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 Many people were displeased that the city gates were suddenly being closed because some of them had wanted to go out to hunt to earn some money, while others wanted to come in to sell the things that they had found outside.

Even though there were not many player factions in Heavenstone City, there was still a considerable number of players in the city. Moreover, it was not only the players, but also the indigenous residents who were inconvenienced by the sudden order to close the city gates, so many operations stopped as a result.

The city gates closed quite suddenly and without any warning, so there were many people standing on either side of the city gates who looked incredibly displeased and were yelling for the city gates to be opened.

The city guards coldly harrumphed - they had received an order to not let anyone in or out at any cost, so they loudly replied, "The city gates will remain shut! Anyone who tries to get in or out will die!"

Those words were filled with killing intent, causing countless people to retreat. Even though they were incredibly displeased, their lives were more important than whatever business they had.

At the same time, they were quite confused - what had happened in Heavenstone City for them to suddenly close the city gates? It was the first time that this had happened.

The many people standing around the city gates retreated, and the city guards pushed the 10 meter or so tall large gates, which were made from Silver grade material, until they were almost closed.

Hiding within the crowd, Zhao Fu knew that if he did not act soon, he would lose his opportunity. He circulated his King's Power, and a large amount of the black King's Power streamed out from Zhao Fu, dispersing around him like fog.

Clang!Zhao Fu drew the Sky Demon Sword and raised it high into the air, instilling it with his King's Power.

Feeling Zhao Fu's power, the Sky Demon sleeping within the sword suddenly opened its cold, blood-red eyes. Large amounts of Sky Demon Qi streamed out from the sword, and as the Sky Demon Sword gave off a demonic gleam, Zhao Fu yelled, "Sky Demon Slash!"


An explosion sounded out as Zhao Fu slashed downwards with the sword, and a demonic howl seemed to roar out. The air seemed to be cleaved in half as a massive black sword light flew out.

The 10 or so city guards closing the gates and the 20 or so city guards standing by were all hit by the sword light without being given a chance to even defend themselves. The terrifying sword light seemed to devour their bodies, and after it passed through them, the ground became dyed with blood, and countless broken corpses lay on the ground. The pungent smell of blood and guts started to fill the air.

At the same time, a 20-meter long gash appeared on the ground, and traces of demonic qi floated up from it.

These sudden changes shocked all of the people around Zhao Fu, and they all looked at the black-cloaked figure in front of them, who seemed like a demon god.

As everyone stared in shock, Zhao Fu's body blurred and shot towards the city gates like a black ray of light, and soon, he was about to rush out.

Suddenly, a powerful body jumped down from 10 or so meters above and blocked off Zhao Fu's path. It was a General Guard, and his cultivation was above Stage 2.

"Piss off!" Zhao Fu yelled coldly and swept out with his sword, and the Sky Demon Sword, filled with killing intent, slashed towards the General Guard.

This strike was ferocious to the extreme, and the General Guard immediately used his large saber to parry Zhao Fu's attack; however, he had underestimated Zhao Fu.


The General Guard felt like a massive beast had slammed into him, and he slid back by 10 or so meters before steadying himself. He stared at Zhao Fu in shock, while Zhao Fu ignored him and rushed out of the city gates.

Swish, swish, swish...

Just as Zhao Fu stepped outside of the city gates, the city guards on top of the city walls continuously released arrows at him, forming a rain of arrows. They tore through the air, giving off an incredibly sharp aura.

Luckily, there were only 4,000 city guards on each side of the city walls, and most were within the city. Only 1,000 of them were Archers, and Zhao Fu quickly dodged around while also using his King's Domain to form a protective shield behind him.

Soon, Zhao Fu escaped from the rain of arrows, and the other city guards could only quickly come down from the city walls. They were not as strong as the General Guard, but they could still jump down 10 meters without any issues.

At this moment, the General Guard caught up with Zhao Fu and slashed his large saber towards him. A cold light flashed in Zhao Fu's eyes, and he pointed the Sky Demon Sword at the General Guard, unleashing 'Sky Demon's Feast.' A massive demon's image flew out from within the sword and spread its wings as it flew towards the General Guard.

Seeing this, the General Guard was quite shocked and quickly used a defensive skill. While he held his large saber in front of him, a blue crescent moon appeared before him, covering his body.

The Sky Demon's image flew past the General Guard's body in an instant, and the blue crescent moon rippled with a powerful blue light. The Sky Demon's image was unable to devour any fleshly essence before disappearing. After this, the blue crescent moon also slowly disappeared.

Suddenly, the General Guard coughed up a mouthful of blood and half-kneeled on the ground, looking quite injured. It seemed that even though the Sky Demon's image was unable to devour any of his fleshly essence, it had still been able to injure him.

Zhao Fu did not continue to attack, and he instead continued to run. He only had a single goal, which was to stay alive.

The General Guard reluctantly watched Zhao Fu run further and further away. Everything that had just happened seemed to have taken a long time, but it all happened in the blink of an eye. Before the other city guards had descended from the wall, the General Guard's eyes flashed as he yelled, "He's the S grade fugitive Li Wu. Anyone who can capture him, dead or alive, will be rewarded with 10,000 gold coins!"

"What? 10,000 gold coins?!"

Those inside and outside the city gates were given a big fright. Most of them had not yet been to the Quest Center and seen the quest for apprehending Zhao Fu, but that did not matter anymore - they were completely enthralled by those 10,000 gold coins.

10,000 gold coins were 1 billion copper coins, which were worth $10 billion in the real world. This shocking figure caused countless people's eyes to shine, and their expressions became savage. If they could kill Zhao Fu, they could have almost anything they wanted.

They knew how strong Zhao Fu was, but there were countless people outside the city gates who had been trying to get in. If they drowned him in this sea of people, it was possible to kill him. Whoever was lucky enough to kill him would have enough money for even his or her next life.

Hearing this, a countless number of people didn't hesitate at all as they rushed at Zhao Fu as if they were crazed. Zhao Fu's gaze became cold, his body erupting with killing intent as he looked at the people charging towards him. " _Since you lot want to die, I'll help you with that!_ "

Zhao Fu did not fear even Stage 1 city guards, much less these people who were at most Stage 0-5. He held the Sky Demon Sword as his body blurred and he rushed into the crowd.

The massacre... officially began!

Rays of black sword light shot out, and cries of pain followed continuously. It was as if Zhao Fu had rushed into a group of people who didn't even have the strength to truss up a chicken, and because of how crowded it was and his agility and nimbleness, no one was able to hit him.

Zhao Fu started to kill indiscriminately, and each of his strikes was extremely ferocious and would create 10 or so corpses. The ground was covered with blood and body parts, and the smell of blood was especially strong. Zhao Fu's black cloak had also been completely dyed red by blood.

"Hahahaha..." When Zhao Fu saw that the crowd of people was still rushing at him without fear, he laughed loudly. His laugh was cold and eerie, making those who heard it feel a chill within their hearts.