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 Only by creating creatures like the Blood Demon Snake Mosquitos by fusing two types of Dens would they be able to create insect monsters that obeyed Great Qin. The Dens used for fusing had to be quite strong, and ordinary Dens would not do.

Xiao Jian smiled and said, "Your Majesty, this subordinate has brought the Chaos Evil City's City Lord's relatives here; perhaps they know some important information. Would you like me to bring them in?"

Hearing this, Zhao Fu lightly laughed and said, "Bring them in!"

Following this, six women were brought in. Two of them had mature figures. One of them had a voluptuous body and a simple aura, while the other had a mature figure and a virtuous aura. They were both that white-haired middle-aged man's wives, the mothers of the ferocious-looking big man.

They were called Yue Hong and Yue Mei.

There were also another three women. One had a bewitching figure and looked quite flirtatious; one had a seductive figure and gave off an enticing aura; and one had a fit-looking figure and had a trace of wildness about her. They were the ferocious-looking big man's wives, and they were called Yue Shan, Yue Tiantian, and Yue Long.

Last was a pretty and lively-looking girl called Yue Ling, who was the ferocious-looking big man's daughter.

They were all looking at Zhao Fu with expressions of hatred or terror, as Zhao Fu had killed their husbands and destroyed Chaos Evil City. They were worried what Zhao Fu was going to do to them; evidently, these Heaven Awaken World person were not good.

Zhao Fu looked at the women with interest and got up from the seat as he smiled and hugged a few of the beautiful women.

The women immediately started to struggle and cursed at Zhao Fu, but he only calmly smiled as he said, "If you continue to resist, I'll kill everyone else who was locked up with you."

Following this, none of them dared to resist as they cried and looked quite pitiful. However, Zhao Fu properly tasted them and did it with them.

After a few intense rounds, Zhao Fu smiled as he hugged a strengthless, beautiful woman and girl as he said, "Tell me everything you know about Chaos Evil City."

One of the ferocious-looking big man's wives, Yue Shan, glared at Zhao Fu and said, "You just ravaged us so intensely; won't you even let us rest before asking us?"

"There's nothing for us to say; our bodies have even been dirtied by you, our enemy. If you want to kill us, just kill us so I can go to my husband and son." Thinking about how Zhao Fu had killed her husband and son, Yue Hong spoke with tears in her eyes.

Zhao Fu smiled and gently hugged her as he said, "Now, you're all my women, so how could I bear to kill you? Don't worry, I will take care of all of you."

One of the ferocious-looking big man's wives, Yue Tiantian, looked at Zhao Fu and lightly nodded as she said, "I believe you. Just then, you were so powerful. My husband was quite powerful, and I had never thought that you would be dozens of times more powerful than him. I feel that I've been completely conquered by you."

Those words caused the other women to look quite angry, as Yue Tiantian was evidently submitting to Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu started to ask Yue Tiantian about Chaos Evil City's various matters. The other women tried to stop her, but now that Chaos Evil City had been destroyed, there was no point in protecting these secrets anymore, so they could only allow Yue Tiantian to do as she pleased.

Zhao Fu heard about how Chaos Evil City had developed insect monsters and felt quite disgusted. They had used a secret technique to put men's semen into female insect monsters' bodies, causing those female insect monsters to give birth to half-human and half-insect monsters.

Moreover, that secret technique involved men doing it with the female insect monsters.

However, for the insect monsters to number six billion or so, it was impossible to produce them all through such means; many of them had been produced from insect monsters mating from each other.

What surprised Zhao Fu was that the Chaos Evil City would also hold special events where men did it with insect monsters. The more insect monsters they did it with, the greater the rewards would be.

Chaos Evil City's City Lord naturally did not participate in this. Zhao Fu felt that the Chaos Evil people were truly quite perverted and twisted.

Yue Tiantian and the other women knew this secret technique, but Zhao Fu was not interested in it at all. What he was interested in was a historical remnant that Chaos Evil City had. It was because of this historical remnant that they had become so powerful, and they had obtained that secret technique from there.

That historical remnant opened once every month and only three people could go in. Tomorrow would be the next time that it opened.

That historical remnant was incredibly dangerous, and the old City Lord had only been able to make it to the third level despite having Divine Realm cultivation, and he was forced to retreat with injuries.

After hearing about how dangerous it was, Zhao Fu felt even more interested because perhaps he would be able to make great gains there. As such, he decided to take a look the next day.

Yue Tiantian lay in Zhao Fu's embrace and said coquettishly, "You baddie, I've told you everything now, so you have to treat us well and not bully us."

Zhao Fu laughed and hugged her as he nodded earnestly.

Yue Tiantian could sense Zhao Fu's sincerity and her face became slightly red as she said, "You baddie, I want more."

Following this, Zhao Fu started going about it with the women again. The women no longer resisted and instead indulged in the pleasure, and their lewd voices traveled incredibly far.

The next day, Zhao Fu called over Di Moji and Yuan Ziyuan. They were Great Qin's two strongest Emperor Heaven Realm experts, and because he would not be able to use his Nation Armament in the historical remnant, he would only have Heaven Realm cultivation, so he decided to bring them with him.

Yue Tiantian brought Zhao Fu to a secret passageway that was ten meters tall and four meters wide. There were carvings on the wall that all depicted humans and insect monsters mating, not just men and female insect monsters but also women and male insect monsters.

Following this, the group reached a large hole that was hundreds of meters tall and hundreds of meters wide. There was nothing inside it except a purple vortex at the center of the hole.

This was most likely the entrance to the historical remnant. Zhao Fu first checked that there was nothing wrong with it before bringing Di Moji and Yuan Ziyuan in.

After the three of them entered, the scene that greeted them made them feel incredibly shocked. There were six levels here, and each was a massive continent that floated above the previous, and they were connected by stairs.

This was the first time Zhao Fu had explored an Outer World historical remnant. He was not very familiar with anything, and he felt incredibly interested.

The first and second levels had been explored by the Chaos Evil people, so there would not be much value in exploring them. As such, Zhao Fu directly led the two women to the third level.

Countless insect monsters flooded out - they looked even more evil and twisted than Chaos Evil City's insect monsters, and some could cause people to vomit.