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 Zhao Fu looked at the woman and asked, "What's your name?"

The woman shook her head and said happily, "How about Lord Holy Son gives me a name?"

Zhao Fu thought about it and decided to call her Zhu Ji.

Zhu Ji gave a satisfied smile and went up to hug Zhao Fu's arm, and she led him and the two other women to the fourth level.

The fourth level was filled with countless insect monsters, and their auras were even stronger than the ones from the third level. They flooded over like a tsunami, seeming to want to destroy everything. They made even Di Moji and Yuan Ziyuan feel a trace of pressure, and their expressions became somewhat serious.

However, Zhu Ji smiled and stepped forwards and opened her mouth as she gave off a formless soundwave that instantly spread out, causing the countless insect monsters to retreat. It seemed that Zhu Ji was quite capable.

Suddenly, a figure giving off a powerful aura flew in front of everyone. It was a beautiful woman with a seductive figure with long, golden hair. She had a pair of bee's wings and a pair of bee-like eyes, and she was completely naked.

Zhu Ji gave a trace of a smile as she said enticingly, "Bee, this is Lord Holy Son. Do you want Holy Son essence? Come and serve him."

The woman looked incredibly delighted, and her beautiful eyes fell on Zhao Fu's body and discovered his Holy Son aura. She flew in front of Zhao Fu and half-knelt as she said flirtatiously, "Lord Holy Son, I'll come and serve you!"

Zhao Fu knew things would turn out like this and did not bother saying anything as he ravaged the woman and tasted her, and he felt that she was somewhat sweet.

Following this, he named her Feng Ji.

The fifth level also had a woman who had a bewitching figure and white skin. She had black and white long hair and had a pair of butterfly's wings and two antennae on her head. She also gave off a powerful aura.

She was already panting under Zhao Fu's body, and she then collapsed to the ground. Zhao Fu called her Dia Ji.

The group continued onwards and soon reached the sixth level. The process was quite smooth, making Zhao Fu feel quite speechless.

The insect monster guarding the sixth level was a centipede with three human heads. One head was an elderly person, one head was a woman, and one head was a child. Zhao Fu did not hold back and directly ordered to have this centipede killed.

Zhao Fu was quite interested in knowing what that item at the end was, and whether it was worth all of this.

The centipede sprayed out a poisonous mist that had a terrifying corrosiveness. The ground that it covered sizzled and became black, and it gave off an acrid smell.

With their experience from last time, Di Moji and Yuan Ziyuan did not dare to be careless and sent out rays of sword light that descended like rain towards the centipede. The sword lights cut open its shell and pierced into its body, causing green blood to flow out.

Zhu Ji, Feng Ji, and Dia Ji also unleashed powerful attacks towards the centipede, dealing a lot of damage as well.

This caused the centipede to become incredibly enraged, and its three heads cursed at the three women. It was evident that they knew each other, and the centipede accused them of betraying their master - not only had they submitted to a Heaven Awaken World person, but they were also attacking it.

The three women ignored the centipede because it was bound to die. After all, the key to the treasure trove was the centipede's three heads.

The centipede had been their master's most faithful subordinate, and it would never betray their master, much less submit to a Heaven Awaken World person.

As for them, because their master had been dead for many years, they naturally wanted to find a new master. Zhao Fu, who was a Holy Son, was undoubtedly the best choice.


A massive sword hum sounded out as a black beam of light shot into the sky, and a massive storm of sword qi spread out. Di Moji held her sword, giving off a powerful aura, and the air seemed to become heavier.

An enormous black crescent which seemed to have the power to slice through everything blasted onto the centipede's body, causing it to roar in pain. A massive gash appeared on its body, from which blood spurted out and dyed the ground green.

However, the centipede was incredibly tough and mustered up the large of its strength as it rushed at Zhu Ji and the two others, wanting to kill the three traitors.

By the side, Yuan Ziyuan slashed out a sword light that slammed into the centipede, sending it flying. It smashed open a large crater, causing the ground to violently tremble. The centipede twitched a few times before it went silent.

Zhu Ji and the two others cut off the three heads and brought them to Zhao Fu and smiled as they said, "Lord Holy Son, with these three heads you can open the treasure trove. Would you like to open it now?"

Zhao Fu nodded.

Following this, the group came before a beautiful pair of doors. Beside the doors were two stone pillars, and the doors seemed to be gold-plated and gave off a golden light. There was also a beautiful picture of a mountain and river engraved on the doors.

At the center of the doors were three holes. In actuality, one did not need to kill the centipede - as long as its heads were inserted into the holes, the doors could be opened, even if the centipede was still alive. However, it was evident that the centipede would not submit to Zhao Fu.

Zhu Ji and the others placed the three heads into the holes. The holes gave off a blood-red light as a massive aura spread out from the beautiful doors, and they slowly opened as a terrifying aura swept out from within.

Space and time seemed to freeze as everyone felt as if their bodies had fallen into an icy cavern. They could not help but feel terror and their bodies trembled.

All of their faces became somewhat pale; that terrifying aura seemed to surpass even the level of higher-beings and seemed to reach the level of Celestials. None of the people felt the ability to resist at all.

Moreover, that aura contained a bloodline-level suppression, and it was even stronger than Zhao Fu's Divine Bloodline by a bit.

Even Di Moji and Yuan Ziyuan were barely able to withstand this with their Imperial Bloodlines. There seemed to be some kind of will trying to make them kneel down, and if they were not resisting with all their might, they would have directly knelt down.

Zhao Fu and the others looked at each other with serious gazes before walking through the doors, and they arrived at a white and luxurious hall.

Within the hall, there was a coffin made of platinum, above which floated an octagonal-shaped jade the size of a fist. It gave off an eight-colored light, and the aura from before came from the coffin.

Zhu Ji lightly smiled and said, "Lord Holy Son, don't worry, that's just the aura that master left behind. The coffin does not have anything except a few pieces of clothes."

Hearing this, Zhao Fu carefully approached and sensed that there was indeed nothing within the coffin. In order to confirm this, he lightly pushed open the coffin and found that there really were only clothes inside. The thing of value was most likely that octagonal-shaped jade.