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 "Lord Holy Son, this is the terrifying thing that I told you about, a crystal left behind by my master. It has its own consciousness and needs you to go up and receive its acknowledgement," Zhu Ji smiled as she explained.

After sensing that terrifying aura, Zhao Fu naturally did not dare to be careless and he asked, "Just who was your master?"

Zhu Ji spoke with a sense of pride, "Our master was the most brilliant genius in the Outer World and created an Ultimate Forbidden Art. Despite having the lowest quality of constitution and bloodline, our master reigned above countless Emperors and became one of the most terrifying people in this world."

Hearing this, Zhao Fu felt even more curious and asked, "What was that Ultimate Forbidden Art? And since your master was so powerful, how did he or she die?"

Zhu Ji smiled and pointed at the octagonal jade and said, "That is the Ultimate Forbidden Art. As for how master died, we don't know either. We were too weak and were only responsible for looking after our home, so we don't know too much."

Zhao Fu nodded and stretched out his hand to touch that jade. Suddenly, the jade gave off an intense eight-colored light and a powerful aura burst forth.

Zhu Ji, Feng Ji, and Dia Ji looked delighted as they said excitedly, "Lord Holy Son, as expected you were able to receive its acknowledgement. This proves that we were right to submit to you."

Hearing this, Zhao Fu smiled.


The octagonal jade exploded out with an even more terrifying aura which created a wild gale. Everyone was forced back, and only Zhao Fu remained unaffected.

The octagonal jade gave off an intense eight-colored light to the point that it looked like an eight-colored orb of light. It then gave off a powerful aura and floated towards Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu felt quite hesitant, not knowing if he should accept this octagonal jade. After all, this jade was a forbidden item from the Outer World, while he was a Heaven Awaken World person; could he accept this jade?

Zhao Fu was not sure about any of that, but what he did know was that this jade could cause himself to become stronger. In this world where the strong preyed on the weak, strength was key, so Zhao Fu did not have any reason to refuse.

Zhao Fu spread out his hands and the eight-colored orb of light gave off intense light and aura as it slowly fused into Zhao Fu's chest.

Immediately, Zhao Fu felt an unimaginably massive power flowing into his chest, causing his body and spirit to tremble. Traces of blood leaked out from Zhao Fu's mouth and eyes.

The eight-colored orb of light fused slowly, and only a bit of it had fused into Zhao Fu's body. Zhao Fu's body seemed to naturally resist this power, as Zhao Fu was from the Heaven Awaken World.

Zhao Fu could only suppress his bloodline and try to accept the eight-colored orb of light as much as he could.

As the eight-colored orb of light gradually fused into Zhao Fu, an even more intense gale sprang up, forcing everyone else away. Even Di Moji and Yuan Ziyuan were affected, as they felt a bloodline suppression.

At that moment, Zhao Fu's bloodline started to go through changes due to fusing with the eight-colored orb of light.


A shocking explosion sounded out as the eight-colored orb of light was fully absorbed into Zhao Fu's body. Zhao Fu exploded out with a terrifying aura which spread out like a corporeal shockwave, causing the ground to crack.

An eight-colored aura flame ignited around Zhao Fu's body as a pillar of eight-colored light ferociously shot into the sky, causing the sky to tremble.

Originally, the sky in the Outer World had been completely cloudless and the eight searing suns gave off boundless light as they scorched the ground.

Suddenly, the eight suns seemed to be affected by some kind of power and gradually turned blood-red as if they were bleeding. A massive aura quickly spread out, causing the sky to become blood-red and the world to become dark.

Within the Outer World, many people who were talking, eating, cultivating, walking, or fighting all stopped. The ripples not only affected the surrounding few regions but the entire Outer World. Everyone in the Outer World looked quite confused as they looked at the eight blood-red suns in the sky.

The Heaven Awaken World people fighting in the Outer World Battlefield also looked incredibly shocked as they looked at the eight blood-red suns in the sky, wondering what had happened for such terrifying abnormal signs to appear in the Outer World.

These abnormal signs covered the entire Outer World, and this was no small matter at all and was definitely a massive event. After all, as the Outer World's eight Origin Stars, very few things could affect them.

Ordinary King Stars and Emperor Stars could not compare to Origin Stars, as they could compare to even moons and suns.

As Origin Stars, not just the main worlds could see them; other smaller worlds could see them as well. That was how terrifying the Origin Stars were - no matter where one was, one would be affected by them.

Ordinarily, there were only two types of Origin Stars: Suns and Moons, which represented Yin and Yang.

Seeing the eight suns become blood-red, the Heaven Awaken World people became incredibly shocked and reported this news to their factions. The Heaven Awaken World factions' leaders' expressions became grim and quickly sent experts to have a look as well in order to make preparations to retreat to avoid being caught up.

Many Heaven Awaken World higher-beings looked at the eight blood-red suns in the sky. They did not know if these massive abnormal signs in the Outer World was good news or bad news for the Heaven Awaken World, but they could not help but feel a trace of worry.

As for the Outer World's sovereigns, their expressions became somewhat unsightly. The Ultimate Forbidden Art that had once caused unprecedented destruction, innumerable deaths, and created worlds of corpses and seas of blood had once again appeared.

The person who obtained this Forbidden Art would become that person's legatee. That person had once caused the greatest catastrophe in the history of the Outer World, and that person was called the first Evil Celestial.

Now that the Forbidden Art had once again appeared, who knew what kind of terrifying things would happen. The Outer World's witches and astrologers tried to make divinations about this matter, but they all failed and some people even suffered a backlash.

This Forbidden Art belonged to something that was extremely heaven-defying and was reinforced by massive amounts of Heaven's Secrets, and almost no one could divine anything about it.

This meant that the person who had obtained it was a terrifying person who had a massive amount of Fate.