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 The fourth madam had a seductive figure and was exquisitely beautiful, and she was called Ye Qingqing. Zhao Fu did not hold back anymore and entered her room one night.

Ye Qingqing stared at Zhao Fu and asked, "Ye'Er, why have you come to my room? Go and keep the others company."

Zhao Fu smiled as he said, "I've been neglecting Fourth Madam, so I came here."

Ye Qingqing's face became a bit red and she flirtatiously looked at Zhao Fu as she said, "So you do have a heart after all. Looks like I didn't treat you so well for nothing."

Zhao Fu stood there and bashfully smiled.

Truthfully speaking, she really did treat Zhao Fu very well. She did her utmost best to care for him like he was a family member, and Zhao Fu almost felt bad for laying his hands on her.

However, thinking about his relationship with the Evil Spirit Abyss Flower Ancestor, if they knew about it, they would definitely turn against him and might even kill him. Seeing how great of a price they had paid to save him, he did not want to become enemies with them, so he could only take them in.

"Ye'Er, what are you standing there for? Hurry up and come here." As Zhao Fu thought to himself, Ye Qingqing had already taken off her clothes and spoke to him.

Hearing this, Zhao Fu grinned and walked up.

In the following days, Zhao Fu and the women did not hold back at all and did not try to hide things anymore. Whether it was day or night, as long as someone wanted it, they would start to do it.

The nine women fully cooperated with Zhao Fu, soaking in the pleasure and unable to stop themselves.

This finally resulted in the displeasure of the three other women, who had the deepest feelings with the Evil Spirit Abyss Flower Ancestor. They gathered all of the women and had Zhao Fu wait outside.

The Big Madam, who was the dignified and composed woman, was called Gong Yuehua. The Second Madam was slim and tall and had a cold-looking face, and she was called Han Qiuzi. The Third Madam was a beautiful woman with a gentle aura, and she was called Ru Keke.

Gong Yuehua's expression was cold as she looked at the other women and said, "You've gone too far lately with Ye'Er; you've been completely unbridled. I understand your pain, so I did not interfere with your matters with Ye'Er. However, you're becoming more and more outrageous."

Han Qiuzi also said coldly, "Back then, you were so led with husband, and yet you're doing it with Ye'Er whenever and wherever you want. How can you face husband?"

Ru Keke sighed and said, "Originally, we did not want to stop you from doing what you do at night. However, you're all going too far, especially ninth sister. Ye'Er was still recovering and yet you tempted him like that."

Qing Le's face went red and had never expected that others had long since known, but she said resolutely, "Big sis, I'm already Ye'Er's woman and my Soul Mark has fused with him. I'm no longer husband's Evil Flower Emissary, and it's impossible for us to save husband."

"That's right! Big sis, second sister, and third sister, I know that you're suffering as well. Why not enjoy yourselves with us? Husband gave all of his power to Ye'Er; perhaps he knew how much we were suffering and wanted Ye'Er to satisfy us," the Seventh Madam GU Qianmei said.

Yan Xiaoqi shyly said, "It's not that we were going too far but that Ye'Er has some charm about him - when we're with him, we can't control ourselves. We've never felt such a thing before."

The women all spoke and gave their opinions. In the end, Gong Yuehua and the two others sank into their thoughts and did not blame the nine others, and the meeting concluded.

Right after the meeting was over, the nine women ran to Zhao Fu's room to enjoy themselves. They told Zhao Fu that Gong Yuehua and the two other women were somewhat tempted, and if Zhao Fu took some initiative, he would definitely be able to subdue them.

Zhao Fu first sought out the Third Madam Ru Keke. She was working in the kitchen, and seeing Zhao Fu come, her face became slightly red.

"Third Madam, what are you doing?" Zhao Fu gave a gentle smile as he asked.

Ru Keke glared at Zhao Fu and said, "Ye'Er, you still haven't fully recovered and yet you're doing those kinds of things with the others. I made a special recovery soup to help you recover."

Zhao Fu wrapped his arms around Ru Keke's slender waist and smiled as he said, "Third Madam, you're the best medicine for me."

Ru Keke's face became red and she lightly struggled as she said, "Ye'Er, let go of me or else I'll get angry."

Zhao Fu ignored her and took off her clothes before they started to do it.

Next was Han Qiuzi, who was the Second Madam. At night, she was under a tree as she looked at the moon by herself. She was wearing a white dress and looked incredibly beautiful under the moonlight.

Zhao Fu did not say anything before he hugged her and looked into her eyes, saying, "Second Madam, you're so beautiful."

Han Qiuzi's cold face became slightly red and knew what was about to happen. She said softly, "Ye'Er, be gentle with me." Zhao Fu smiled and nodded, and he started to do it with her.

Last was Gong Yuehua. She sat in her room by herself, deep in thought. Only when Zhao Fu walked in did she come back to her senses.

Seeing Gong Yuehua, Zhao Fu smiled and asked softly, "Big Madam, what are you thinking about?"

Gong Yuehua looked slightly worried as she said, "I'm thinking about your master. Who knows how he is right now, and he has been sealed for so long but we have no way of rescuing him."

Hearing this, Zhao Fu slightly frowned, as he did not like to think about the Evil Spirit Abyss Flower Ancestor. The Evil Spirit Abyss Flower Ancestor had tried to take over his body, and they could be said to be enemies.

However, Zhao Fu quickly covered this up and walked up to lightly hug Gong Yuehua, and he prepared to kiss her.

Gong Yuehua stretched out her hand and stopped Zhao Fu as she said softly, "Ye'Er, I can give you my body and become your woman, but I have a condition. With your potential, you will definitely become a world-shaking expert. When that time comes, you'll definitely have the power to save your master."

Zhao Fu inwardly hesitated but he did not show this. After all, she thought that Zhao Fu's relationship with the Evil Spirit Abyss Flower Ancestor was very good, so if he hesitated, they would sense that something was off.

"If I have the ability to do so, I will definitely save master. Even if you did not ask this of me, I would go to save him," Zhao Fu smiled as he said earnestly.

In actuality, Zhao Fu had already decided that if he had the ability to save the Evil Spirit Abyss Flower Ancestor, he would re-seal him again.

Gong Yuehua gave a beautiful smile and lightly nodded as she looked at Zhao Fu. She wrapped her arms around Zhao Fu's waist and said with a trace of shyness and eagerness, "Come, Ye'Er!"

Following this, Zhao Fu started to do it with Gong Yuehua.

Afterwards, Zhao Fu enjoyed the 12 women together. As the Evil Spirit Abyss Flower Ancestor's Evil Flower Emissaries, not only were they incredibly powerful and able to rival higher-beings, but they were also incredibly talented and would be of a great help to him.