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 After killing these Chaos Evil people, the remaining insect monsters ran about in chaos and did not cause much harm to Great Qin. Zhao Fu left a portion of soldiers to defend the Great Qin Territory while he brought the majority to attack the Chaos Evil City.

With six billion insect monsters, no one had dared to offend the Chaos Evil City. Now that five billion of them had been destroyed by Great Qin and there were only a few hundred million left to defend, they would not be able to resist at all. This would be their best opportunity to destroy them.

As for the ten million Chaos Evil people, they were nothing in front of Great Qin's army.


Great Qin's soldiers were like a massive flood as they gave off a world-shaking aura and surged forwards.

They quickly arrived at Chaos Evil City. Because Great Qin had moved quite quickly and they had killed all of the Chaos Evil people, Chaos Evil City did not know of their side's massive defeat.

Chaos Evil City was an enormous City and had massive City Walls that were over 100 meters tall. Around the City Walls were large holes, around which was green liquid that gave off a disgusting smell.

This was most likely where the Chaos Evil people created the insect monsters, as well as where the insect monsters lived. There were countless holes, and they looked quite chilling.

By now, the Chaos Evil people had fallen into chaos and terror. There was nowhere to run, as Great Qin's army had tightly encircled the city, and even a fly would not be able to escape.

Looking at the holes, Zhao Fu ordered people to drop flaming oil into them to avoid anything unexpected. As the flames raged, countless insect monsters immediately crawled out of the holes; these were the remaining few hundred million.

The hundreds of millions of insect monsters were controlled by the Chaos Evil people to madly attack Great Qin. Some directed charged into the walls of flames, while others rushed to where there were not flames and attacked Great Qin's forces.

Even though they had shocking momentum, Great Qin was already prepared to defend and was waiting for their attack.

Swish, swish, swish...

Arrows containing immense force arced through the air and descended like rain.

The insect monsters charging up were pierced by countless arrows, causing green blood to fly everywhere. Many insect monsters immediately died, but there were still countless insect monsters that continued rushing at Great Qin's forces.

At that moment, the Wyverns spat out flames or icy blasts, while the Spirit Light Emissaries shot out beams of light, as did the Insect Den Wyverns. Great Qin's experts also attacked and blasted at the insect monsters.

The insect monsters were unable to resist at all. They were blown up and turned into shattered corpses, and green blood covered the ground.

After killing the last wave of insect monsters and destroying their holes, Great Qin's army started to siege the City. Now, there were only roughly ten million Chaos Evil people left within it.

They all held weapons and had grim expressions, and some people's bodies even trembled. They wanted to protect Chaos Evil City and have a final battle with Great Qin.

The person in the lead was a middle-aged man with slightly white hair. He looked somewhat like the ferocious-looking big man from before, and he was most likely that man's father. His aura was more powerful and he had Divine Realm cultivation.

This was the outer regions of the Outer World, and having such cultivation was quite astounding. Most people in this region only had World Realm cultivation at most.

Zhao Fu stood in the air and gave a trace of a confident smile as he said, "You no longer have the power to resist; only by submitting will you be able to stay alive. Don't seek your own deaths."

The white-haired middle-aged man coldly harrumphed, "The Chaos Evil people will definitely not submit to the Heaven Awaken World people. If you want to fight, we will fight. Sooner or later, the Outer World will destroy your Heaven Awaken World."

Zhao Fu's expression became cold and said to the experts next to him, "Kill everyone on the City Walls; don't spare a single one!"

There were only about three or four million people on the City Walls, and they were all the people who could fight. With so few people, they would be easily taken care of by Zhao Fu's experts.

Boom! Boom! Boom...

Rays of light shot out with ferocious power and slammed towards the City Walls, and the battle was soon over. The white-haired middle-aged man was attacked by two Divine Extreme Realm dragons, and he was killed within ten bouts.

Long Hao'Er happily held his head as she went up to Zhao Fu, "Owner, I killed him; you have to properly reward me later."

Bai Han'Er felt somewhat displeased as she had also fought and Long Hao'Er had taken the kill, so she felt quite wronged as she said, "Owner, I also helped out a lot; don't forget about me."

Zhao Fu lightly laughed and nodded.

Following this, the last of the resisting Chaos Evil people were killed, and Great Qin's army flooded into the City.

The elderly people, women, and children all ran in terror and hid in houses as they trembled. They all fell into despair and prayed that a miracle would happen.

However, no miracle happened - those who wanted to run were killed by arrows, and those within houses were dragged out. Anyone who resisted was killed, and the City was filled with screaming and crying as blood ran down the streets.

Zhao Fu led some people to the City Hall and sat on the seat of the City Lord, and he waited for the results of clearing out Chaos Evil City.

Soon, Xiao Jian came back with a baleful aura and reported, "Your Majesty, in the end only two million or so were willing to submit. The rest have been killed already and we have obtained many resources and treasures, as well as 400 or so Insect Dens."

Hearing this, Zhao Fu gave a trace of a smile. Just those 400 Insect Dens were worth Zhao Fu attacking Chaos Evil City. With those 400 Insect Dens, Great Qin could nurture another 400 Insect Den Wyverns.

In the end, only two million or so people out of the ten million were willing to surrender. This number was quite low, and it was only because they were humanoid creatures that they would even surrender. The Insect-type creatures would never surrender.

Of course, if Zhao Fu had an Outer World bloodline, perhaps it would be possible to subdue them.

As for how the Outer World people controlled the Insects, Zhao Fu understood that the Outer World people naturally created a type of mental mark that allowed one to control a large horde once they imprinted the mark on a leader of the Insects.

Moreover, the Insects would only obey people with the Outer World aura. Otherwise, it would be just like when Zhao Fu had taken in Xue Ji - the other Blood-Sucking Mosquitos immediately turned and ran, completely unwilling to submit to Zhao Fu.

Moreover, it was not so easy to obtain an Outer World bloodline, as it would clash with Heaven Awaken World bloodlines.

Moreover, even if a person had an Outer World bloodline and could control a large group of Insects, they would not be able to interact with Heaven Awaken World people because they would lose control and instinctively want to kill Heaven Awaken World people.