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 Chi, chi, chi...

The sounds of bodies being pierced could be heard as the steel spikes were lined with. Green blood flowed down the steel spikes and covered the ground, giving off a disgusting stench and creating a terrifying scene.

The first trap successfully defended against the insect monster horde's charge, but that was only for the insect monsters on the ground. The insect monsters in the sky were unobstructed and continued to charge over with terrifying auras.

Swish, swish, swish...

Massive sounds of the air being torn could be heard, causing the sky to tremble. Countless arrows contained immense power as they shot out, piercing into the insect monsters' bodies, which howled as they plummeted from the sky.

The arrows that Great Qin was using were made to counter these Outer World Battlefield. They not only contained Darkness materials but contained Spirit Destruction Crystals.

Seeing the large number of insect monsters dying, the fierce-looking big man looked quite furious and gave the order to counter-attack.

The insect monsters in the sky opened their mouths and spat out blue liquid, which sizzled as they landed on the defensive walls. They were incredibly corrosive and created small craters on the defensive walls.

"Arghhhh..." Cries sounded out as the liquid fell on some soldiers' bodies. Their equipment was quickly burned through and the liquid burned away at the soldiers' bodies, making them feel immense pain and cry out.

The insect monsters on the ground started to attack the ground, causing the ground to cave in and fill the cracks. The leaders also sent out a vanguard to scout out the way.

Great Qin's second and third cracks were also discovered and were destroyed as well.

The insect monster horde once again gave off a ferocious aura as they madly charged towards the Great Qin Territory incredibly quickly as if they could destroy everything.

Seeing many soldiers dying, Zhao Fu's expression became quite cold and he looked slightly furious. He gave orders for the Wyverns, Spirit Light Emissaries, and ballistae to start ferociously attacking.

1,000 or so Insect Den Wyverns shot out terrifying beams of light which flashed out and slammed into the insect monster horde. Countless explosions of light blasted out, spreading out with terrifying power, blasting insect monsters' bodies apart, and causing them to fall like rain.

The 100 meter tall Spirit Light Emissaries stretched out their hands and enormous white beams of light containing searing power shot out. Countless insect monsters' bodies were scorched and fell from the sky.

The countless ordinary Wyverns spat out large amounts of flames and icy blasts, killing large amounts of insect monsters in the sky.

Swish, swish, swish...

Bolts containing terrifying power shot out with immense power, drawing out black traces in the air and seeming to tear apart the sky.

These bolts were all three meters long and were made of materials that were at least Silver grade, and they were socketed with Darkness Crystals. Even though the Dragon-Slaying Ballistae had been simplified, they still had immense power and were specialized in killing large creatures.

As the larger insect monsters were hit by the bolts, they continuously fell down from the sky, creating another rain of corpses.

The insect monsters on the ground were also attacked. Thick vines shot out from the ground and attacked the incoming insect monsters, binding them up and devouring their blood and flesh.

There was a massive one that had vines that were dozens of meters thick. The insect monsters charging over were completely ripped apart by the enormous vines, and their lifeforce was absorbed.

Zhao Fu had planted large numbers of Man-Eating Vines outside the Great Qin Territory to deal with these insect monsters. The massive vine was the Man-Eating Vine Demon, and the area within dozens of kilometers was devoid of any living creatures.

However, the insect monsters did not show any fear and continued to attack.

The insect monsters in the sky started to self-immolate as large flames burst forth around their bodies, and they smashed into the defensive walls like enormous fireballs. The flames easily ignited the corrosive liquid, and as they crashed onto the defensive walls, they created seas of flames which burned soldiers alive.

The insect monsters on the ground also self-destructed with great force, blasting open craters on the ground. Countless vines were blasted apart, sending liquids flying everywhere.

Countless Man-Eating Vines were heavily injured and were no longer able to stop the insect monster horde, which continued to charge towards the Great Qin Territory with great force.

By now, they had reached the defensive walls and quickly climbed up, while Great Qin's side continuously poured down flaming oil which ignited into large black flames and burned countless insect monsters to death.

The ferocious-looking big man gave the order to continue fiercely attacking, and he sent out larger and more powerful insect monsters.

They turned into even larger fireballs as they smashed at the defensive walls, causing loud explosions to sound out. Countless large insect monsters exploded, causing the defensive walls to crack; if this went on, the defensive walls would fall apart.

At that moment, after seeing how powerful the insect monsters were, Zhao Fu did not hold back anymore and had all of the experts act.

Arasina slashed out a black sword light, which contained incredibly sharp power and seemed to cause the air to be split in two. Countless insect monsters in the air were cut in half, and they fell like rain.

Long Hao'Er and the other dragon women turned into six 10,000 meters long dragons, breathing out powerful dragon flames that easily raised the surrounding 1,000 kilometers and killed countless insect monsters.

Boom! Boom! Boom...

Explosions sounded out as millions of figures spread out black wings and flew into the sky, giving off a powerful Darkness aura.

These people were led by the 24 Emissaries, and they spread out and formed a circle with Athenkali at the center.

The 24 Emissaries had serious expressions as they started to chant, causing their bodies to give off intense black light. A black magic formation appeared with the 24 Emissaries as the foundation, and Athenkali was at the center.

The other Fallen Light Angels also chanted and their bodies gave off rays of black light.

The rays of black light were gathered by the magic formation, causing it to start to spin. A massive wave of Darkness power spread out, creating a Darkness storm that swept out.

At the center, Athenkali felt a massive amount of Darkness divine power enter her body, causing her body to give off black light. Her six pairs of black wings became many times larger and a black halo appeared above her head.

Athenkali looked incredibly solemn, like a Darkness godly spirit, and she gave off a pure Darkness aura.