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 After wildly laughing, Zhao Fu coldly gazed at the people around him and slowly said with a domineering, condescending, and cruel tone, "This king sentences you all to death!"

Suddenly, Zhao Fu drew the Sky Demon Sword across his palm, causing red and golden blood to flow out onto the sword. Feeling the King's Blood, the Sky Demon Sword hummed with delight, and its evil aura became even stronger.


Zhao Fu stabbed the sword into the ground, and countless traces of Demonic Qi flowed out from the sword before rushing into the ground like streams of water.

The ground started to be dyed black, and in an instant, it formed a 1,000-meter wide circle of darkness.

Zhao Fu coldly laughed and looked at the massive crowds rushing towards him. He raised his bleeding palm, held it out towards them, and softly yelled, "King's Profoundness - Demon Domain - Ten Thousand Burials!"


A massive explosion sounded out as a black light shot out from Zhao Fu's palm, forming the image of a demon. Suddenly, formless energy rushed out as if some sort of forbidden power had been unleashed.

Countless black spikes that were 20 meters long shot up from the ground unexpectedly, and they contained an immense amount of force.

Chi, chi, chi...

The black spikes pierced through person after person and lifted their corpses 20 meters high into the air.

The black spikes covered the surrounding 1,000-meter radius area, and the 1,500 people at the head of the crowd were all lifted up into the air. Their expressions were filled with pain, savageness, and terror, and blood dripped down from the air, making it seem as if it was raining blood.

Everything fell into a deathly silence, and the scene became a truly hellish scene.

This horrifying scene caused the countless people who had been blinded by greed to be woken up in an instant. Their bodies stopped moving instinctively, and their terror did not allow them to take another step forwards.

Zhao Fu used his King's Power to stop his bleeding, and he pulled the Sky Demon Sword out of the ground. The darkness in the ground retreated as the black spikes disappeared, and the corpses fell from the sky, creating an empty space 1,000 meters wide.

This skill was something that Zhao Fu had just come up with. The King profession was a profession that surpassed Military professions and could grow. However, it did not have any skills - Zhao Fu needed to create all of the skills by himself. [King's Profoundness - Demon Domain - Ten Thousand Burials] was the first skill that Zhao Fu had created.

However, this skill was something that could only be cast with the Sky Demon Sword's Sky Demon Domain. Without the Sky Demon Sword, Zhao Fu would not be able to use this skill.

The blood on the ground was sucked towards the Sky Demon Sword by an invisible force and devoured by the Sky Demon Sword. The Sky Demon excitedly laughed as it said, "Kill! Kill! Kill! Owner, kill them all!"

After the Sky Demon Sword devoured all of the blood and converted it into its own power, it sent some into Zhao Fu's body to help him recover. Casting the King's Profoundness skill just then had consumed a lot of Zhao Fu's strength.

Just as Zhao Fu pulled the Sky Demon Sword out of the ground, he pointed it at the crowd 1,000 meters away and said in a voice filled with killing intent and mockery, "What is it? Hurry up and come!"

This provocation caused the people surrounding Zhao Fu to look at each other, but none of them dared to come forwards.

"He's holding the Sky Demon Sword!"

At this moment, someone suddenly noticed the black sword with a demon's image, which gave off a cold, murderous, and evil aura, in Zhao Fu's hand.

"What? The Sky Demon Sword?" Hearing this shout, countless gazes fell on the sword in Zhao Fu's hand. The Sky Demon Sword was the most famous sword right now, and even though the Ten Thousand Flower Festival had long since passed, the swords on the Legendary Rankings were still publicly acknowledged to be the strongest pieces of equipment in the Heaven Awaken World.

Back then, the Sky Demon Sword's disappearance from the list had caused a great shock. What these people had never expected was that the Sky Demon Sword would reappear in a player's hand, filling everyone's heart with shock. At the same time, they felt deeply curious as to who this black-cloaked figure.

This news caused even the General Guard to feel shocked. At the start, he was quite doubtful, but after he saw the sword in Zhao Fu's hand for himself, he could confirm that it was indeed the Sky Demon Sword. Back then, anyone could see the equipment in the Exchange Stone Stele, so almost everyone knew what the Sky Demon Sword looked like because it was the top-ranked piece of equipment in the Legendary Rankings.

By now, all of the city guards on the city walls had come down. They ran over to the General Guard and asked, "Sir, what should we do?"

The General Guard didn't know why Heavenstone City would list this person as a fugitive, but this was no longer important. He could tell how serious this matter was, and if he allowed Zhao Fu to escape, it would be equivalent to allowing a tiger to return to its mountain, bringing endless trouble in the future. As such, he gave the order, "Kill him... at all costs!"

"Yes, sir!" 4,000 city guards simultaneously replied and rushed towards Zhao Fu, giving off a ferocious aura.

Zhao Fu felt a trace of worry when he saw those city guards charge over. If they were an army of players, he would have nothing to fear, but they were all city guards who were at least Stage 1 in cultivation and were all wearing Blue grade equipment! What's more, this was at the front door of Heavenstone City, and they would have even more reinforcements arriving soon.

As such, Zhao Fu's only option was to escape!

As Zhao Fu quickly escaped, the people around him hesitated. There were great benefits to killing Zhao Fu, and they would even be able to obtain the Sky Demon Sword. However, Zhao Fu's King's Profoundness skill had left too big of a trauma in their hearts.

Seeing this, Zhao Fu did not show any mercy, and he sent out a Sky Demon Slash. As a massive sword light slashed out, it decimated countless people, paving a bloody path for Zhao Fu.

By now, most people had been completely scared witless by Zhao Fu and had chosen to retreat. However, there were also many people who had not yet given up, and they raised their weapons as they ran up to Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu was bogged down by a countless number of people, and it was impossible for him to kill all of them. After killing a crowd, another crowd would come up. Zhao Fu looked around and saw that the 4,000 city guards had nearly reached him - if he was encircled by them, it was possible that he would not be able to escape.

Suddenly, Zhao Fu threw an orb, which gave off a faint white light and transformed into a 2-meter tall monkey with white fur, and the fur at its chest seemed to look like a human face. It was the Whitefur Monkey King.

"Roarrr!!!" As soon as the Whitefur Monkey King appeared, a formless but powerful soundwave erupted out. The heads of people in the surrounding 20-meter radius area immediately exploded, while those beyond 20 meters died with blood streaming out of their seven orifices. Those 100 meters away were sent flying, and even those 1,000 meters away had to cover their ears from the pain.

Zhao Fu took this opportunity to leap out of the crowd, but at that moment, an arrow flashed through the air, and it was as if it contained a divine power that could kill anything in its path. It pierced through the Whitefur Monkey King's body, causing it to immediately burst into tiny motes of light that dispersed.

After piercing through the Whitefur Monkey King's body, the arrow did not stop and continued to shoot towards Zhao Fu like a bolt of lightning.