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 Zhao Fu had been in the hidden realm for a while. He felt that the danger outside should be gone, so he decided to bring the 12 women back to Great Qin.

This hidden realm was called the Hidden Flower Realm, and it was an extremely valuable treasure that could be taken away. It was like a very large spatial ring, and it could allow living creatures to live within it.

There were countless spirit plants growing in the hidden realm as well, and all of them were extremely valuable. There were 1,000 years old Hundred Spirit Grass, 2,000 years old Red Dragon Fruits, 4,000 years old Water Life Trees, 3,000 years old Cow Snake Flowers...

These spirit plants were all grown by the 12 women, and obtaining this hidden realm was equivalent to obtaining a treasure trove, making Zhao Fu feel quite delighted.

After coming out of the hidden realm, the 12 women continuously performed hand seals and rays of red light shot into the air. Countless traces of red light shot out, giving off a massive aura.

The red light continuously condensed, finally a red flower in the end, which landed into Gong Yuehua's hand. This was the Hidden Flower Realm.

Gong Yuehua had a blissful smile as she looked at Zhao Fu with her beautiful eyes and said, "Ye'Er, we can leave now."

Zhao Fu smiled and brought her into his embrace, and he then contacted Di Moji and the other women before meeting up with them.

Seeing that Zhao Fu was fine, the women let out sighs of relief.

However, they felt quite annoyed that another 12 beautiful women had appeared by Zhao Fu's side. As Evil Flower Emissaries, they were all extremely beautiful and could contend with Yuan Ziyuan's beauty.

Seeing how their red faces and the intoxicating auras they gave off, it was evident that Zhao Fu had been having the time of his life while they had been worrying for him.

Zhao Fu did not make any explanations and brought them to the Multitude Demon Region, and he collected Yeye and the other women who were waiting for him there.

Seeing Zhao Fu bring back so many women, all of them as beautiful as goddesses, Yeye rolled her eyes and could not say anything.

Zhao Fu wanted to directly go to the Mountain River Kingdom, but after hearing that it was a long journey, the women dragged Zhao Fu to do it with them before they were willing to move. In the end, it took some time for them to arrive at the Mountain River Kingdom.

When Shan Luoshui saw Zhao Fu again, she felt that his aura had greatly changed, that it now had a trace of darkness and evilness. Seeing so many women by his side, she slightly frowned.

Back then, when Zhao Fu had sent over a group of women here, Shan Luoshui had felt quite displeased and felt that Zhao Fu was quite fickle. However, seeing this scene, Shan Luoshui realized that Zhao Fu was incredibly, incredibly fickle.

Fortunately, they were only husband and wife in name only and not a real husband and wife, so she did not mind. She only felt worried that Hua Niang had decided to follow a man like this.

Zhao Fu stopped at the Mountain River Kingdom for a short while before bringing all of the women back to Great Qin, completing his trip to the Demon Domain.

His gains from this trip had been immense. Firstly, he had awakened the Demon Lord Star - with the five Emperor Stars, Zhao Fu no longer feared anyone cursing him because anyone who cursed him would die from the backlash.

He had also brought back two Emperor Heaven Realm experts and many Extreme Divine Realm experts, as well as the 12 madams who were still recovering. Once they recovered their cultivations, their strength would be able to rival higher-beings, which was quite terrifying.

After returning to Great Qin, Zhao Fu started to examine the changes in his body. Firstly, within Zhao Fu's eyes, he had an extra set of black, vertical pupils from the Demon Race.

Now, Zhao Fu's left eye had eight different layered pupils, and Zhao Fu's right eye had a cross-shaped pupil with six gray dots around it. Apart from the cross-shaped pupil, there was also a black circle around it now.

Moreover, Zhao Fu's constitution and bloodline had greatly increased. Now, Zhao Fu had the Demon Race's strongest constitution, which was the Demon Lord Constitution. Zhao Fu's affinity with demonic qi also reached its peak, and he innately had great control over large amounts of demonic qi.

Moreover, all demon-attribute attacks against him would be greatly reduced, and Zhao Fu had a formless might towards all demons.

This type of might was not something that even people with Emperor Constitutions could ignore. After all, the Demon Lord Constitution was the lord of the entire Demon Race, which was why it was one of the strongest constitutions in the Demon Race. This was why only people who had awakened the Demon Race's supreme Emperor Star could have it.

Next was his bloodline. Zhao Fu's bloodline had originally broken through to a Basic Divine Bloodline, but it had now leveled up to a Level 19 Orthodox Divine Bloodline.

The difference between a Basic Divine Bloodline and an Orthodox Divine Bloodline was quite great. A Basic Divine Bloodline was not very pure, but an Orthodox Divine Bloodline was a true Divine Bloodline that was completely pure.

Upgrading his constitution and bloodline caused his cultivation to reach the Heaven Realm. Within the historical remnant, as he had absorbed the boundless Evil Spirit Abyss Flower Power, his cultivation had quickly increased and had reached the peak of the Earth Realm. After awakening the Demon Lord Star, he had broken through to the Heaven Realm.

The higher one's cultivation was, the harder it was to progress. It looked like Zhao Fu's cultivation was rising quite slowly, but it was actually quite quick. After all, he had only been in the Heaven Awaken World for nine years and reaching the Heaven Realm from Stage 0 was incredibly shocking.

Apart from this, Zhao Fu had also obtained a terrifying power, which was the power of the Evil Flower Bewitching World and the Demon Lord Star fusing.

Now, as long as Zhao Fu summoned the Demon Lord Star, he could cast the Evil Flower Bewitching World whenever and wherever he wanted. The effects would not be as powerful as the previous time, but they would not be weak either.

At the same time, Zhao Fu also obtained a large amount of Fate and received the acknowledgement of a large amount of the Demon Race's Fate.

The Emperor Killer Curse that had once threatened Zhao Fu's life was once again greatly weakened. It was only 10% as it was originally and did not pose much of a threat to Zhao Fu.

Finally, Zhao Fu's aura also now gave off a trace of darkness and evilness, which made people feel an instinctive fear.

By now, Zhao Fu's bloodline had become quite complicated. It had traces from the Human Race, Death Race, Devil Race, and Demon Race. Of the eight major races, he had four of them and there were only four left.

Now, Zhao Fu had some ideas. Since he already had the Emperor Stars of four races, he did not mind having a few more. He started to think of how he could awaken the Emperor Stars of the remaining four races.

The remaining races were the God Race, Outlander Race, Water Race, and Spirit Race.

Thinking about having the supreme Emperor Stars of the eight major races, as well as his own Fate Star, nine Emperor Stars in total, Zhao Fu's heart could not help but race.