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 The Blood-Sucking Mosquito Den gave off an intense blood-red light and gave off a massive aura as it moved towards the Darkness Demon Snake Den. The Darkness Demon Snake Den gave off an intense demonic light and a powerful demonic might as it moved towards the Blood-Sucking Mosquito Den.

As the two Dens moved towards each other, there was much resistance from both sides. Zhao Fu stretched out his hands and created two massive formless hands that grabbed the two Dens and forced them closer.

However, as the two Dens came closer and closer to each other, the resistance became stronger and stronger. After all, they were items from two different worlds and Darkness power naturally suppressed Outer World creatures, which added to the difficulty.

Since ordinary methods did not seem possible, Zhao Fu thought about it and suddenly had an idea.

As someone from the Heaven Awaken World, Zhao Fu was unable to use the Blood-Sucking Mosquito Den, and people from the Outer World would not be able to use the Darkness Demon Snake Den.

Zhao Fu could first refine the Darkness Demon Snake Den and have Xue Ji refine the Blood-Sucking Mosquito Den so that they would be under their control. The two of them could then use their blood and fuse the two items; perhaps this would increase the prospects of success.

Thinking about that, Zhao Fu started to act. Because his blood contained the power of an Orthodox Divine Bloodline, it was very easy for him to refine the Darkness Demon Snake Den. Because Xue Ji was the Queen of the Blood-Sucking Mosquitos, it was also very easy for her to refine the Blood-Sucking Mosquito Den.

Zhao Fu and Xue Ji stood on opposite sides, and soon they gained control over the two Dens and the resistance indeed became weaker.

However, as the Dens moved closer, the resistance once again began to increase. When the distance was at one meter, the force of the resistance was enough to form a wild gale.

At that moment, Zhao Fu and Xue Ji cut their palms and blood flowed out. They controlled their blood to fly towards the two Dens, which transformed into a bloody mist that covered the two Dens. The two of them then sent large amounts of their own power into the Dens.


An explosion sounded out as the two Dens started to fuse under the immense power. One gave off powerful black light and the other gave off powerful blood-red light, causing wind to sweep out.

Suddenly, countless fiery lights gathered in the sky, forming a boundless sea of flames that covered the surrounding 1,000 kilometers. The searing aura made people feel like they were going to be roasted alive.

The fusion of the two Dens once again triggered divine punishment. However, this time it did not come from the Heaven Awaken World and instead came from the Outer World.

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh...

Waves of flames started to descend, containing enough power to raze everything as they fell towards the two Dens.

Zhao Fu and Xue Ji were wholly focused on the fusion process and could not divert their attention, but fortunately Arasina was by their side.

She stretched out a hand and the 24 wings on her back spread out, and a powerful black light spread out as a mighty God Domain containing ferocious power spread out, blocking the incoming fiery rain.

This divine punishment was not very powerful, and Arasina alone was enough to block it. This allowed Zhao Fu and Xue Ji to remain focused on the fusion.

Finally, the two Dens successfully merged together, forming a new Den.

This Den was not very big, and it was four meters tall. It was a cube and was blood-red colored, and it gave off a dark and bloody power. This power was quite terrifying and could cause people's hairs to stand on end.

Zhao Fu placed his hands on it and found that he could use it, and its name was now the Blood Demon Snake Mosquito Den.

The Blood Demon Snake Mosquitos were most likely a mix of the Blood-Sucking Mosquitos and the Darkness Demon Snakes. Zhao Fu did not know what they looked like yet, so he found a suitable place and established the Den there.

A blood-red wave of light spared out and the Den floated into the air, giving off an intense light as a blood-red crystal stage appeared on the ground.

Suddenly, countless traces of blood-red light condensed, forming thousands of monsters that flew in the sky and gave off humming noises.

The monsters were three meters long and had mosquito-like heads but snake-like eyes. They also had black, snake-like bodies and six pairs of mosquito wings on their backs. They also had two black claws, and they looked quite terrifying.

All of the Demon Snake Mosquitos had Stage 3 strength, and even though they were weaker than what Zhao Fu had expected, as the Darkness Demon Snake Den had been a Stage 10 Den, he was not too disappointed. After all, what was key was their numbers.

Moreover, the Den was still a low-grade Den and yet it could already produce thousands of Demon Snake Mosquitos every day. If it continued to level up, perhaps in one day it would be able to produce tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of them.

These Demon Snake Mosquitos had stage 3 strength, which meant that the Den was producing an equivalent of thousands of Stage 3 soldiers every day. This made Zhao Fu incredibly delighted.

Moreover, the Demon Snake Mosquitos had blood-attributes and demon-attributes and were not afraid of Darkness elemental essence like Outer World creatures. They also had a trace of Divine power, and they were much stronger than other monsters with Stage 3 strength.

Zhao Fu gave this Blood Demon Snake Mosquito Den to Xue Ji to manage. Seeing that there were no other matters, Zhao Fu returned to Great Qin.

He first had people construct temples. Gui Ji's temple was already completed, and she was absorbing faith energy, which helped her quickly recover her power.

Zhao Fu now had people build a temple for the Demon God and Darkness God. Within the historical remnant, Zhao Fu had obtained a Darkness Divinity.

With the Fallen Angel God, Demon God, and Darkness God, Great Qin will have gathered three powerful godly spirits of the darkness attribute. They would be incredibly useful when dealing with the Outer World in the future because Darkness energy greatly countered Outer World creatures.

The temples were built quite quickly. Zhao Fu did not need to take care of matters with the Demon God Temple, and everything was left to Mo Qianmo.

Zhao Fu came to the Darkness God Temple and fused the Darkness Divinity into a piece of large Darkness Crystal. Zhao Fu then cut his palm and dripped some blood onto the crystal.

Zhao Fu had been letting out quite a lot of blood lately, which he felt quite frustrated about. After all, his Divine Bloodline was an incredibly precious resource and had powerful effects and abilities. With his Divine Bloodline, many things became much more convenient.

The Darkness Crystal quickly devoured Zhao Fu's blood and gave off an intense black light as it gradually melted. The liquid continuously changed before forming a woman's statue.

The statue gave off a black light as a figure appeared in front of Zhao Fu - she was the Darkness God.

She was tall and slim and had a western-looking face. Her jet-black hair fell to her waist and her skin was quite white. She wore a black dress with a strap and had a trace of seductiveness about her, and she gave off the powerful aura of a darkness godly spirit.