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 With their help, there was much less pressure on Zhao Fu. The lightning bolts became more and more terrifying as a destructive aura filled the sky. Sensing this terrifying aura, everyone's hair stood on end, and they did not dare to come closer.

In the end, Zhao Fu and the Emperor Heaven Realm experts managed to hold on, but they were all slightly injured. Traces of blood leaked out of their lips and their auras became quite chaotic.

However, this was all worth it, as the human-shaped image had become corporeal. It turned into a mature and beautiful woman with long black hair. Her eyes were blue like sapphires, and she wore a blue palace dress and gave off a motherly aura.

"Thank you, Zhao Fu!" After the image became corporeal, it gave Zhao Fu a warm smile and spoke its first sentence.

As the image became corporeal, the lightning disappeared and the dark clouds dissipated, revealing the blue sky. Birds happily chirped and butterflies flew about as the world once again returned to peace.

Hearing this, Zhao Fu felt quite surprised, but he soon understood.

The woman in front of him was a portion of the world's consciousness. Zhao Fu had once received the acknowledgement of the world's consciousness, or else he would not have become the World Protector, so it was only natural that the woman knew Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu gave a trace of a smile and said, "What should I call you? Ancestor of the human race? God of the human world? Or Mother Earth?"

The woman lightly laughed and replied, "Since you are my master, you can give me a name!"

Zhao Fu felt quite surprised and had never thought that the woman would accept him so easily, and she did not seem aggrieved at all. After all, she had once been the sovereign of the human world and could control the life and death of all things, including Zhao Fu.

However, since she had taken initiative, Zhao Fu thought about it and said, "From now on, you will be called Ling Ji!"

The woman smiled and nodded and accepted this name.

Ling Ji looked at Zhao Fu with her blue eyes and gave a beautiful smile as she said with a tone of praise, "Zhao Fu, looks like I did not choose the wrong person. You haven't disappointed me at all, and no one in the human world could compare to you."

Being praised like this by the former sovereign of the world, Zhao Fu could not feel quite proud and lightly laughed as he said, "You gave me much help back then as well, so I need to thank you too."

Ling Ji smiled and said, "There's no need for that. With potential like yours, any world consciousness would do the same."

Zhao Fu chatted with Ling Ji for a bit longer before asking, "Do you know if you can devour the consciousnesses of other worlds and make the human world stronger?"

Ling Ji sank into her thoughts before saying earnestly, "Right now, I am only a portion of the world's consciousness. The majority of the world's consciousness has fused into the Heaven Awaken World. If it wasn't for you using the Sealing Heaven Suppressing Earth Formation, I would not have been able to be extracted from the Heaven Awaken World.

"I will try to fuse with the remainder of the world's consciousness and control the human world again. However, you might be noticed by the Heaven Awaken World's consciousness and will be in extreme danger. At worst, you might be killed by the Heaven Awaken World's consciousness.

"Also, fusing with the consciousnesses of other worlds is not as easy as it seems, and I currently don't have the ability to do so. Only if you prepare a few rare divine materials and forge a World Armament will I be able to devour other worlds' consciousnesses."

Hearing Ling Ji's words, Zhao Fu's expression became quite serious as he sank into his thoughts, especially the matter about the Heaven Awaken World's consciousness. This made Zhao Fu feel a chill in his heart and his hair stood on end.

Thinking about how big the Heaven Awaken World was and how many worlds' power it could control, let alone Celestials, even beings above Celestials would be reduced to dust. Zhao Fu definitely would not be able to resist at all and would definitely die.

Thinking about such a dangerous matter, Zhao Fu could not help but feel like giving up. After all, the Heaven Awaken World's consciousness was unimaginably terrifying.

At that moment, Ling Ji lightly laughed and said, "In actuality, I support your idea, I was just letting you know what you need to be aware of. In actuality, the Heaven Awaken World is not in a very good situation, so you should make preparations."

Hearing this, Zhao Fu thought about how various things in the Heaven Awaken World were weakening, and he asked seriously, "What is happening?"

Ling Ji shook her head and slightly frowned as she replied, "In actuality, I don't know either, but I can sense that something big and bad will happen in the future. As such, you need to make preparations to avoid being destroyed."

Zhao Fu nodded seriously and became set on his plan from before. He asked, "What kind of rare divine materials do you need? I'll immediately start collecting them."

Ling JI smiled and replied, "They're not set things; anything that fulfils the requirements will do."

Following this, Ling Ji named a few materials and Zhao Fu committed them to memory.

Most of these things were things that were impossible for Zhao Fu to obtain for now, and he could only hope that he could collect them by chance in the future. Ling Ji remained in the tower and used the Sealing Heaven Suppressing Earth Formation to continue to gather the human world's consciousness.

After dealing with this matter, there was something else that Zhao Fu was quite eager to take care of, which was fusing the Blood-Sucking Mosquito Den.

Before, Zhao Fu had obtained a damaged Stage 10 Den. He had been waiting to see if he could fuse it with the Blood-Sucking Mosquito Den to form new creatures fused of the Heaven Awaken World and the Outer World.

Thinking about that, Zhao Fu felt quite excited and went to the Outer World Battlefield.

"Owner, I missed you so much!" Seeing Zhao Fu arrive, Xue Ji leapt into Zhao Fu's embrace and tightly hugged him as she looked at him happily and flirtatiously.

Zhao Fu smiled and hugged her body and looked at Arasina, Bai Xihan, and the other women, whose faces were somewhat red, and he asked, "Did anything big happen recently?"

Arasina lightly harrumphed, seeming a bit angry as she said, "With This God here, how could anything big happen? Also, I heard you brought many women back again, and they all seem to be quite extraordinary."

Zhao Fu smiled and replied, "Don't worry, there's nothing amiss with them. I haven't been back for long and came here quickly."

Xue Ji said impatiently, "Let me service owner!"

Arasina's face also became slightly red and she gave off a bewitching aura as she walked towards Zhao Fu. The other women did the same; after all, Zhao Fu had been gone for a long time and they greatly missed him.

After doing it with all of them women, Zhao Fu brought Xue Ji to an empty area and took out the 30 meter tall Blood-Sucking Mosquito Den, as well as the Darkness Demon Snake Den, and prepared to fuse them.

Zhao Fu had no idea if it would work, as they were things that came from two different worlds.