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 The five eyes in the sky gradually turned back into five suns, and the blood-red color disappeared from the suns, causing them to return to their original state. The world returned to peace and everyone let out sighs of relief.

Whether it was the Outer World people or Heaven Awaken World people, no one knew who had caused this. Everyone strengthened their defenses while also trying to find information about this matter.

In the future, Zhao Fu's name would not only resound throughout the Heaven Awaken World but the Outer World as well. Everyone would ask the same question - how did such a terrifying person appear?

Back within the historical remnant, Zhao Fu had borrowed the five Emperor Stars' power to fuse with the octagonal jade. However, his body was now covered with blood and he lay strengthlessly on the ground, unconscious.

Di Moji and the women recovered from their shock; their husband already had many terrifying powers, such as his Divine Bloodline, Six Paths of Reincarnation Power, Billion Sovereign Dragon Imperial Bloodline, etc.

Now, he had gained yet another extremely terrifying power, and it came from the Outer World; just what kind of terrifying existence would this husband of theirs become?

Now, no matter how extraordinary they were, they could not lift their faces in front of Zhao Fu, and they could not compare to him at all.

At the same time, they rejoiced that they had followed such a person.

Zhu Ji and the other women were also quite delighted. Even though they knew that Zhao Fu was a Holy Son and was quite extraordinary, the power that Zhao Fu had demonstrated was far beyond what they had expected.

The more terrifying Zhao Fu's power was, the bigger their gains would be from doing it with him. This was enough to make them go crazy, and they were willing to become his female slaves to receive his love every day.

Seeing Zhao Fu lying on the ground covered with blood, Di Moji and the other women hurriedly ran up to check on his wounds, and they carried him back to the Great Qin Territory.

A few days later, Zhao Fu slowly woke up within the Great Qin Palace. After hearing about this, everyone in Great Qin heaved a sigh of relief. Zhao Fu was the pillar of Great Qin and received the concern of countless people; they could not allow anything to happen to him.

With the situation in Great Qin, if Zhao Fu was gone, no one would be qualified to replace him, and it was possible all of Great Qin would collapse.

The Flower Fairy and Asani stopped their healing magic and the Flower Fairy smiled as she said softly, "Husband, you're awake."

Both of them had powerful healing abilities and were Great Qin's top-tier healers. They had been continually healing Zhao Fu over the past few days and under their powerful magic, Zhao Fu was able to wake up again quite quickly.

Zhao Fu smiled and brought them both into his embrace. The Flower Fairy gave a sweet smile as she leaned against him, and even though Asani had served Zhao Fu with her mother Daisy many times before, she was still quite embarrassed and her face became red.

Zhao Fu hugged both of them as he smiled and asked them what had happened while he was unconscious. After hearing that nothing big had happened, he felt much more at ease.

Following this, Zhao Fu pressed the two women beneath him and started to do it with them, recovering his strength as he did it. After having a good taste of them, Zhao Fu recovered a lot of his strength and some color returned to his cheeks, making them not as pale as before.

"Husband, the Art that you cultivate is such a perverted Art; you can recover your strength by doing this," the Flower Fairy said teasingly as she lay in Zhao Fu's embrace and lightly laughed.

"As long as husband can recover his strength, I'm willing to do anything," Asani said shyly in a small voice on the other side.

Zhao Fu hugged the two strengthless women and laughed before chatting with them for a bit longer and then examining his body. He found that after fusing with that octagonal jade, his body had gone through some changes.

Firstly, he found that after the octagonal jade had fused into his body, it was no longer a jade but a mark. Its shape and color were still the same.

The biggest difference was that Zhao Fu felt as if he had a new bloodline. This bloodline came from the Outer World, but it gave an unclear feeling.

It felt quite ordinary and weak, as if it did not exist, and it seemed almost negligible. However, Zhao Fu knew that this bloodline definitely was not simple, as it came from that octagonal jade. The aura that Zhao Fu could sense from that bloodline was the first Evil Celestial's aura, which meant that the bloodline belonged to the first Evil Celestial.

According to the information that came with the octagonal jade, the first Evil Celestial who had caused a calamity in the Outer World originally had the lowest aptitude and did not have much talent. However, he was incredibly intelligent.

He knew that he was lacking, so he continuously researched how he could improve himself. This process was incredibly difficult, and he had used any means possible to him.

The disgusting secret technique to create insect monsters was something created by him, and it had been created quite early on; this showed just how evil and twisted he had been.

However, only by being so evil and twisted, and using any means available to him, could he rise from an ordinary person to the first Evil Celestial who could shake the entire Outer World.

From the information, Zhao Fu saw how difficult it had been for the first Evil Celestial, and he could not help but respect him.

Zhao Fu had currently only obtained the most basic legacy and it did not increase his strength by much. Even though it was the first Evil Celestial's bloodline, it was in actuality quite weak.

The bloodline was just the core, and that was its only purpose. It was the core for the Ultimate Forbidden Art.

The Ultimate Forbidden Art was called Eight Forbidden Blood Art, and itwas a forbidden art that could devour all of the Outer World's eight major race's bloodlines. The Heaven Awaken World also had eight major races, and they were split into tens of millions of bloodlines.

This Eight Forbidden Blood Art could devour as many bloodlines as there existed, and he could obtain different races' abilities. The first Evil Celestial had devoured countless bloodlines and had raised his bloodline to the peak of the Divine Bloodline, and it was only a trace away from becoming an Origin Bloodline.

Now, Zhao Fu knew why he felt some pressure from this bloodline, even though he himself had a Divine Bloodline that reigned above countless Imperial Bloodlines; the first Evil Celestial's bloodline had been quite a lot higher than his.

Moreover, the Eight Forbidden Blood Art had more abilities. Its other ability that could cause people to feel terror and shake the Outer World was that it could make the Outer World's eight suns its Fate Stars. This would be enough to make anyone go crazy.

With Zhao Fu's current abilities, Zhao Fu could not make the Heaven Awaken World's sun his Fate Star, as it was an Origin Star and contained unimaginable power.

However, the supreme Emperor Stars of the eight major races would not be that much weaker.