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 The higher-beings present not only wanted to kill Zhao Fu, who had endangered the Demon Domain, but they also wanted to obtain the heaven-defying things he had. Just his corpse alone would be a supreme treasure - this much was evident from his five Emperor Stars.

Hearing those words, Di Jiang looked slightly angry, but he only had seven higher-beings with him; how could he resist 500 or so higher-beings?

Yuan Ziyuan looked at her mother, and the beautiful woman smiled and nodded as she brought her higher-beings and flew towards Di Jiang and said, "This person is also my beloved daughter's husband; is everyone willing to spare him?"

"Hahaha, you just want him for his talent. If he's willing to join my faction, I'm naturally willing to spare him as well. However, how could he be willing to join me over you? As such, it's best to kill him so that no one can have him. You think you can stop us with your numbers?" another higher-being said as he disdainfully laughed.

However, a minority of higher-beings stood out and said, "This person has our Demon Race's bloodline and has our supreme Emperor Star; it's quite a pity to kill him. After all, a supreme Emperor Star can have a great effect on a race."

"That's true, many people from other Domains are heading over and they definitely want to take him as well. How about we keep him alive for now and see just what kind of godly being he is."

However, these people were in the minority and most of the higher-beings were not willing to wait. The things Zhao Fu had were simply too tempting and they were also worried about him getting away, so they decided that they had to kill him.

The Ten Demon Empire's people also arrived and directly ignored all of the other higher-beings and charged into the historical remnant. The other higher-beings were unwilling to fall behind and also rushed in, wanting to obtain Zhao Fu. It was as if they were fighting over a supreme treasure.

Di Jiang and the beautiful could only helplessly bring their people and charge into the historical remnant as well. They already knew that things would end up like this - with Zhao Fu's potential and how mysterious he was, it was impossible for the higher-beings to give up on him so easily.

They could only wait to see if they would have an opportunity to act. However, seeing how murderous the Ten Demon Empire's people seemed, it was likely that they would not be able to save Zhao Fu.

By now, Zhao Fu had completed his transformation and he sensed the countless higher-beings flooding in. However, he could not escape at all.

The space was around locked down and teleportation channels were unusable. Even if he hid within the Emperor Killing Sword World, the higher-beings would definitely be able to blast it open. Zhao Fu would not be able to escape, and thinking about that, his expression became quite unsightly.

The higher-beings quickly reached the seventh level. Seeing the person dressed in a black cloak and only giving off an Earth Realm aura, they looked quite surprised.

They had never thought that the person who had five Emperor Stars, incredible secrets, and shaken the Heaven Awaken World countless times was the person in front of them.

If it was not for the fact that his aura was the same as those five Emperor Stars, they definitely would not believe that this pitifully weak person was the person with the five Emperor Stars.

The Emperor from the Ten Demon Empire looked at Zhao Fu coldly and said in an imposing tone, "Are you the possessor of the five Emperor Stars?"

There was not much difference between Zhao Fu acknowledging it or denying it. Even though he felt quite afraid of the higher-beings, he did not show it and replied neither overbearing nor servilely, "Yes!"

The Ten Demon Empire's Emperor's eyes gave off killing intent as he said, "If you weren't the legatee of the Evil Spirit Abyss Flower Ancestor and were willing to submit to the Ten Demon Empire, I would not mind all the terrifying things hidden on you and might have protected you. However, it's a pity that you're his legatee. You can die now."

Zhao Fu felt quite shocked. He was just the legate of the Evil Spirit Abyss Flower Ancestor, but it seemed that this person had immense enmity with him.

Moreover, Zhao Fu's Evil Spirit Abyss Flower power was not something that the Evil Spirit Abyss Flower Ancestor had willingly given to him, and it had instead been taken by the magic formation and sent into Zhao Fu's body. It was not like what others thought, that he and the Evil Spirit Abyss Flower Ancestor were master and disciple.

The Ten Demon Empire's Emperor stretched out his hand. A low level cultivator like Zhao Fu was someone he could casually crush to death, and he felt that it was a pity that such a talented person with five Emperor Stars would die in his hands.

"He has a Divine Bloodline!" a shocked cry sounded out from a fair-looking higher-being.

Everyone felt quite shocked and went to sense Zhao Fu's aura. They found that he indeed had a Divine Bloodline, and they all looked quite shocked.

Zhao Fu purposely did not hide this aura and at the start, the higher-beings did not notice because they were focused on his weak cultivation. If it was not for the fair-looking higher-being crying out, the others would not have realized it.

The Ten Demon Empire's Emperor stopped his attack, as did everyone else.

After all, this matter might be connected to a Holy Empire, which reigned far above ordinary Empires. If there really were Celestials, there were definitely in Holy Empires, and the higher-beings all felt immense reverence towards Holy Empires.

The fact that this person had five Emperor Stars could be explained by the fact that he was someone from a Holy Empire. No wonder his identity was so mysterious.

Of course, some people felt quite suspicious. Zhao Fu's strength was far too weak, and they felt that he was somewhat too inconspicuous. Moreover, it had been an extremely long time since someone from a Holy Empire had appeared.

However, now that Zhao Fu's identity could be connected to a Holy Empire, everyone hesitated. Even the Ten Demon Empire, which was the most powerful faction present, would not dare to directly face a Holy Empire.

Following this, Di Jiang and the beautiful woman arrived and were quite shocked. They now understood even more why their daughters had chosen this person as their husband, and they let out sighs of relief. Since Zhao Fu could be connected to a Holy Empire, which the higher-beings feared, the matter would be slightly easier to resolve.

"Are you a Holy Son? Of which Holy Empire?" the Ten Demon Empire's Emperor looked at Zhao Fu seriously and asked. After all, his decision could bring his Empire into danger.

The other higher-beings looked at Zhao Fu, and even though they wanted to obtain the heaven-defying things hidden on Zhao Fu and wanted to get rid of him, they were fearful of Holy Empires. Now, they could only wait for Zhao Fu's reply.

If he could answer about his Holy Empire and there was nothing to doubt, they naturally would not dare to act and would allow Zhao Fu to leave.

If they acted, it was possible that he would summon a Celestial. Celestials reigned above higher-beings and they definitely would not be a match, and they might all die here.