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 Athenkali stretched out a white hand towards the countless insect monsters in the sky and lightly cried out, "God Angel!"

A massive wave of Darkness power flowed out of Athenkali's hand, and ten massive black holes that were 10,000 meters wide appeared in the sky. Fallen Angels flooded out from the black holes, giving off cold auras as they rushed at the countless insect monsters.

There were tens of millions of Fallen Angels, and they all had at least Stage 3 strength. They held Darkness swords and set out Darkness sword lights that could easily kill ten or so insect monsters.

The insect monsters died in droves, and Great Qin's various measures were able to successfully suppress the incoming insect monsters.

On the ground, countless soldiers launched attacks to kill the insect monsters climbing on the defensive walls. Without the threat from the insect monsters in the air, they were quite effective.

Zhao Fu flew down from the defensive walls and waved his hand. A massive wave of energy blasted back the insect monsters in the surrounding 10,000 meters. Zhao Fu then squatted down and pressed a hand against the ground as his golden pupil in his left eye quickly spun, and a wave of energy entered the ground.


A shocking explosion sounded out as a heaven-toppling aura rose up from the ground. The ground instantly caved in as a massive head rose up, followed by a body and then feet.

This figure was 100,000 meters tall and had long, black hair, and black eyes. He had a muscular body and slightly dark skin, and his hands were like claws, making him look like a demon god. He gave off an incredibly terrifying aura, which swept out like a wild gale.

This was the second time that Zhao Fu had summoned the Primogenitor Statue; the first time was to conquer the Spirit Light World. He had then put it back into the blood lake to continue refining it.

As Great Qin had continued to conquer other worlds and obtained more people, their bloodlines had also been fused into it, causing the Primogenitor Statue to continue to develop. Now, the Primogenitor Statue's strength was not inferior to Emperor Heaven Realm experts.

Most important was its size, which gave it the attack range dozens of times longer than an ordinary Emperor Heaven Realm expert.

Zhao Fu stood on the Primogenitor Statue's head and controlled it. The Primogenitor Statue grabbed at the air and gripped a blood-red sword, and a wave of terrifying power entered the sword, causing the space around it to crack.


A shocking sword hum sounded out as the Primogenitor Statue vigorously slashed out, and an enormous blood-red sword light blasted out. The air exploded as the blood-red light flashed forwards, and everything in the 10,000 kilometers in front of the Primogenitor Statue was cut apart.

Countless insect monsters were cut into pieces, causing green blood to dye the ground, and countless trees, hills, and streams had also been annihilated by this strike, leaving behind flat land and causing the surroundings to sink into silence.

A trace of a smile appeared on Zhao Fu's face; that single strike had instantly killed tens of millions of insect monsters, but it had cost a lot of energy.

The Primogenitor Statue now belonged to Great Qin and had fused with the blood of nearly 400 billion people; it was only natural that it was so powerful.

Seeing the power that the Primogenitor Statue unleashed, the ferocious-looking big man felt quite startled and his expression became quite unsightly.

By now, he had lost around half of the insect monster army that he had brought, and now only had four billion insect monsters left. Seeing that they would not be able to take down the Great Qin Territory, he was not stupid and gave the order to retreat. After recovering their strength, they would come to destroy the Great Qin Territory.

The insect monster army started to retreat, and Great Qin soldiers all looked delighted. They had won and successfully defended the Great Qin Territory, and many people cheered.

However, Zhao Fu would not let them off so easily; how could they come and leave as they pleased?

Zhao Fu controlled the Primogenitor Statue to raise a hand, and a 1,000 meter long blood-colored jade appeared above its hand. This was one of Japan's Three Sacred Treasures, the Yasakani no Magatama.

The Yasakani no Magatama gave off a blood-red light and started to spin, faster and faster, until it looked like a blood-red disc. It created an enormous blood-red whirlwind that gave off an immense suction force, pulling rocks and logs into the sky.

The clouds in the sky madly swirled as destructive auras rippled out, causing the world to seem incredibly cold, and everyone's hearts could not help but feel terror.

The Yasakani no Magatama continuously spun until a blood-red whirlwind that was tens of thousands of meters wide formed, containing enough power to rip apart everything.


Zhao Fu controlled the Primogenitor Statue to throw out the blood-red whirlwind, which gave off world-destroying power as it shot out incredibly quickly with unstoppable momentum.

Everything in its way, whether it was mountains, trees, or insect monsters were crushed to dust.

The blood-red whirlwind's target was extremely far away. It slammed into the insect monster horde and continued on to the center, where the Chaos Evil people were.

The Chaos Evil people had never thought that the Primogenitor Statue would be able to attack so far away, and they were caught completely unprepared. They were turned into minced meat and the insect monster horde started to run out of control.

The ferocious-looking big man felt quite startled and understood what kind of terrifying faction he had attacked, and he started to feel regret.

Zhao Fu controlled the Primogenitor Statue to raise its sword, and he spoke with a booming voice ,"Great Qin's soldiers, hear Our order... Kill!"

Bang! Bang! Bang...

Zhao Fu controlled the Primogenitor Statue to charge out with a terrifying aura. Each step it took caused the ground to crack and it left behind enormous footprints.

"Kill!" Great Qin's soldiers gathered together, forming a black flood as they roared and gave off a world-shaking killing and conquering aura as they charged at the escaping insect monsters.

Boom! Boom! Boom...

Great Qin's experts also gave off massive auras and obeyed Zhao Fu's order as they turned into rays of light and shot out.

Zhao Fu controlled the Primogenitor Statue to charge into the horde of insect monsters and sent out sword lights, killing countless insect monsters.

By now, the ferocious-looking big man looked quite terrified, and he ordered the remaining insect monsters to stop Zhao Fu. However, Zhao Fu did not feel any fear and quickly attacked as Great Qin's soldiers followed behind him.

Soon, Zhao Fu rushed out of the horde of insect monsters and charged towards the Chaos Evil people, and he ordered the other experts to kill the Chaos Evil people controlling the insect monsters.

In the end, Zhao Fu caught up to the ferocious-looking big man. The man realized he could not escape, so he could only roar as he exploded with might and charged at Zhao Fu. However, Zhao Fu casually killed him with a slash and ended this battle.