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 After devouring Zhao Fu, the monster disappeared, and the Demon Lord Star in the sky gradually disappeared. The Evil Flower Bewitching World was also dispelled, and the heavens and earth became peaceful again.

The higher-beings' expressions were all quite unsightly and had never thought that the Evil Flower Bewitching World would fuse with the Demon Lord Star. Now, Zhao Fu did not need 12 Evil Spirit Abyss Flowers, and just the Demon Lord Star alone would be able to activate the Evil Flower Bewitching World.

The power of the Evil Flower Bewitching World boosted by Heaven and Earth Power was incredibly terrifying, but Evil Spirit Abyss Flowers could only do this once.

Even if they cast it a second or third time, it would no longer be boosted by Heaven and Earth Power, and relying on their own power, they would not be able to affect 10,000 worlds. However, if the Demon Lord Star and the Evil Flower Bewitching World fused, it would still be able to unleash a portion of the terrifying power.

The higher-beings hurrying over from all directions came back to their senses and felt quite shocked. When they arrived, they saw an incredibly wretched scene as well as the grim-faced higher-beings.

They did not see the person who had the five Emperor Stars, and their hearts sank, not knowing if that person was dead or alive. Only after asking the higher-beings who had been present did they know that the person with five Emperor Stars had already escaped.

Everyone looked quite surprised; that person had actually been able to escape from so many higher-beings' hands - this was quite shocking.

They had traversed countless worlds but did not even get to see what this person with the five Emperor Stars looked like, making them feel quite disappointed. After looking around, they made their way back.

This matter, which had gathered so many higher-beings, ended as Zhao Fu was now gone without a trace. However, Zhao Fu once again became a hot topic within the Heaven Domain, and he became incredibly famous.

As for where Zhao Fu was now, after being devoured by the monster, he had fallen unconscious.

When he once again weakly opened his eyes, he saw 12 peerlessly beautiful middle-aged women. Zhao Fu was quite shocked and did not understand what was going on, but he could sense that the 12 women all gave off the aura of the Evil Spirit Abyss Flower.

"Who are you all?" Zhao Fu understood that it was them who had saved them and felt quite confused as he asked.

Their leader was a dignified and composed woman, who lightly smiled and said, "Can't you guess who we are? We can be counted as your master's wives, as well as your master's Evil Flower Emissaries."

Hearing this, Zhao Fu immediately understood who they were, and he could not help but feel anxious. Zhao Fu did not have a master, and the Evil Spirit Abyss Flower Ancestor could be counted as his enemy. In that case, these 12 Evil Flower Emissaries would also be his enemies.

If they knew about his true relationship with the Evil Spirit Abyss Flower Ancestor, they would definitely immediately kill him - he could not afford to allow them to know.

He was heavily injured at the moment and did not have any strength. If they wanted to kill him, he would not be able to resist at all.

Zhao Fu smiled and replied, "Thank you for saving my life!"

The leader of the women smiled as she replied, "For your master to choose you as his legatee and give you all of his power, that means that he regards you highly and deeply cares about you. As his wives, how could we allow you to die?

"You didn't let down your master either - not only do you have five Emperor Stars, but you also have a Divine Bloodline. You will definitely surpass your master and become the most brilliant person in the world."

Zhao Fu felt quite embarrassed and gave a shy smile as he said, "Madam, you're flattering me. I'm not all that amazing."

Seeing how shy Zhao Fu seemed, the 12 women felt that they liked him more; if he acted as he usually did, he would definitely annoy them.

The leader lightly laughed as she said softly, "Alright, there's no need to be modest. We're your master's wives and are your family in a sense, so there's no need to act like a stranger. Your injuries are still quite bad, so you need to rest; we won't continue to disturb you."

Following this, the women left the room and Zhao Fu let out a sigh of relief as he started to recover from his injuries.

In the next few days, under the diligent care of the women, Zhao Fu quickly recovered and understood why they had rescued him.

He heard how they had self-destructed their thousands of years of cultivation, which could rival those of higher-beings, and they sacrificed their Evil Spirit Abyss Flowers to rescue him.

Zhao Fu felt incredibly grateful - very few people would be willing to self-destruct their cultivations. Even though he had used the Demon Lord Star to cast the Evil Flower Bewitching World, it had only been able to stop the higher-beings for a few moments, but he would not have been able to escape very far during that time. He had only been able to escape because they had rescued him.

Because they were Evil Flower Emissaries, they were naturally not affected by the Evil Flower Bewitching World, and he understood why that monster had been able to move within the Evil Flower Bewitching World.

He had become familiar with them over the past few days and it was as if they were a family.

Zhao Fu was currently in a hidden realm, which was the 12 women's residence. Ever since the Evil Spirit Abyss Flower Ancestor had been sealed, they had been hiding here. If it was not for Zhao Fu casting the Evil Flower Bewitching World, they would not have known about his existence.

Zhao Fu planned to stay here for a while to recover and avoid the storms raging on the outside. After he was better, he would return to Great Qin.

A bright moon hung in the sky at night, giving off a pristine moonlight. The surroundings were incredibly peaceful, and there was a trace of coldness.

"Ye'Er!" a voluptuous and beautiful woman, who had a trace of flirtatiousness, snuck into Zhao Fu's room and softly called out.

Zhao Fu did not tell them his real name, and he instead told them that he was called Mo Ye.

"What is it, Ninth Madam?" Zhao Fu was already very familiar with them and naturally knew much about them. The person who had come in was the Ninth Madam, Qing Le.

Qing Le looked quite sad as she sat next to Zhao Fu's bed and sighed, saying, "Your master has been sealed for a few thousand years and we have been missing him. You know that the Evil Spirit Abyss Flower has intense desires and we've been enduring here for thousands of years."

Seeing how sad the Ninth Madam seemed, Zhao Fu understood and lightly hugged her. Qing Le lightly struggled a bit out of propriety, but her face was already red and her eyes were hazy.

What happened next did not need to be described. Qing Le did it madly with Zhao Fu, as if wanting to make up for the past thousands of years of loneliness. As an Evil Flower Emissary, they were the women of the Evil Spirit Abyss Flower and no one else could touch them.

Even though they were not Zhao Fu's Evil Flower Emissaries, Zhao Fu had inherited all of the Evil Spirit Abyss Flower Ancestor's power and had also inherited his Evil Flower Emissaries.

After a night of lust, in order to avoid being found out by others, Qing Le left early in the morning. However, she seemed to have become a different person - her cheeks were ruddy, she had a bright smile, and her body gave off a bewitching aura.