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 This matter naturally shook the Human Domain the most. The higher-being level teachers at Emperor Path College all looked incredibly serious as they understood what had happened.

They understood how that person had easily entered the forbidden area and obtained the Evil Spirit Abyss Flower's power; so he had such an identity. They had been blind to not discover Zhao Fu's true identity and allow him to leave.

If they could have kept him at Emperor Path College, he would have become the most terrifying student in the history of Emperor Path College. No one could compare to his potential, and just the Heaven's Secrets protecting him was dozens of times that of a higher-being's.

However, what should they do now that that person was causing a ruckus in the Demon Domain? Emperor Path College was connected to Zhao Fu by fate, and he had come to visit Emperor Path College in the past.

However, with so many higher-beings moving, it was beyond their control, and they could not stop so many higher-beings.

Only the Principal in closed-door cultivation could change the situation. It was him who had sealed the Evil Spirit Abyss Flower Ancestor in Emperor Path College, and perhaps because it was related to him, he would interfere. As such, they discussed this matter and decided to report it to him.

Within the Heaven Path Sect, an elder giving off a terrifying aura had been monitoring Zhao Fu's matter the entire time. He had never thought that Zhao Fu would appear in the Demon Domain, so he immediately hurried over; he wanted to know just what kind of existence Zhao Fu was.

The first Emperor Star that Zhao Fu had awakened was the Human Race's supreme Emperor Star, so perhaps he was from the Human Race. If the Human Race had such a terrifying genius, it would be an incredibly good thing for the Human Race.

He could not allow such a person to die in the Demon Domain, and he was also quite curious as to why he had five Emperor Stars. As such, the elder was in a great hurry to meet Zhao Fu.

As for the Holy Book Pavilion, as the largest book-publishing organization, everyone was extremely excited, as this was an incredibly big matter.

The number of higher-beings gathered was already breathtaking, and it was the first time in the recent 10,000 years that so many higher-beings had gathered. This matter would be forever recorded in history and be marveled at by later people.

The Holy Book Pavilion had been paying attention to Zhao Fu from the start and had been wondering who he was, where he came from, and what he looked like. If they could obtain this information, the books they published would be madly fought over.

After all, this matter had caught the attention of the entire Heaven Domain and there were naturally countless people who wanted to know about this person. There were most likely many people waiting for them to publish their writings about this matter.

The Heaven's Secrets Pavilion's people also gathered together, looking incredibly serious as they waited for the woman in white's orders.

"Fate Sovereign, various factions from the Heaven Domain have already headed over; we should also go and take a look at the person who has five Emperor Stars."

"That's right! This is a rare opportunity and he's awakening a Demon Star in the Heaven Domain. We should find his location based on the abnormal signs. If he leaves, with the amount of Heaven's Secrets shrouding him, it will be impossible to find him in the future."

"I agree, we've always been curious about that person, and only by meeting him will the fog of mystery around him be dispelled."

"I'm just worried about what's going to happen. That person now has five Emperor Stars, which is completely unprecedented. Countless higher-beings have gone, and it is likely that he will die there."

In response, the Fate Sovereign shook her head and said, "Our Heaven's Secrets Pavilion's focus is Heaven's Secrets; we should not get personally involved. The higher-ups have given orders for us not to be involved with this person's matters."

Hearing this, everyone could only sigh, and they did not say any more. However, some people could not hold back their curiosity and went to gather information about what was happening.

The Heaven Spirit Financial Group's powerful figures all headed to the Demon Domain. From when the Demon Star started to descend, Zhao Fu's bloodline went through a terrifying evolution, and it went from an ordinary Divine Bloodline to an Advanced Divine Bloodline. The person in charge had been greatly shocked and quickly went to report this.

The Heaven Spirit Financial Group had been paying attention to Zhao Fu from the beginning and had been bearing the pressure of countless higher-beings wanting to kill him. They had been secretly supporting Zhao Fu and had given him a supreme level account.

Now that Zhao Fu had appeared in the Heaven Domain, they were incredibly excited and curious. They wanted to see who the terrifying person they had been monitoring was, why he was so terrifying, and why his bloodline had been continuously becoming stronger and stronger.

They were worried that Zhao Fu was in a difficult situation, so they wanted to go over and take a look. If they could help, they would help as much as possible. Moreover, they had been secretly supporting him since a long time ago, so even if they could not help him out, they would be able to at least see this matter to a conclusion.

After hearing about this matter, Feng Qianghua also looked quite shocked; nothing had ever made her feel this shocked before. She had never thought that Zhao Fu would be the person with five Emperor Stars, but in hindsight, she understood how Zhao Fu had a Divine Bloodline and the highest grade Dragon Phoenix.

Thinking about that, Feng Qianghua loudly laughed; she finally understood why Zhao Fu attracted her so much. Her judgment was correct - Zhao Fu really was not simple at all, and now she wanted him even more.

This time, her mother would fully support her as well. If they could bring him back, it would bring unimaginable benefits to the Human Phoenix Empire. If they could not have him, they had to kill him; with such potential, this person would definitely cause a catastrophe.

At the same time, Feng Qianhuang prepared to bring her own higher-beings to see just what kind of existence Zhao Fu was, and why he had so many terrifying things. Perhaps he really was hiding some shocking secrets.

Otherwise, how could someone from the outskirts have such terrifying potential? Of course, he might be the reincarnation of a Celestial.

The various elders of the Sword Sect gathered together and the Sect Master exclaimed, "This boy's talent is simply too shocking. Yiyue, will you really not consider him as your husband? With his identity, it's you who might not be good enough for him."

Another elder lightly laughed and said, "With his potential and that terrifying sword intent, if he joins our Sword Sect, he will definitely become the next Sect Master. He will be a natural pair with Yiyue and no one will be more suitable than him."

Jian Yiyue frowned and said coldly, "Father, elders, you don't need to worry about my matters; it's more important to think about that person's safety. The entire Heaven Domain's higher-beings are gathering there, and I feel that it is a pity for that Celestial-slaying sword intent."

Another elder sighed and said, "Even though our Sword Sect is not weak, we won't be able to change anything. I want to save that person; such a genius should not fall like that."