin's other army.

As such, Zhao Fu did not leave this place and stood guard to prevent anything unexpected from happening, while he left the other battlefield to Bai Qi.

On the other battlefield, Bai Qi was currently giving orders to attack the Glass World.

Bang! Bang! Bang...

The Spirit Light Emissaries and Insect Den Wyverns shot out beams of light that smashed into the defensive walls with immense power, causing terrifying explosions. The terrifying power they contained easily broke through the defenses that the Glass World had prepared.

Swish, swish, swish...

Arrows containing terrifying power drew out arcs in the air before descending, and countless Glass people were hit. Some directly died while others fell to the ground and screamed.

"Roar! Roar! Roar..." Great Qin's beasts ferociously attacked from the side. The enormous spiders quickly climbed up the defensive walls and used their blade-like legs to kill the Glass soldiers. The soldiers' bodies were cut into pieces, creating a bloody and horrific scene.

Countless Wyverns unleashed flames and icy blasts from the sky towards the defensive walls, and countless Glass soldiers were either burned or frozen to death.

Over 10,000 Illusion Flower Devils opened their beautiful flowers, and massive amounts of pollen floated towards the Glass soldiers. After breathing in the pollen, countless Glass soldiers froze and fell into an illusion.

Bai Qi then gave the order to launch the main assault, and Great Qin's army flooded forwards like a black tsunami and ferociously charged into the Glass soldiers.

The Glass soldiers desperately tried to defend and continuously roared as they rushed at Great Qin's soldiers. They shot out countless arrows towards Great Qin's beasts, but they were not very effective. The battle was completely one-sided, and the Glass people were not a match for Great Qin at all.

Even though Dong Yueli was quite powerful as the World Protector, he could not compare to even a Divine Extreme Realm expert. He was taken down by Long Hao'Er and the others in just a few exchanges and was no longer able to resist.

In the end, the Glass soldiers were forced back and Great Qin broke through the Glass World's defenses, rushing out in all directions.

Countless Glass people looked terrified; in the end, their Glass World could not avoid its fate of being destroyed, even if it collaborated with the Devil Horn Empire. They had been hoping for the Devil Horn Empire to come so they could deal a heavy blow to Great Qin, but they still were not here.

Now, the Glass world was in complete chaos. Most people started to run away; without the Heaven Domain Boundary blocking them, everyone could easily leave the Glass World without any restrictions.

Some people wanted to escape to the Devil Horn Empire and receive protection there. Since they were allies, the Devil Horn Empire would most likely treat them well.

Great Qin moved quickly, surrounding the world first before gradually clearing it out and suppressing it, making it so that not many people could escape.

Countless Glass people kneeled on the ground, looking terrified as they trembled in fear. Seeing Great Qin's soldiers walk into their Cities, they did not dare to resist at all because those who had resisted had been skinned, gutted, and hung on the City Walls.

Great Qin quickly gained control of the Glass World. In the end, the battle quickly concluded, and Great Qin conquered the Glass World just as it had planned.

After hearing this, Zhao Fu grinned and led his army to the Glass World, and the two armies gathered together.

Sitting on a throne, Zhao Fu smiled as he listened to Bai Qi report to him the outcome from the battle. After conquering the Glass World, they had obtained 32 billion people, 70,000 Cities, countless Towns and Villages, and various treasures and resources.

They had killed four billion Glass people, and apart from soldiers, there were also some commoners who had resisted. On the other hand, Great Qin had lost fewer than 300 million soldiers.

Great Qin's population had been at 410 billion and had 590,000 Cities, and now that they had obtained another 32 billion people and 70,000 Cities, Great Qin now had 442 billion people and 660,000 Cities.

Hearing this, Zhao Fu could not help but grin; Great Qin's strength had once again greatly increased. Now, with the Glass World, Great Qin controlled seven worlds. It was now only three worlds away from becoming a Royal Kingdom.

"Your Majesty, I captured that World Protector for you," Long Hao'Er nestled against Zhao Fu as she smiled and spoke.

Zhao Fu lightly laughed and had Dong Yueli brought in.

Dong Yueli's face was pale and he was brought over by a few guards. His clothes and hair were in disorder and contained traces of blood, and he looked quite dispirited. He no longer looked as high and mighty.

Zhao Fu looked at him and asked, "What do you have to say for yourself?"