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 There were worms that had worm-like heads and bodies, but they were covered with human eyes. There were also beetles with beetle heads and human bodies, but their bodies did not have skin, revealing their bloody flesh.

There were also frogs with human breasts, and some had up to 20 pairs. There were also insects with insect heads and limbs but four to five male members.

Moreover, they were not weak at all and there were many of them. It would be impossible for a Divine Realm expert to pass through them; no wonder the old City Lord of Chaos Evil City had been forced out with injuries.

Zhao Fu could not use his Nation Armament here, nor could he summon the Primogenitor Statue, and he would not be able to do much with his cultivation, so he left killing these insect monsters to the two women.

For them to rank within the top ten beauties in the Demon Domain, they were not only as beautiful as goddesses but they also had terrifying strength. Both of them held swords and slashed out countless sword lights, and the insect monsters swarming up were unable to resist at all and were cut into chunks.

Zhao Fu stood there and watched since he could not provide any assistance. It was a pity that Zhao Fu could not summon the Evil Flower Demons, as they had fused with the Demon Lord Star.

Otherwise, the 12 Evil Flower Demons would have been able to directly devour all of these insect monsters.

A while later, Di Moji came back with a smile, "Husband, we've killed all of the insect monsters, and we can head to the depths of the third level now."

Yuan Ziyuan pouted as she said, "My good husband, you just came in to have fun and left everything to us. Later, if you don't properly reward us, I won't spare you."

Zhao Fu smiled as he hugged one of them in each arm and said, "I know, I know! Let's continue on!"

As they reached the depths of the third level, a massive insect monster that was tens of thousands of meters long appeared in front of them. It had a woman's head and a spider's body. The woman looked quite beautiful but Zhao Fu was not interested at all, so he had the two women kill it.

Di Moji and Yuan Ziyuan turned into two powerful rays of light as they shot towards the spider insect monster. The spider insect monster roared and gave off a ferocious aura as it opened its mouth and shot out countless rays of black light.

The rays of black light were incredibly powerful and could easily pierce through boulders. They opened up craters on the ground and covered a large area.

Zhao Fu did not dare to stay close by to as he might be caught up, so he watched from afar.

Even though the spider insect monster was incredibly powerful, the two women were stronger. They unleashed their barriers and blocked the countless rays of black light, and they slashed out two mighty sword lights.

The spider insect monster was hit on its back, and green blood spurted out of two massive gashes, causing it to roar in pain.

The spider insect monster's eyes became blood-red and its aura became more powerful as its lower half gave off large amounts of black mist that spread out and covered the two women, and it easily permeated through their barriers.

The two women's breathing became erratic as their faces became bright red. The mist had powerful aphrodisiac properties, causing the two women to become somewhat strengthless.

The massive spider insect monster grasped this opportunity to bite towards the two women. Zhao Fu felt quite shocked and stretched out his hands, causing two chains to shoot out and wrap around their bodies and drag them back.

The spider insect monster looked at Zhao Fu furiously and looked quite startled before its expression became one of glee, and it gave off a mighty aura as it rushed towards Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu wanted to bring the two women and retreat to the second level, as he was not a match for this massive spider insect monster. The two women had been careless and had thought that the spider insect monster would not be able to retaliate, so they had breathed in a lot of the black mist and had become delirious.

Zhao Fu had been binding them with his chains, but because their strength was far greater than his, they easily broke free and pushed him onto the ground and started to rip off his clothes.

This made Zhao Fu feel quite shocked; this was certainly not the time for this. That massive spider insect monster was charging over, and if they started doing it now, they would be dead for sure.

However, without his Nation Armament, Zhao Fu was not a match for them at all, and he could not move as they pressed him to the ground.

A massive shadow covered the three people - it was that spider insect monster, and it looked at Zhao Fu with delight as it spoke with a droning voice, "Holy Son essence!"

The spider insect monster's body became smaller and smaller until it became a naked woman. She had a bewitching figure and long, black hair. She was incredibly beautiful but had four arms, and her abdomen looked somewhat like a spider's abdomen.

The woman came to Zhao Fu's side and stroked Zhao Fu's peerlessly handsome face as some black mist flowed into his body, and she said in a flirtatious voice, "Lord Holy Son, please enjoy yourself!"

Following this, the woman pushed aside the two others and pressed Zhao Fu against the ground with her four arms and started to ravage Zhao Fu.

Because of that black mist, Zhao Fu's Six Desires Demonic Qi started to go out of control, and he quickly pressed the woman against the ground as he started to instead ravage her.

After Zhao Fu regained consciousness, he pushed aside the woman lying on top of him in disgust and felt quite angry. No woman had ever treated him like this before, and he raised his hand and prepared to kill the woman.

The woman looked quite pitiful and pleaded, "Lord Holy Son, I'll definitely serve you well. Just then, didn't you feel good ravaging me? As long as you take me in, you can do it with me every day and give me your Holy Son essence. I'll take you to the depths of this historical remnant now."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Di Moji and Yuan Ziyuan woke up, and they blushed. Seeing that Zhao Fu wanting to kill the woman and the woman begging for mercy, they felt quite compassionate towards her. If she still acted like an enemy, they definitely would have killed her.

Hearing that she could directly take them to the depths of the historical remnant, Di Moji said, "Husband, you should think about it."

The woman also hurriedly said, "Lord Holy Son, there are a terrifying thing in the depths of the historical remnant that can shake the Outer World. It was once destroyed by countless Outer World sovereigns together, and it is definitely an unimaginably terrifying thing."

Zhao Fu felt quite interested and wondered what that thing was. The Outer World sovereigns were equivalent to the Heaven Awaken World higher-beings; what could they have joined together to destroy?

Looking at the woman who he had just ravaged, Zhao Fu could not bring himself to kill her and he coldly harrumphed as he said, "You'd best not be lying to me, or else your outcome will be tragic."

By now, Zhao Fu had set down countless restrictions within her body and could control everything.

The woman knelt down and said in delight, "Thank you, Lord Holy Son!"