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 Qing Le's changes caused the other women to feel quite strange, but they did not pay it too much attention and another day passed normally.

Everyone was focused on recovering their cultivations, as they had self-destructed their cultivations, causing their cultivations to plummet. They now only had Divine Realm cultivation, and if they wanted to return to the peak of their strength, it would require an extremely long time.

During the night, Qing Le gave a flirtatious smile as she once again came to Zhao Fu's room, and Zhao Fu lightly laughed as he hugged her.

Qing Le leaned against him and wrapped her arms around Zhao Fu's waist as she pouted, saying, "I thought you were a tame person and had never expected you to be so bad. However, you're much more powerful than your master in that regard, and I've already fallen to you."

Zhao Fu smiled and prepared to have another good taste of the woman. Because of the Six Desires Demonic Art, Zhao Fu could recover his strength by doing it.

Qing Le stopped Zhao Fu and said softly, "Ye'Er, you haven't recovered from your wounds yet; let me serve you!"

Zhao Fu smiled and nodded, and the two of them started to go about it.

The next day, Qing Le's changes were even more obvious. Her cheeks were ruddy, and she gave off a bewitching aura that could charm anymore. Moreover, her strength was also recovering faster than everyone else.

This made the others realize that something was off. They asked Qing Le what was going on, and of course she would not tell them about Zhao Fu. After all, they were still the Evil Spirit Abyss Flower Ancestor's women in name and felt deeply towards him.

Seeing that they could not get much out of her, they still felt quite suspicious but did not continue.

The third night, Qing Le could not help but once again go to Zhao Fu's room. The two of them did not say anything and directly started doing it.

Suddenly, a few beautiful women charged in, and looking at Qing Le panting under Zhao Fu's body, their suspicions were confirmed.

A fiery-figured and bold-looking woman in tight clothes said angrily, "I see, ninth sister, so you've been secretly enjoying him by yourself and didn't tell us." This was the Eighth Madam, Yan Qianlan.

"That's right! You were keeping him to yourself, that's so selfish! Don't you know how painful it has been for us to endure every day?" a graceful-looking woman said in dissatisfaction. She was the Seventh Madam, Gu Qianmei.

A cheerful-looking woman with a seductive figure lightly harrumphed as she said, "Ye'Er, you can't just satisfy your Ninth Madam; what about us?" She was the Tenth Madam, Pian Zhu.

There was another woman who looked quite shy. She was the Twelfth Madam Yan Xiaoqi, and seeing Zhao Fu ravaging Qing Le, she looked quite shocked and could not help but say, Ye'Er, you're so powerful."

Qing Le felt quite embarrassed and did not know how to face the other women.

Zhao Fu smiled and walked towards the four women, whose faces became red, and they started to do it together.

Afterwards, the women lay red-faced next to Zhao Fu as they panted.

The Eighth Madam Yan Qianlan said happily, "Ye'Er, I feel like I've fallen for you. In the future, you can do whatever you want to me."

The Seventh Madam Gu Qianmei said flirtatiously, "Ye'Er really is quite powerful; even a few hundred women would not be a match for him. You're much stronger than your master by dozens of times; in the future, our bodies will be yours."

The Tenth Madam Pian Zhu lightly harrumphed, "This fellow is not as tame as he looks and who knows how many women he has played with. His movements are so practiced, but it's the first time I've felt such pleasure before."

The Twelfth Madam Yan Xiaoqi said somewhat worriedly, "Now that we've done it with Ye'Er, we must not let big sister, second sister, and third sister know. They feel the most deeply towards husband and big sister is our leader. If she finds out, we'll definitely be punished."

Yan Qianlan lightly laughed as she said, "As long as we drag in our other sisters, big sister naturally won't punish us. We've endured for a few thousand years, and I don't believe that our other sisters will be able to endure it.

"In actuality, ever since we saved Ye'Er and sensed husband's power within him, everyone had the same thoughts, but it was just that ninth sister acted first."

Yan Xiaoqi said somewhat guiltily, "We've really let down husband; he's still in the seal and yet we're doing such things with his disciple."

Qing Le looked at Zhao Fu with her beautiful eyes and said in infatuation, "Husband has been sealed in the Emperor Path College and it's impossible for us to save him. I've decided that I want to follow Ye'Er and become his woman."

The other women looked at Qing Le in shock and had never thought that she would say such things. She had only done it with him for a few days and yet she had completely fallen for him.

Gu Qianmei said flirtatiously, "I also support ninth sister. We've already done it with Ye'Er and our Soul Marks have already fused with him. Now, he controls everything about us. Even if we're not willing, we can't resist Ye'Er."

Yan Qianlan thought about it and understood, and she hugged Zhao Fu as she smiled and said, "Then let's all become Ye'Er's women! I can't leave him either."

This was Zhao Fu's goal, to control the 12 of them. That way, he would not have to worry about them harming him.

In the next few nights, Zhao Fu continued to do it with the five women and his strength greatly recovered. The five women's auras became more and more mature, and the other madams could not help but notice.

However, even though the other women noticed, they did not ask. Zhao Fu and the five women did not disclose their relationship, and everyone continued to act as they did before. During the day, the five women behaved as Zhao Fu's master's wives, and during the night they became lewd women.

The one who caved in first was the Sixth Madam. She had a bewitching figure and a seductive aura, and she was called Zuo Qianli.

One night, she tossed and turned and could not sleep. She came to the courtyard to try to dispel her gloominess, but after hearing the intense moans, she could not help but open Zhao Fu's door.

Seeing the scene inside, she shyly joined in with a red face.

Next was the Fifth Madam, Shi Wen. She had a graceful figure and was a very elegant woman.

Seeing her sisters enjoying such extreme pleasure, she was unable to withstand it. She continuously thought about it before walking into the alluring room in the end.

Apart from the Big Madam, Second Madam, and Third Madam, this only left the Fourth Madam and Eleventh Madam.

The Eleventh Madam was a fair and clear-looking woman called Ming Ji'Er. Zhao Fu's body had already recovered and seeing her watering the flowers, he smiled, went up, and hugged her, after which the two of them started to do it.