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 "Owner!" the Darkness God smiled and looked at Zhao Fu with her beautiful eyes as she called out. She already understood her situation.

Zhao Fu smiled and nodded, and he brought her into his embrace.

The Darkness God lightly laughed and did not resist, nor did she look surprised. She hugged Zhao Fu with both arms and called out flirtatiously, "Owner, let me serve you!"

Following this, indescribable sounds came out from the Darkness God Temple. Because it had just been constructed, there was no one around, or else people would have been shocked to know that the godly spirit that they worshipped was so lewd.

Following this, Zhao Fu left the temple to take care of other matters.

The Darkness God's face was completely red as she strengthlessly returned to the statue. A few priests walked in and started to manage the temple, and they had believers come in to provide faith energy for the Darkness God.

Zhao Fu arranged for the 12 Madams to stay at the Flower Domain. After all, they were Evil Flower Emissaries and they greatly liked flowers, so he also had the Hidden Flower Realm set up there.

Following this, Zhao Fu handed the demon grass to others to take care of. Its body and fluids all contained powerful spiritual attributes, and it was a powerful demonic treasure and would have powerful effects.

Zhao Fu placed the mouse, Zi Yue, near the Dens, where it could play with Moon Wolf, Black Forest, and Fat Cat.

After taking care of the various matters, Zhao Fu sent out people to collect information. Zhao Fu had already decided to make the human world into an existence like the Heaven Awaken World, and in the future, he would be the ruler of such an existence.

Ling Ji was currently fusing with the remainder of the human world's consciousness, and this would take a long time. During this time, Zhao Fu wanted to collect the rare divine materials for her.

Zhao Fu first had people gather information to see where they could gather those materials; this was the most important thing for Great Qin right now.

There was another important matter, which was that Zhao Fu wanted to awaken the remaining four races' Emperor Stars. That would require countless terrifying things or legacies, so he sent out people to gather information about this as well.

For example, when awakening the Celestial Emperor Star, he had relied on his Sovereign Bloodline, the Heaven Murder Empire's Fate, and the three General Stars. Awakening the Nether Emperor Star had relied on the Six Paths Demon Images, the Ghost Dragon, and a large amount of Underworld aura.

Awakening the Violet Sky Dragon Star had relied on the Ten Thousand Dragon Mark, the Sun and Moon Devil Marks, and a large amount of Devil Qi. Awakening the Demon Lord Star had relied on the Evil Spirit Abyss Flower and the various things Zhao Fu had devoured.

All of those things were incredibly terrifying; the supreme Emperor Stars of the major races were not so easy to obtain, or else they would not be so rare and valuable.

Of the remaining four races, Zhao Fu was not too worried about the God Race as he had his own Divinity within his mind. It could absorb the power of other godly spirits and when it reached a certain stage, Zhao Fu would definitely be able to awaken the God Race's Emperor Star.

What was key was the three other races. The Water Race and Outlander Races were not as bad, but the Spirit Race's supreme Emperor Star was the rarest and most difficult to awaken.

After all, within the eight major races, the Spirit Race had the fewest numbers. Moreover, the Spirit Race was the only major race that did not have an institution within the Heaven Awaken World's Seven Great Colleges. Moreover, the Spirit Race always had the fewest Emperor Stars out of the eight major races, which was why it was the race that possessed the least Fate.

Zhao Fu decided to start from the Water Race and Outlander Race, which were relatively easier. He did not know when there would be any news about this matter and he could not just keep waiting, so he decided to turn his attention to other matters.

During the time that Zhao Fu had been away, not too much had happened. The Wind God Empire had behaved itself and defended its four worlds, and it did not show any signs of arrogance or aggression.

On the other hand, the Devil Horn Empire had been doing its best to expand and had conquered another world. That world had been a Demon Race world, and it had been occupied by a race of demons with long fur.

Those people from the demon race were about 2.6 meters tall and had one meter long fur that covered their bodies. They were not weak at all and could use their long fur to turn into steel-like needles and attack. Adding on their height and their innate attributes, they were powerful warriors.

However, because the Devil Horn Empire had been expanding too quickly and continuously conquered four worlds to its left, many other worlds had allied together against it, making its situation on the left quite unfavorable.

Now, part of the Devil Horn Empire's army was locked down against those worlds, but those worlds were relatively weaker and did not want to fight with the Devil Horn Empire, just wanting to stop it from expanding further to the left.

By now, the Devil Horn Empire had six worlds, which was equal with Great Qin. After taking a serious blow, the Wind God Empire had become incredibly low-profile, making it so that Great Qin and the Devil Horn Empire were the only two overlords in the area.

However, the Wind God Empire had billions of Stage 3 soldiers defending here, so they were not to be taken lightly. As such, neither Great Qin nor the Devil Horn Empire wanted to make any trouble with the Wind God Empire.

If the Devil Horn Empire fought with the other worlds, Great Qin would definitely join in. After all, the Devil Horn Empire was Great Qin's greatest opponent, and anything that was unfavorable to it was favorable for Great Qin.

Moreover, if it was not for Great Qin tying down a portion of the Devil Horn Empire's army, no matter how the other worlds allied together, they would have been too weak to stop the Devil Horn Empire.

The Devil Horn Empire now realized how dangerous and difficult its position was, so it started to focus on its foreign policies. It established friendly relations with worlds further away to prevent them from joining in before gradually taking apart the alliance.

During the time that Zhao Fu had been away for, Great Qin had also developed rapidly. Great Qin's army had become much stronger in terms of weapons and equipment, as well as various other resources. They had also established some new policies in governance, making Great Qin even more prosperous and lively.

By now, Great Qin had also finished digesting the Desolate Crow World and had taken control of it, and it could once again attack other worlds.

Its targets were the two new worlds on either side of it. They were quite weak and were easy to bully; if Great Qin did not attack them, who would it attack?

However, Zhao Fu did not plan on participating in this as it was now the ninth year and it would soon be time for the Emperor Path College's examination. Zhao Fu was definitely going to go there, and he had been making preparations.

However, what happened next completely surprised Zhao Fu and interrupted his original plans. The higher-being friend he had made advised him not to go to the Emperor Path College - after all, the matters caused by Zhao Fu in the Demon Domain had caught many people's attention, and many factions in the Human Domain knew about him and guessed at Zhao Fu's identity.