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 Under the searing sunlight, the summoned demons gave off traces of black aura and screamed as they gradually dissipated.

There were many demons, but they were not very strong so they were quite easy to deal with.

The eight crystals that Zhao Fu had thrown out were Sun God Stones that had absorbed boundless sunlight from the Outer World. They were incredibly harmful to Darkness creatures, and under the eight sun's intense sunlight, they all turned into demonic qi and dissipated.

However, Yao Ming had anticipated that something like this would happen, so while the demons were charging, he had split his army of two billion soldiers into two waves that attacked from the left and right.

The two groups flooded forwards, giving off destructive auras as they rushed at Great Qin's soldiers.

"Fire!" Zhao Fu ordered, and arrows containing great strength shot out, tearing through the air and descending towards the two groups like rain.

The two groups exploded out with traces of green aura, which covered the two groups. As the arrows passed through the green aura, they seemed to lose their power and fell to the ground without dealing any damage.

"Corps Formations!" Zhao Fu once again gave an order, and countless traces of aura flooded out of Great Qin's soldiers' bodies, forming two massive black dragons that were hundreds of meters long, and they gave off terrifying auras as they rushed towards the Devil Horn Empire's two groups.

The Devil Horn Empire's two groups quickly created two enormous green dragons, which gave off ferocious auras as they rushed towards the two black dragons.

Bang! Bang! Bang...

The four dragons savagely clashed in the sky, heads against heads, claws against claws, tails against tails. Massive explosions sounded out as terrifying ripples blasted out, causing everyone to feel a chill.

The two green dragons were larger than Great Qin's two black dragons, as they were each made from one billion soldiers' auras, while Great Qin's were each made of only five hundred million soldiers' auras. However, Great Qin held an advantage in that Great Qin's soldiers had higher cultivations.

This was quite shocking - that a new world's cultivation was higher than a world that had been developing for dozens of years. Of course, this was mostly because of the Heaven and Earth Refining Formation.

The Heaven and Earth Refining Formation had gradually built up Great Qin's foundation, and it was inevitable that Great Qin would surpass the Devil Horn Empire.

As the four dragons fought in the sky, the Devil Horn Empire's two groups continued to surge forwards.

Swish, swish, swish...

The two groups also shot out countless sharp arrows, which gave off piercing auras as they flew towards Great Qin's soldiers.

On Great Qin's side, the Shieldbearers standing at the front raised their shields and gave off black lights, forming a powerful barrier that defended against the countless incoming arrows.

The two groups continued to charge over, and the distance between the two sides was now only a few thousand meters. The Devil Horn soldiers gripped their weapons, looking quite savage as they roared, and Great Qin's soldiers gripped their weapons with icy gazes, preparing to meet their attack.

Zhao Fu stood in the air and looking at the two groups charging from the left and right, he threw a scroll into the sky. The cross-shaped pupil and the six gray dots in his right eye quickly spun, and a massive wave of Yin Qi spread out. Zhao Fu then stretched out his hand and vigorously grabbed at the air.


A massive explosion sounded out as the scroll exploded out with dense Yin Qi which spread out as fast as lightning, covering the sky in an instant. An icy gale blew, causing the temperature to fall, and the surroundings became filled with ghostly qi, as if it was the Underworld.

"Arghhh..." Howls sounded out as the ghostly qi formed ghosts with sharp teeth and claws. Their numbers were shocking, and there were about one billion of them.

These one billion ghosts all had Stage 2 or Stage 3 Cultivation, and they were much stronger than the demons that the Devil Horn Empire had summoned. The scroll was the one Zhao Fu had obtained from the Underworld Mark.

The two or three billion ghosts could rival at least six or billion Stage 1 soldiers, and this caused the Devil Horn soldiers' hearts to sink, causing their morale to fall.


Zhao Fu's golden pupil in his left eye quickly spun as a few chains out of his body shot out of his body and into the ground. A heaven-toppling aura rushed out from beneath the ground, turning into a black pillar of light that shot into the sky, and an incredibly massive giant gradually rose up from the ground.

An enormous aura flooded out, inundating everything, and causing all people to feel terror.

This was the Primogenitor Statue that Great Qin had used to deal with the Spirit Light World before. Yao Ming knew about it, as he had personally seen it before, but he felt quite shocked - how had it become so strong? This kind of massive creature seemed more powerful than ordinary Emperor Heaven Realm experts in large battles by dozens of times.

The countless ghosts rushed at one of the Devil Horn Empire's groups, and the two sides quickly clashed. Even though there were only one billion ghosts, they slaughtered their way into the Devil Horn Empire's army.

Blood splattered everywhere as cries sounded out. An intense battle unfolded as waves of auras continuously spread out.

Standing in the air, Zhao Fu slowly stretched out a hand and grabbed at the air. The Primogenitor Statue below also stretched out a hand and grabbed at the air, and a blood-red sword appeared in its hand.

A massive wave of energy entered the sword, causing it to give off traces of terrifying aura, seeming to twist the space around it.

Zhao Fu stood in the sky, seeming to hold a formless sword, and he vigorously slashed out.


The Primogenitor Statue copied Zhao Fu's motion and also slashed out, and a sword hum tore through the sky as an unimaginably powerful sword light swept out.

The expressions of the incoming Devil Horn soldiers fell as they hurriedly exploded out with green aura and gathered it, trying to block that strike.


The enormous sword light gave off terrifying power as it split the green aura blocking in front of the Devil Horn soldiers in two, and the soldiers at the front were instantly slashed into countless bits of meat, making the scene incredibly bloody.

The one billion soldiers had not been able to gather all of their aura in time, and even though they had not been able to completely block this strike, they had greatly weakened that sword light and only a few million soldiers died.

That attack from the Primogenitor Statue used up a portion of its power, but it had broken the defense of the Devil Horn soldiers. Great Qin's soldiers started to ferociously attack.