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 However, they soon found that things were not good because Di Moji's appearance had greatly changed. She had blood-red hair and blood-red eyes, and her aura was similar to the Evil Spirit Abyss Flowers. Seeing this, their hearts sank and confirmed their worst fears - their big miss had become an Evil Flower Emissary.

Di Jiang looked furious and wanted to bring people to cut apart the 12 Evil Spirit Abyss Flowers, but Di Moji quickly stopped him and pleaded, saying, "Father, can you stop the other higher-beings from attacking the Evil Spirit Abyss Flowers?"

Hearing this, Di Jiang felt quite confused and did not understand why his daughter was asking him to help the Evil Spirit Abyss Flower Ancestor's legatee. His daughter definitely would not have wanted to become an Evil Flower Emissary, and she had definitely been forced.

However, why was his daughter now trying to help that person? Thinking about that, Di Jiang remembered something - if that legatee died, his daughter would die as well.

Di Jiang said seriously, "Don't worry, daughter; your father will do everything he can to get rid of your identity as an Evil Flower Emissary. Your father will definitely destroy that person to sate your hatred."

Di Moji hurriedly explained, saying, "Father, that's not what I mean; I just want you to stop the other higher-beings from attacking the Evil Spirit Abyss Flowers. Also, I've already acknowledged that person to be my husband. He's your son-in-law, so you can't let anything happen to him."

Di Jiang felt quite surprised and had never thought that his daughter would acknowledge that person and beg him to save that person.

However, given that the Evil Spirit Abyss Flower had the power to control one's thoughts, Di Jiang wondered if Di Moji was being controlled, which was why she said those things.

Moreover, Di Jiang could not agree to such a request. After all, there were 300 or so higher-beings present, so even if he wanted to do anything, it would not be possible.

Di Jiang said angrily, "Daughter, I know you've been controlled, but I'll do all I can to save you. The rest of you, keep the big miss under control and don't let her escape. We'll figure something out after I kill that bastard."

Di Moji felt quite frustrated and had never thought that things would turn out like this. A few higher-beings came to subdue her, and because Di Moji naturally was not a match for them, she could only threaten them with her own life.

Di Jiang's hatred towards Zhao Fu reached its peak and wanted to kill him for controlling his daughter like this.

However, Di Moji started to explain everything, causing Di Jiang to gradually become less angry until he was calm again.

"Are you sure you want to become his woman? A bastard like him is not good enough for you," Di Jiang asked as he looked at Di Moji seriously.

Firstly, that bastard had taken advantage of his daughter's circumstances to force himself on her, and he was so dissolute as well, having so many women by his side. How could he accept a bastard like that as her father?

Di Moji nodded earnestly, expressing that she was willing to become his woman.

Di Jiang looked at the higher-beings attacking the Evil Spirit Abyss Flowers seriously. He was unable to stop them, but he would see if he could save that bastard later. However, that would be incredibly difficult.

"Mother, can you save my husband?" Yuan Ziyuan hugged a beautiful woman as she looked at her with eyes filled with hope.

Her faction was weaker than the Demon Emperor Sect and her mother had only brought two higher-beings, so they naturally could not stop the others from destroying the Evil Spirit Abyss Flowers. They could only see if they could save Zhao Fu and preserve his life.

The beautiful woman felt quite troubled; saving someone from a few hundred higher-beings was incredibly dangerous. She could not understand why her daughter wanted to help a bastard like that.

Even though he was the Evil Spirit Abyss Flower Ancestor's legatee and had great power, she did not like people like this. After all, he attracted too much hostility and was not dedicated to her daughter, so she was not very happy about this matter.

However, facing her daughter's plea, she could only agree to try. At the same time, she decided to see if she could get rid of her identity as an Evil Flower Emissary.

In the distance, the cute-looking young girl watched as the Evil Spirit Abyss Flowers were being attacked, pouted unhappily, and said to the silver-haired elder, "Grandpa, the Evil Spirit Abyss Flowers are about to be destroyed and the Evil Flower Bewitching World is going to be stopped!"

The silver-haired elder did not reply to the young girl's words and stared at the massive black orb. The chill in his heart became stronger and stronger as his hairs stood on end, and his heart beat incredibly quickly.

On the altar, Zhao Fu was seized with immense pain and his expression became quite terrifying. Wounds appeared on his body as blood flowed out and gathered towards the black crystal ball in the air.

The black crystal ball absorbed Zhao Fu's blood and gave off intense demonic light as it started to quickly spin in the air.


A massive explosion sounded out as the enormous black sun in the outside world gave off an even more intense black light and burst forth with a heaven-toppling aura that swept out.

This caused the countless higher-beings attacking the Evil Spirit Abyss Flowers to look incredibly shocked, and they looked up at the enormous black sun.

The black sun was giving off a ferocious aura as it continuously rose higher and higher before it gradually disappeared, and no one knew what was going on.

Suddenly, Heaven and Earth Power once again madly gathered, causing the world to become chaotic. Clouds quickly gathered and swirled, and wild gales blew as the lighting dimmed and demonic qi gathered from all directions.

An extremely dangerous aura spread out from the sky as it filled the entire world.

Within the Demon Domain, countless people seemed to sense something and stopped what they were doing as they came outside and looked in the direction that Zhao Fu was in.

Countless higher-beings' expressions fell and they hurriedly retreated, wanting to leave this range. No one had expected more abnormal signs to appear, and they were even more intense than the Evil Flower Bewitching World.

The young girl looked quite shocked; now, she understood what her grandpa meant. She had never thought that it would be so terrifying, and she felt as if she had fallen into icy water as her body started to tremble.


The heavens and earth seemed to explode as an immense might blasted down. The higher-beings attacking the Evil Spirit Abyss Flowers all received a backlash from the heavens and earth and coughed up large mouthfuls of blood.

Boundless blood-red light spread out from the sky, and an aura of chaos swept out like floodwaters. A massive blood-red star giving off a terrifying aura gradually descended.


An explosion once again sounded out as boundless golden light tore across the sky, and an aura that made the heavens and earth submit spread out, causing the entire world to tremble. A massive golden star containing an extremely terrifying might then descended.