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 Those were the benefits of Zhao Fu awakening the Demon Lord Star. After examining his body, Zhao Fu felt quite eager to do something, which was to turn the world's consciousness into a lifeform.

Everyone world had its own consciousness, and the world's consciousness was like a heavenly law that governed everything. It could also control the world's energy, and it was an extremely terrifying existence.

However, this kind of existence had no life of its own and its existence was tied to the creatures within it. It could be said that it was birthed by the countless creatures in the world, and it was limited and could not grow stronger.

What Zhao Fu wanted to do was to turn the human world's consciousness into a lifeform that could grow stronger.

He wanted to have it continuously devour the consciousnesses of other worlds and then devour other worlds. That way, if it continued to grow stronger, wouldn't the human world become a new Heaven Awaken World?

If he could succeed at this, Zhao Fu would become an existence like the ruler of the Heaven Awaken World and would control countless worlds and stand at the peak.

Just thinking about this could make anyone feel excited. However, Zhao Fu was not sure if this was possible or whether or not things would turn out as he expected them to.

Fortunately, he had the Sealing Heaven Suppressing Earth Formation, or else he would not have the ability to gather the world's consciousness and split it off from the rest of the Heaven Awaken World. Otherwise, even if he obtained the five-colored stone, it would be useless.

Zhao Fu felt quite excited as he went to the tower at the center of the Sealing Heaven Suppressing Earth Formation and looked at the beautiful blue crystal pearl floating at the center of the magic formation.

Zhao Fu needed to split off a trace of his soul and let out some of his blood.

With how important the world's consciousness would be in the future, Zhao Fu was extremely careful in controlling it; he did not want it to turn against him in the future.

Fusing a trace of his soul and his Divine Bloodline would be equivalent to fusing a portion of himself into the blue pearl. That way, he would be able to retain control over it even as it grew.

Splitting off a trace of his soul was incredibly painful, and he had done this before, which was when he had taken over Ye Cang's body.

The trace of his soul that he split off was a mote of light as big as a bean and it gave off a faint rainbow light. Zhao Fu's face was incredibly pale and looked much weaker. Even though it was just a small portion of his soul, it had massive effects.

He then took out a dagger and cut his palm, causing blood containing a black crystal-like light to spill out. Under the control of a formless energy, it formed a blood-red orb.

Under Zhao Fu's control, the orb of blood and mote of light gradually fused into the blue crystal pearl floating in the air.

The blue crystal pearl did not offer any resistance. It seemed very willing to accept Zhao Fu's soul and blood, and the process went smoothly.

After all, the bleu crystal pearl was formed from part of the human world's consciousness. Zhao Fu had once been the World Protector, the person the human world itself had chosen. As such, it was very close with Zhao Fu and did not resist at all.

After the blue crystal pearl fused with Zhao Fu's soul and blood, it became slightly black and blood-red colored. It was no longer a pure blue color, but the light it gave off was still blue.

Zhao Fu took out a five-colored stone, which would turn the blue crystal pearl into a lifeform.

Zhao Fu carefully controlled the five-colored stone and slowly moved it towards the blue crystal pearl. The five-colored stone gave off an intense light and a shocking aura as it slowly fused into the blue crystal pearl.


A massive explosion sounded out as the two items fused together and formed a rainbow crystal pearl which gave off a boundless rainbow-colored light and exploded out with a powerful aura.

The source energy of the heavens and earth madly gathered, and the entire world became dim as clouds quickly swirled. Wild gales caused countless trees to sway as the ground trembled.

Sensing these changes, Great Qin's countless subjects stopped what they were doing and looked towards the center of the human world.

The rainbow crystal pearl absorbed the massive amounts of source energy and gave off an even brighter rainbow-colored light as its aura became stronger as well.

A circular-shaped image came out from within the rainbow crystal pearl. It did not resemble anything at first before it started to change into various animals, such as goats, cows, bears, pigs...

These animals were quite ordinary, but they were all animals from Earth. Zhao Fu stared at the rainbow crystal pearl and waited to see what it would form in the end.


An even greater wave of source energy flowed into the rainbow crystal pearl, and the constantly changing image stopped on a human form.

Right after it settled on a human form, an energy that defied the Heaven Awaken World's laws spread out. Massive dark clouds quickly gathered, covering the entire sky and giving off an extremely suppressive aura. An intensely dangerous feeling swept out, causing everyone's hearts to feel quite cold.


Countless lightning bolts that were as thick as buckets containing the power of divine punishment struck down, seeming to want to destroy everything.

Zhao Fu was quite startled and unleashed his Saint Realm Domain as wide as possible, forming a 10,000 meter wide black, dragon-inscription barrier to protect the rainbow crystal pearl. He also covered the top of the tower within the barrier.

Countless bolts of lightning containing destructive auras crashed against the barrier, causing it to violently tremble, and it looked like it would soon be destroyed.

Zhao Fu was not too worried. Since this rainbow crystal pearl was of utmost importance to Great Qin, Zhao Fu directly used his Nation Armament's power. Using the Nation Armament within Great Qin's territory made it much stronger.

The black, dragon-inscription barrier became a bronze energy barrier filled with an aura of killing and conquering, blocking the onslaught of lightning bolts.

Boom! Boom! Boom....

However, the lightning did not stop, and even more ferocious bolts of lightning slammed into the bronze energy barrier.

The image that the rainbow crystal pearl gave off was already fixed as a human shape and continued to absorb the heaven and earth source energy. It was becoming more and more corporeal as the lightning bolts descending became more and more powerful.

The bronze energy barrier started to become unable to withstand the lighting bolts' assault, and it began to crack.

Fortunately, Great Qin's three Emperor Heaven Realm experts - Gui Ji, Di Moji, and Yuan Ziyuan - quickly arrived and unleashed their own Domains, creating a four-layered barrier that protected the rainbow crystal pearl.