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 The world next to the Charm Devil World was a God Race World, and the people living there were called the Gold God Race. They had golden pupils and liked to make gold armor. They were incredibly powerful and were much stronger than the Charm Devil World.

That was why back then the Wind God Empire had chosen to develop to the left and avoid the Gold God World to the right.

The Gold God Race was quite strong and they were quite proud, and they did not fear the Wind God Empire much. They would be quite tough to crack.

Feng Shensha preferred tough ones because conquering them felt more satisfying. As such, she gave orders to attack the Gold God World first.

"Yes, Your Majesty!" the soldier turned and left to spread Feng Shensha's order.

Feng Shensha left behind one billion Stage 3 soldiers to defend and the other two billion Stage 3 soldiers and the Wind Spirit World's 600 million soldiers attacked the Gold God World together. Feng Shensha wanted to give the soldiers who had never seen the outside world before some experience.

The two armies quickly faced off against each other, both sides giving off powerful auras and causing the air to seem to become heavy. A dangerous aura spread out, and this aura could be felt even far away.

"If you submit to you now I will treat you well in the future. It's best not to seek your own deaths," Feng Shensha stood in the air and gave off a terrifying aura as she said domineeringly and coldly.

Her cultivation was at the World Realm and she also had the power of a Nation Armament.

On the side of the Gold God Race, a golden-haired, proud-looking young man who looked somewhat handsome replied coldly, "In your dreams. Submitting to you is out of the question."

Feng Shensha coldly laughed and did not say anything else before giving the order to attack.

The two billion Stage 3 soldiers charged first. Green aura flames burst forth around their bodies, making them seem like a green flood that gave off a sharp and destructive aura as they rushed towards the Gold God army.

The Gold God Race immediately started to counterattack. Their soldiers gave off traces of gold aura which flowed into the sky and formed a golden moon.

This golden moon gave off a terrifying aura and boundless golden moonlight, covering the ground.

Swish, swish, swish...

The Gold God Archers started to shoot out arrows, which were empowered by the golden moonlight. They turned into golden rays of light that contained powerful godly power and tore through the sky as they shot towards the Wind God soldiers.

Facing the countless incoming golden rays of light, the green aura condensed before exploding out, and an incredibly sharp green gale rushed forwards.

The golden rays of light were cut apart by the green gale, and they fell from the sky.

This caused the Gold God soldiers' expressions to fall. By now, the Wind God soldiers had reached the defensive walls, and each soldier gave off an intense aura that formed large winds that helped them rush up the walls.


The golden moon in the sky exploded out with an even more powerful aura as golden moonlight covered the gold-armored soldiers. The Gold God soldiers were bathed in golden light as they looked incredibly valiant, like divine soldiers.

On one side were the gold soldiers and on the other side were the green soldiers, and both sides clashed in a chaotic battle.

The Wind God Empire's 600 million Stage 1 soldiers split in two directions, roaring as they charged at two different areas of the defensive wall.

With the help of the main force, they quickly charged up the defensive walls and were baptized with blood.

A Wind Spirit soldier held a large axe that glowed with green light and hacked out, sending out a green blade of light that cut a Gold God soldier from head to toe. Another Wind Spirit soldier held a spear and stabbed out, piercing through a Gold God soldier's chest.

The Gold God soldiers and Wind Spirit soldiers were more or less equally matched, and the Gold God Race had a slight advantage as they were on their home soil. Both sides continuously killed, causing blood to fly everywhere and the death toll continuously rose.

However, the Wind God side had their Stage 3 soldiers, who gave off green aura flames and looked like wind demons as they slaughtered their way through.

They sent out green wind blades incredibly densely, and the Gold God soldiers were unable to defend at all. Their bodies were torn apart by the green blades and blood splattered everywhere as cries continuously sounded out. The bloody stench was enough to make anyone feel nauseous.

By now, the Gold God soldiers already felt some fear and started to retreat. The Wind God soldiers' expressions were cold as they gave chase, not willing to spare any of the Gold God soldiers.

"Arghhh!" Seeing the soldiers on his side being wiped out, a Gold God soldier furiously roared and charged up without regard for his life towards a Wind God soldier, but he was mercilessly cut down by another Wind God soldier.

Ten or so Gold God soldiers stood around a Wind God soldier and attacked, but they had already lost 90 people fighting him. A spear finally pierced through that Wind God soldier's chest, taking his life, but they had already suffered great losses. The Gold God soldiers were not a match for the Wind God Empire's Stage 3 soldiers.

One faction was from the inner regions while the other was from the outer regions; their strength were on completely different levels and the gap was too great. Moreover, they did not have an advantage in numbers either.

In the end, the Gold God World was taken down by the second Wind God Empire, and the remaining Gold God people either submitted or escaped to other worlds.

Within a dazzling palace, Feng Shensha sat on a throne as a few soldiers brought up a gold-haired young man.

This was the young man who had spoken with Feng Shensha before, the strongest King in the Gold God World. His identity and bloodline were the most prestigious in his world.

"Kneel and crawl over!" Sitting on the throne, Feng Shensha gave a trace of a smile as she said incredibly overbearingly.

The golden-haired young man was furious and yelled out, "Just kill me!"

Feng Shensha lightly laughed and stretched out a hand. Countless traces of green aura flowed into the golden-haired young man's body, and the sharp aura cut apart his body from within. His entire body was cut, and the immense pain caused the young man to howl and wish for death.

The injuries were all internal, so from the outside, he looked completely fine. A while later, the young man was unable to endure it anymore and crawled over to Feng Shensha.

A trace of a smile appeared on Feng Shesha's face as she stretched out a foot. The young man vigorously licked the foot like a dog, giving off strange noises of pleasure.