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 Before, Zhao Fu was completely focused on escaping and didn't want to use his Nation Armament. However, these people had continuously pressured him, and now, Zhao Fu's suppressed emotions finally exploded out. Zhao Fu was a very rational and reserved person, but when people like Zhao Fu went out of control, they were incredibly terrifying.

Zhao Fu stood there holding his sword and gave off shocking killing intent. He looked as terrifying as a demon god who was going to end the world, and he had gone completely berserk.

The Sky Demon had never thought that Zhao Fu's true power would be so terrifying because he now had the King profession and a Nation Armament. What's more, the Twelve Metal Colossi had already become a Level 2 Nation Armament.

Back when it was only a Level 1 Nation Armament, the power Zhao Fu had wielded against the mysterious Skeleton was already incredibly monstrous. Now, it was a Level 2 Nation Armament, and Zhao Fu had his King profession.

Even the arrogant and powerful Sky Demon remained huddled in the sword, not daring to make any noise. It was completely terrified that Zhao Fu would be displeased and destroy it with just a thought.


Zhao Fu's bloodthirsty gaze fell on the three Great Generals, causing a chill to pass through their hearts. A smile appeared on Zhao Fu's face, making him look incredibly evil.

Suddenly, Zhao Fu arrived before Yue Linping in the blink of an eye. Strangely, even though it seemed like he was raising the Sky Demon Sword incredibly slowly, it was actually incredibly fast.


Zhao Fu sword slashed downwards, and even though Yue Linping used all of his strength to defend, he was still blown hundreds of meters away. He was smashed against Heavenstone City's tough city walls and a 100 meter long, tens of meters deep gash appeared in the ground.

"Pft!" After crashing against the city walls, Yue Linping coughed up a large mouthful of blood. His chest was a bloody mess and the city walls had caved in slightly, making it seem as if Yue Linping was embedded in it. He seemed to be on his dying breath, and in just a single strike, one of the three Great Generals had been severely injured!

This scene caused massive waves of shock to roll within the hearts of the countless players gathered around. At the same time, they all started to escape in terror because they all knew that a bloody massacre was about to ensue.

The black-cloaked person's strength was enough to cause anyone to tremble, and he was like a godly spirit that normal humans could not hope to defy.

All of the players could only scramble away while Zhao Fu's focus was not on them. Otherwise, if Zhao Fu decided to kill them, it would be impossible for them to run.

All of Heavenstone City's people looked completely stunned. Before, they had all been completely confident and delighted, but they were now extremely serious and terrified.

At this moment, Zhao Fu slowly turned his head, and his blood-red eyes shined like two gemstones and gave off a terrifying light.

In the next second, Zhao Fu transformed into a black blur and rushed towards Gu Feng, who was holding his violet bow. Gu Feng's expression became grim as he drew his large bow and shot an incredibly sharp and powerful arrow.

The arrow gave off a violet light and formed the image of a large roc as it sped towards Zhao Fu.

The two parties clashed, and facing the same attack that had injured him previously, Zhao Fu waved his sword and sent a black arc of light out, cleaving the roc and the arrow in half.

Gu Feng immediately drew his bow again, but Zhao Fu's body suddenly vanished without a trace. In the next moment, Gu Feng felt a great shock and cold sweat started to pour down his body because he felt a monstrous aura appear behind him. Those blood-red eyes danced with a bloodthirsty red light.


Zhao Fu's sword slashed down, causing blood to spurt out. A look of shock appeared on Gu Feng's face, and he powerlessly dropped to his knees before dying. There was a deep wound from his left shoulder to the right side of his waist, and Zhao Fu had almost split him in half.

One of Heavenstone City's three Great Generals, Gu Feng... had died!

Gu Feng's death caused Liu Sheng to become completely enraged. They had been Heavenstone City's three Great Generals for many years together and were incredibly close friends. Who would have thought that Gu Feng would die like this?

Liu Sheng rushed towards Zhao Fu with his golden spear, utterly furious.

Seeing Liu Sheng charge at him, Zhao Fu stood still and didn't move. Liu Sheng arrived before Zhao Fu in just a few moments, and his golden spear traveled as fast as lightning towards Zhao Fu's chest.

Just as the golden spear was about to stab into Zhao Fu's chest, Zhao Fu condescendingly smiled and grabbed the golden spear with his hand. Liu Sheng was completely flabbergasted and immediately tried to pull it back, but he was surprised to find that the golden spear wouldn't budge.

In the next second, Liu Sheng sensed something and quickly let go, but he was too late. Zhao Fu brought down the Sky Demon Sword on Liu Sheng's hands, causing blood to spurt out of his arms. Liu Sheng cried out in pain and quickly retreated.

Zhao Fu followed him, and just as he was about to end Liu Sheng's life, the city guards couldn't watch on anymore and thousands of arrows flew through the air towards Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu's eyes flashed with a cold light, his massive murderous aura seeming to create a formless wall that knocked the thousands of arrows back.

Zhao Fu's gaze once again fell on the thousands of city guards. He was in a complete berserk state, and the only thing he wanted to do was kill everyone who stood in his way!

Zhao Fu turned into a black shadow and charged towards the city guards. He arrived before the shield wall formed by the Shieldbearers and vigorously swept out with his sword!


A massive collision sound rang out as the shields and bodies of the Shieldbearers were split in half. Very soon, Zhao Fu broke through their defenses and entered into their ranks, massacring wantonly.

However, Zhao Fu did not seem satisfied with this massacre. A cruel smile appeared on his face, and he slowly raised the Sky Demon Sword before heavily stabbing it into the ground.


A massive explosion sounded out as black light exploded out from Zhao Fu. The energy seemed to be able to destroy everything, and it spread out in all directions like a pure black dome.

The ground seemed to shake and rumble as if there was an earthquake. Even those who were 10 kilometers away were able to detect the tremors.

Finally, the dust settled, revealing a 1,000-meter wide and 100-meter deep crater. Less than 10% of the thousands of city guards had survived.

This scene almost shocked the souls out of the escaping players. They desperately ran even faster because they knew that Zhao Fu's next target would be them.

Indeed, Zhao Fu did not plan on sparing them. However, Zhao Fu's blood-red and bloodlust filled eyes fell on Liu Sheng's handless arms. He would think about the others after dealing with this person.

By now, Liu Sheng had used his cultivation to stop the bleeding. When he saw Zhao Fu's blood-red eyes look towards him again, he ran without hesitating.

However, how could he escape from Zhao Fu? Zhao Fu caught up with him very quickly, but just as Zhao Fu was about to kill him, a spirit pressure descended from the sky, and a majestic figure appeared in the air.