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Yet another explosion sounded out as boundless ghostly qi spread out across the sky and the surrounding temperature plummeted. A cold and eerie aura filled the world, and a moon-like gray star bringing with it boundless ghostly energy descended.


The shocking explosions were not done yet. A violet, devilish light filled the sky as a massive amount of devil qi filled the world, and an enormous violet dragon star gave off an enormous might as it gradually appeared.

The four Emperor Stars each gave off their own resplendent starlight, suppressing the auras of everyone present. The scene seemed to be frozen, and the world was locked down by an unimaginably powerful energy as all creatures felt a sense of despair.

"Four Emperor Stars?" Everyone felt incredibly shocked and stared at the sky. They could not have expected four Emperor Stars to suddenly descend, and three of them were the supreme Emperor Stars of three worlds.

However, why had four Emperor Stars suddenly descended? There was only one explanation - the Evil Spirit Abyss Flower Ancestor's legatee was the person with the four Emperor Stars the entire Heaven Domain was looking for. This was simply too shocking and sent waves through everyone's hearts.

Now, the higher-beings who had felt that Zhao Fu's aura was quite familiar realized that this was the same aura as the person who had four Emperor Stars.

Di Jiang felt quite shocked and had never thought that his daughter's bastard husband would be that mysterious and terrifying person with four Emperor Stars. He had massive secrets and could be called the person with the greatest potential in the Heaven Awaken World.

If Di Moji had someone terrifying like this for a husband, he would not have to worry in the future; this person would definitely overtake him in the future.

Yuan Ziyuan's mother was also incredibly shocked as she looked at the four grand Emperor Stars in the sky. She understood why her daughter had decided on this person; if her daughter could become the woman of such a man, she would be incredibly happy.

If she could have this person join her faction, her faction would enter a golden era and would enjoy unimaginable benefits.

The silver-haired elder and the young girl understood what kind of power that hidden power was - it was the power of Emperor Stars. The power of four Emperor Stars was incredibly terrifying and could cause people to feel despair.

Di Moji and Yuan Ziyuan were similarly shocked. Even though Zhao Fu had not told them about his identity, they could guess that it was quite terrifying. This much was obvious from what he had revealed to them.

However, they had never thought that Zhao Fu would be hiding something so terrifying. He said that he would have the whole Heaven Awaken World know his name, but he had already shaken the Heaven Awaken World and everyone in the Heaven Domain knew of his existence.

Zhao Fu did not lie to them, and they had never thought that they would end up having such a relationship with Zhao Fu.

"Wait!" The two women suddenly remembered what Zhao Fu had said to them before, that he had come to awaken the Demon Race's Emperor Star. Back then, they had not believed him and thought that this was impossible. However, Zhao Fu already had four Emperor Stars, so what he said was definitely true.


A massive explosion sounded out as boundless demonic qi gathered in the sky, causing the Demon Domains' demonic qi to start to go crazy with joy, as their master was about to descend.

The countless higher-beings present all stared at the sky in shock. They were all from the Demon Race, so they could clearly sense their bloodlines trembling in excitement and fear towards the thing in the sky.

The countless creatures controlled by the Evil Spirit Abyss Flowers all knelt on the ground simultaneously as if they were worshipping their ruler.

A terrifying power gradually descended from the sky, twisting space itself. Boundless demonic light spread out form the sky, covering the heavens and earth, and all the light in the world seemed to be devoured by darkness.

A massive black star giving off heaven-toppling demonic flames appeared, giving off terrifying ripples.

Under the ripples, the heavens and earth continuously collapsed as large cracks appeared in the sky. Countless traces of chaotic aura flowed through, and the ground caved in. The area under the star was affected the greatest and a one million meter wide crater appeared.

The trees, mountains, rivers, beasts, and people there had all disappeared and turned into ash.

The black star continued to descend, and the immense might weighed like a massive boulder on everyone, making it difficult for them to even breathe. The higher-beings' expressions were all grim as they continuously retreated.

In the end, the Demon Star hovered in the sky after completing its descent. It gave off boundless black light, shaking the entire world.

The countless people present looked incredibly shocked as they gazed at the black star in the sky. This was the Demon Race's Demon Lord Star, which was their race's supreme Emperor Star. It had actually been awakened by that person.

Within the historical remnant, Zhao Fu's body was covered by black starlight and the Demon Star's power continuously entered Zhao Fu's body, raising his power and changing his constitution.

The Demon Lord Star's descent naturally caused massive waves in the Demon Domain, and the entire Demon Domain looked incredibly shocked as they stared at the five resplendent stars giving off different-colored lights.

The factions that had wanted to stop the Evil Flower Bewitching World did not think that such a thing would happen. Before they could stop the Evil Flower Bewitching World, the Demon Race's supreme Emperor Star had descended, accompanied by four other Emperor Stars.

The other factions did not know what had happened, but after seeing the five Emperor Stars, they knew that something big had happened, so they quickly gathered in that direction.

Now, the entire Heaven Domain had descended into chaos; just who was the person who had awakened five Emperor Stars? He already had the supreme Emperor Stars of three races, and now he had actually awakened the Demon Race's supreme Emperor Star. Now, he had the supreme Emperor Stars of four of the Heaven Awaken World's major races.

The awakening of each Emperor Star required large amounts of Fate, an incredibly pure bloodline, and extraordinary talent.

Awakening a single Emperor Star was already incredibly difficult, and only very few people in the Heaven Awaken World had been able to awaken them. However, this person actually had five Emperor Stars and four of them were from different races.

Back then, Zhao Fu had always been awakening Emperor Stars at the boundary of the Heaven Awaken World, so no one knew where he was. This time, he dared to awaken one in the Demon Domain, and countless higher-beings clearly sensed the ripples.

Boom! Boom! Boom...

Powerful rays of light bringing with them terrifying auras tore through the sky and disappeared, leaving behind massive streams of air. The biggest gathering of higher-beings in history was about to happen.