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 "System announcement! City stats have been reduced."

"System announcement! Den stats have been reduced."

"System announcement! Region power has been reduced."

"System announcement! Kingdom power has been reduced."

"System announcement! Nation Armaments have been affected."

"System announcement! All protection periods have prematurely ended."

Zhao Fu's expression was quite serious. This time, it was not just Cities and Region power; even Dens and Kingdoms had been affected as well. More importantly, Nation Armaments had also been affected, and all of the new worlds' barriers had disappeared.

It seemed that the Heaven Awaken World's situation was becoming worse and worse. At this rate, all stats would disappear. Now that Great Qin had the Sealing Heaven Suppressing Earth Formation, it could leave the Heaven Awaken World, but it did not have the ability to protect itself.

Zhao Fu had to quickly develop his faction to prepare for the future. Based on the current trend, the outlook for the future was not very positive.

At the same time, Zhao Fu was now resolved to make the human world a similar existence to the Heaven Awaken World. Great Qin would be able to survive and perhaps even be able to reach new heights as a result.

The barriers of the new worlds disappearing once again interfered with Zhao Fu's plans. Not only would he not be able to attack the Wind Spirit World, but also his plans to attack the other world would also have to be delayed.

Before, Great Qin could have expanded to both sides and bully the new worlds, but this was no longer possible as other worlds would interfere.

Zhao Fu decided to first gather his subordinates to discuss their future plans. He returned to Great Qin and spread out his military forces.

Now that the barriers were gone, the Fish Scale World, Dark Demon World, and Spirit Light World were exposed to other worlds. As such, they could not leave those worlds unguarded, and defending such a large area required large forces.

In the end, Zhao Fu could only send spies to the Wind Spirit World and the other Human World to gather intelligence.

Just as Zhao Fu had expected, the Wind God's Son was developing incredibly quickly and already controlled one-third of the Wind Spirit World's territory. As the billions of the Wind God Empire's soldiers marched in, the Wind God's Son became the ruler of the Wind Spirit World.

The Wind God's Son also established an empire, called the Wind God Empire - it seemed that the Wind God's Son really was the reincarnation of a Wind God.

This Wind God had been one of the Ancestors of the Wind God Empire, and he had used some kind of method to reincarnate. The Wind God Empire had been able to precisely find the location of his relocation, which was why they had sent billions of soldiers and established the second Wind God Empire.

The Wind God Empire had thought that it was powerful enough and would be able to take care of this matter with no problems, but it was a pity that it had run into Great Qin.

However, adding on the Wind Spirit World, the second Wind God Empire now had five worlds, making it incredibly powerful. Zhao Fu sent people to continuously monitor it, as he was worried that they might attack.

After all, Great Qin had enmity with the original Wind God Empire, so the second Wind God Empire would also see Great Qin as an enemy.

The Human World nearby was called the Glass Race and their people had white hair. Apart from that, there was not anything special about them. Of the eight major races, the Human Race was relatively weak.

This was a relatively ordinary new world, and it had not progressed as quickly as Great Qin or the second Wind God Empire. It was still split into many factions, large and small. The white-haired and white-pupiled young man from before was called Dong Yueli, and his faction was the largest. However, he had not yet gained control of a Continent.

The Glass World was even weaker than the Corpse Pall World. Even though the Corpse Pall World was not very powerful, at least each Continent was unified.

Now, the Glass World was exposed to the invasions of other worlds. Some other worlds nearby planned to invade.

By now, all of the Glass people were incredibly terrified and started to send out ambassadors, telling people that Great Qin was next to it and that it was willing to join their alliance to help resist the Devil Horn Empire as well.

The other worlds were quite interested because taking down a new world would just result in them losing some forces and they would not be able to gain much. Apart from population, nothing else was of much value.

If they increased their forces resisting the Devil Horn Empire, they would naturally be quite happy. Moreover, the Glass World was right next to Great Qin, and Great Qin conquering it meant being neighbors with Great Qin; no one wanted this.

After thinking about it, the various worlds agreed to the Glass World's request and decided not to attack it. The Glass World joining the alliance would provide some assistance.

A massive crisis was now over for the Glass World, and everyone in it rejoiced. Countless people cheered and the streets were filled with celebrations.

The Glass World picked ten or so representatives who were all geniuses and held important positions to liaise with the surrounding worlds, and this included Dong Yueli.

The other worlds of the alliance also invited them to discuss plans to resist the Devil Horn Empire. The ten or so representatives were naturally quite excited.

This was the first time they would be interacting with the powerful people from the outer worlds. The outer worlds had all developed for dozens of years, and they were much stronger than them.

Apart from Dong Yueli, who had left the Glass World a few times, none of the others had seen the rest of the Heaven Awaken World before.

Dong Yueli and the others took this matter quite seriously and came to the meeting place. Facing the major figures from the other worlds, they expressed their goodwill, and the other factions were also quite courteous.

A gentle and reserved middle-aged man smiled as he said, "Welcome to our alliance, members from the Glass World. I am the Hanrow Kingdom's King and the leader of the alliance."

Dong Yueli hurriedly replied, "You're too courteous, Alliance Master! It is the Glass World's fortune to be able to join the alliance."

The middle-aged man felt quite pleased towards Dong Yueli's attitude and laughed as he said, "Please have a seat! We'll soon start discussing how to resist the Devil Horn Empire."

Dong Yueli and the others looked around and found a place to sit.

Many people gave all sorts of suggestions at the meeting. Some people wanted to bring more people into the alliance, some wanted to work together with Great Qin, and some wanted to increase their forces and train together in order to increase their unity.

There were many geniuses at the meeting but there were also many different opinions. Everyone had their own reservations, so there were soon disagreements.

Dong Yueli and the others behaved themselves and just listened and did not give any suggestions. With their strength, they were not qualified to speak here.

In actuality, they only joined the alliance to avoid being invaded by members of the alliance and to ward off Great Qin from attacking them. That was the Glass World's true goal, or else they would not have joined the alliance.