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 Suddenly, some people walked in and handed out letters to the various leaders. The leaders all felt quite confused, but the people whispered something to them, causing them to look quite serious as they started to read the letters.

Dong Yueli and the others felt quite confused, not knowing what had happened for the leaders to become so serious.

Following this, the leaders started to look at them - some had expressions of pity and reluctance, while others had condescending expressions.

This included the Alliance Master, who had treated them incredibly courteously; he now seemed quite cold, causing Dong Yueli and the others' hearts to sink. Something bad had definitely happened, but they did not know what it was.

The Alliance Master looked at the others, who all nodded; there was not a single person who did not nod. Seeing this, the middle-aged man said, "Apologies, members of the Glass World, you have been kicked out from the alliance. Don't worry, we won't attack you though."

Those words instantly caused Dong Yueli and the others to feel quite furious; what did these people take them as? Even though they were weak, they were not completely defenseless. How could they just kick them out like that, and not give them any face?

Even though they were furious, but facing the bosses of the various worlds, they did not dare to vent their anger. Dong Yueli said coldly, "Alliance Master, can you tell us what happened and why you're kicking us out?"

The Alliance Master explained, "Great Qin sent a message telling us not to accept you, or else it will no longer help tie down the Devil Horn Empire and will treat us as enemies. If we kick you out, Great Qin promises not to attack us. Apologies, but you should understand how much we fear Great Qin, so we can only kick you out."

This was how domineering Great Qin was; a single word was enough to command the entire alliance, who could only obey.

Dong Yueli and the others understood and got up to leave. Their hearts were now filled with anger towards Great Qin and the alliance.

At the same time, they quickly hurried back to prepare various things to resist Great Qin. They understood that Great Qin was definitely going to attack, and if they did not prepare soon, it would be too late.

Great Qin was indeed mobilizing forces to prepare to attack the Glass World. As Great Qin's massive war machine started to operate, an enormous aura of killing and conquering spread out, causing the atmosphere to become oppressive and everyone started to become wary.

Great Qin had already stationed soldiers in its other worlds, and they set up measures to prevent other worlds from spying.

Seeing that Great Qin was about to attack the Glass World, the Devil Horn Empire, which had been lying low, caught this opportunity to announce that it would fully support the Glass World as long as it submitted to the Devil Horn Empire and become its vassal world.

Great Qin had been obstructing the Devil Horn Empire's development this whole time, and now that the Devil Horn Empire had the same number of worlds as Great Qin, it wanted to take revenge and obstruct Great Qin.

As Great Qin's enemy, the Devil Horn Empire was determined to stop Great Qin from attacking the Glass World in order to relieve its anger.

The Glass World had been terrified at the prospects of being attacked by various parties, but after joining the alliance, it had been overjoyed at its newfound peace. However, hearing that Great Qin was going to attack it and that the alliance had kicked it out, it once again fell into fear.

However, they were much more afraid than before, and there were already people planning on escaping the Glass World. After all, Great Qin was many times more terrifying than other worlds.

However, hearing that the Devil Horn Empire was willing to help them, the Glass World once again felt quite joyful. The Devil Horn Empire was Great Qin's biggest rival and would definitely be able to stop Great Qin and allow them to live.

All it took was becoming a vassal world of the Devil Horn Empire, which was not a big deal as it would be in name only and they would not truly submit to the Devil Horn Empire. Even though it was quite shameful, their lives were more important than their pride.

By now, the Glass World's people had gone through a rollercoaster of emotions, going up and down from joy to terror.

Zhao Fu did not care too much about the Devil Horn Empire. He had expected it to get involved; right now, Zhao Fu was focused on Great Qin's soldiers.

Defending the six worlds took up a lot of the forces, and they also had to defend Great Qin's Territory at the Outer World Battlefield. The City stats and Region power weakening had also caused Great Qin's beasts' power to decline, and even though the soldiers were developing well, their numbers were still too small.

Now, they had to face the Devil Horn Empire and the second Wind God Empire. Given all of the other factors, Great Qin was in quite an unfavorable situation.

However, with Great Qin's current strength, it would still be able to conquer the Glass World. Right now, they were gathering intelligence on the Glass World while holding meetings to discuss how to attack.

The Devil Horn Empire was also gathering its forces, and a massive aura spread out. The Devil Horn Empire planned to attack Great Qin through the Desolate Crow World. That place was also close to the Glass World, allowing them to help the Glass World too.

The two large Kingdoms started to move out, and a terrifying aura caused the surrounding worlds to feel quite nervous. Those who were tactful stayed away; when the two sides started fighting, they would not have any regard for third parties. Many factions once again started to monitor the situation between the two factions.

Within a large palace, there sat a heroic-looking and beautiful woman with green eyes on a throne. She wore green armor and rested her chin on a hand as she listened to a half-kneeling soldier report, and she gave a cold smile.

This woman was the 'Wind God's Son' and was the reincarnation of the Wind God. She had once been a terrifying existence and held great authority within the Wind God Empire. More than half of the Wind God Empire's territory had been conquered by her, and she was the Wind Spirit World's World Protector. Her name was Feng Shensha.

The news that the soldier was reporting about was about the Devil Horn Empire and Great Qin.

"These two fellows are quite interesting, especially Great Qin's Legatee - he can be called a legendary figure. Despite being a new world, he made the Wind God Empire suffer such a loss. Who would have thought that This Sovereign would appear at such a complicated area and be required to personally attack," Feng Shensha felt quite shocked as she said somewhat amusedly.

With her identity and experience, she did not care too much about these two small Kingdoms on the outskirts. If it was not for the fact that the Wind God Empire was tied down by a few other Royal Kingdoms, she would have immediately mobilized troops to easily destroy those two Kingdoms and have their Kings prostrate themselves before her.

Feng Shensha thought for a moment before saying, "Right now, they're too occupied with fighting with each other and won't take notice of us. This is a good opportunity - mobilize our forces to attack the world next to the Charm Devil World."