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 Within the Demon Emperor Sect, a few elders and a handsome young man stood on a platform as they looked at the blood-red sky seriously.

A chubby elder said, "Sect Master, the big miss went missing there; perhaps the matters are related. I'm worried that the big miss was captured by the legatee to become an Evil Flower Emissary. With the big miss' talent and beauty, she's definitely the most suitable woman in the Demon Domain."

A relatively skinny elder nodded, saying, "I feel that this is not just a coincidence. If the big miss has become an Evil Flower Emissary, we must get involved, or else the big miss will die with the legatee."

A middle-aged man in scholarly robes said, "The Evil Flower Bewitching World is such a big matter, and no matter the motive behind the situation, we have to go, take a look, and see if we can stop it. After all, this Evil Flower Bewitching World is of such a large scale and will definitely heavily wound the Demon Domain, and our forces might fall behind the other Domains. Perhaps this is a set-up by the Human Domain."

The handsome-looking young man standing at the very front was Di Moji's father, Di Jiang. As for why he looked so young, it was because he had broken through to becoming a higher-being and increased his lifespan, making him look younger.

Hearing the various elders' words, Di Jiang said seriously, "I will take six higher-beings from the Sect; you all need not worry."

Hearing this, the elders retreated to one side and did not say any more.

The blood-red sky covered over 10,000 worlds, and the dark and evil aura was something that made the Demon Race feel quite uncomfortable, especially because it was a demon-eating aura.

Countless people looked in that direction, which seemed to be covered with blood-red light. It was like a forbidden area filled with death, and terrifying auras continuously flooded out, causing Demons and demonic beasts to run for their lives.

Powerful rays of light tore through the sky, leaving behind faint traces and causing the heavens and earth to tremble. Countless people watched on in shock because each ray of light was left behind by a higher-being.

The massive ripples from the Evil Flower Bewitching World shook the entire Demon Domain, causing countless higher-beings to come. News quickly reached other Domains, and hearing this massive news, many people hurried to the Demon Domain.

This was especially so for a few large factions in the Human Domain. After all, they knew who the Evil Spirit Abyss Flower Ancestor's legatee was - that person was the person who they had been searching for this whole time, and they had never thought that he would run to the Demon Domain and cause such a ruckus.

The higher-being who had helped Zhao Fu, Feng Qianghua, as well as those who knew him or were connected to him, all looked shocked.

Now that things had reached such a level, they could not do anything. No matter how strong they or their factions were, they could not face the entire Demon Domain. They did not know what Zhao Fu would do this time.

Feng Qianghua gave a proud smile as she said, "As expected from a man chosen by This Young Empress. He did not disappoint at all."

She then looked at her mother and pleaded, saying, "Imperial Mother, let me try to save him. If I can, I'll lock him forever in the palace. Even if I can't do this, I'll at least bring his corpse back - he has a Divine Bloodline and no one else knows about this."

Feng Qianhuang felt quite helpless; this daughter of hers was simply determined to obtain that boy. As such, she could only nod, agree, and remind her, saying, "You must be careful; this matter is incredibly dangerous, so don't be too stubborn about it."

Feng Qianghua gave a happy smile and said, "I know! Don't worry, Imperial Mother, that man is just a precious little pet; I won't give up my life for him."

Hearing this, Feng Qianhuang felt much more at ease and nodded.

Di Moji, Yuan Ziyuan, Jue Tianling, and the other women looked at the abnormal signs in the sky and felt incredibly shocked. Luckily, they had listened to Zhao Fu's words and left early, or else they might have died.

Even though they had read about how terrifying the Evil Flower Bewitching World was from books, they had never seen it for themselves before. Now that they saw the heavens and earth perish, they could not help but feel terrified.

These were the abnormal signs caused by Zhao Fu, and in front of such terrifying power, none of the women dared to have any thoughts of resistance, and they completely acknowledged Zhao Fu.


The 12 Evil Spirit Abyss Flowers fully bloomed. Blood-red was the color of mature Evil Spirit Abyss Flowers, and as the Evil Flower Emissaries, the women felt a massive wave of power enter their bodies, and terrifying ripples spread out.

Blood-red marks appeared on their foreheads. The 12 marks were all different, and soon their heads became blood-red as their eyes also became blood-red, and they seemed to contain Evil Spirit Abyss Flowers.

Traces of soul energy floated out of their foreheads and shot towards the 12 Evil Spirit Abyss Flowers.

At that moment, countless higher-beings reached this place. Looking at the 12 massive Evil Spirit Abyss Flowers that reached the sky, they looked quite shocked.

If they could destroy these 12 Evil Spirit Abyss Flowers and find that legatee, they would be able to stop the Evil Flower Bewitching World. If they could not find the legatee, they would not be able to completely destroy these Evil Spirit Abyss Flowers, as the legatee was their main body.

The higher-beings exploded out with terrifying power, wanting to destroy the Evil Spirit Abyss Flowers. However, the traces of soul energy flowed into the Evil Spirit Abyss Flowers.

Boom! Boom! Boom...

The massive amount of demonic qi gathered from the Demon Domain flooded into the 12 Evil Spirit Abyss Flowers, sending out terrifying ripples.

This caused the higher-beings' expressions to fall. The Evil Spirit Abyss Flowers were gathering power from the entire Demon Domain and they could not attack them at all, as that would be a heaven-defying action. They would suffer a backlash from the entire Demon Domain's energy.

Facing these terrifying ripples, the countless higher-beings could only retreat and wait until the Evil Spirit Abyss Flowers officially activated the Evil Flower Bewitching World. Only when the power they were receiving from the Demon Domain decreased would they be able to act.

The 12 Evil Spirit Abyss Flowers had already fused with the 12 Evil Flower Emissaries' soul energy, and they seemed to come alive. They contained even greater lifeforce and continuously devoured the demonic qi, and an extremely dark and terrifying aura spread out from the top of the flowers.

Each of the flowers were millions of meters tall, and each petal had the picture of a demon woman dancing on it, and they seemed to contain a bewitching demonic energy.

Countless traces of terrifying demonic energy gathered at the center of the flowers, forming 12 enormous black orbs that were hundreds of thousands of meters wide. All of them gave off extreme darkness energy, and the space around them started to twist.

The higher-beings' expressions fell as their hairs stood on end. This was the power of the Evil Flower Bewitching World that had once caused a disaster in the Demon Domain. Seeing this, countless people felt incredibly shocked.