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 Zhao Fu silently lay on the altar with his eyes closed and large amounts of demonic qi flowed out of him. At that moment, Zhao Fu slowly opened his eyes, and his black, rose-like pupils gradually became blood-red.

The demonic qi coming out of Zhao Fu's body also became blood-red and disappeared as if it had been sucked away by something.

The 12 massive plants gave off a terrifying suction force, creating formless streams of air that devoured all energies in the heavens and earth.

The heavens and earth seemed to die as the sky became silent and cold, and the ground quickly became a gray-white color. Countless plants wilted and the countless people in hiding became white skeletons and died in silence. There was nothing left alive.

The 12 massive flowers absorbed all life force in the heavens and earth and went through massive changes. The enormous black flower buds gradually became blood-red before starting to bloom beautifully, and a fantasy-like demonic light spread out, accompanied by a bewitching fragrance.

As the 12 Evil Spirit Abyss Flowers bloomed, the sky also became blood-red, and this spread to the surrounding 10,000 worlds. The Evil Spirit Abyss Flowers' terrifying and evil auras swept through the world, and the entire Demon Domain's demonic qi gathered in this direction.

Within a grand academy, a few people who had been calmly smiling suddenly felt this terrifying aura and their expressions fell. They came outside and saw the sky turning blood-red, and their expressions became serious.

The place they were at was the renowned Nine Hell Demon College, a holy land within the Demon Domain. These people's auras were all incredibly shocking and were all higher-beings.

A cold and handsome-looking person looked quite grave as he said, "Is this the Evil Spirit Abyss Flower's power? Wasn't the Evil Spirit Abyss Flower Ancestor already sealed? How could this power appear again? Moreover, its aura is even more terrifying than that time."

A chubby person next to him said seriously, "This is not the Evil Spirit Abyss Flower Ancestor's aura but another person's aura - he's most likely the Evil Spirit Abyss Flower Ancestor's legatee. It has found such a good legatee to be able to cause even greater waves."

A beautiful middle-aged woman said somewhat worriedly, "Since this aura is so terrifying, I'm afraid that it has unleashed the Evil Flower Bewitching World and it is even more dangerous than the Evil Spirit Abyss Flower Ancestor. We should hurry and have a look, or else once he completes it, it will be another disaster for the Demon Domain."

A slim and handsome-looking young man lightly laughed as he said, "Mm, I'm also quite curious about what the Evil Spirit Abyss Flower's legatee is like. I feel that his aura is quite familiar, but I'm not sure who it is."

The cold and handsome-looking young man who had spoken first said in agreement, "I also want to seal him in Nine Hell Demon College and research him in order to see what kind of power the Evil Spirit Abyss Flower's demon-eating power is."

Everyone else nodded and turned into rays of light that shot over the horizon.

An icy-looking middle-aged man dressed in a demon dragon robe and giving off a powerful aura stood on top of a tall and luxurious building as he looked at the blood-red sky, and he sensed the evil aura, causing him to slightly frown.

He was the Emperor of the Ten Demon Empire, which was one of the top three factions in the Demon Domain.

A few Ministers stood behind him, and a middle-aged man with a goatee bowed as he said, "Your Majesty, after such a long time, the Evil Spirit Abyss Flower Ancestor's legatee has appeared. Perhaps this is to fulfill his promise from before, to turn the Ten Demon Empire into ashes."

A young man dressed in battle armor, giving off a valiant and extraordinary aura, said, "Your Majesty, this subordinate requests for all of the Empire's higher-beings to move out. We must kill the Evil Spirit Abyss Flower Ancestor's legatee and then go to the Human Domain's Emperor Path College to kill the Evil Spirit Abyss Flower Ancestor and get rid of any future problems."

A Minister dressed in scholarly robes suggested, "This Minister supports the General's suggestion. Back then, the Evil Spirit Abyss Flower Ancestor had great enmity with the Empire and swore an oath to take revenge. The Evil Spirit Abyss Flower Ancestor cannot be allowed to continue to exist."

A gloomy-looking elder lightly harrumphed, "Do you think His Majesty doesn't know how dangerous the Evil Spirit Abyss Flower Ancestor is? If it was possible to kill it, we would have killed it long ago. Also, do you really think the Human Domain's Emperor Path College is to be taken lightly?

"Now, this Evil Spirit Abyss Flower Ancestor's legatee has created even greater waves than the Evil Spirit Abyss Flower Ancestor and has most likely inherited all of the Evil Spirit Abyss Flower Ancestor's power. The Evil Spirit Abyss Flower Ancestor has become rubbish and there is no need to pay him much mind. We should be finding this legatee right now."

Hearing this, everyone else nodded in agreement.

The icy-looking middle-aged man said coldly, "Send out eight of the Empire's higher-beings to kill this legatee. However, try as much as possible to capture him alive. We will sacrifice his head to the late Emperor!"

"Yes, Your Majesty!" everyone replied seriously. Now that they were sending out eight higher-beings, it would be almost impossible for the Evil Spirit Abyss Flower Ancestor's legatee to escape.

Within a tall and simple-looking pavilion, a silver-haired elder dressed in a white robe looked at the blood-red sky and sighed as he said, "Another bloody storm is about to arrive in the Demon Domain; who knows how many people will die."

A cute-looking young girl next to him said in curiosity, "Surely not, grandpa! With the lesson from before, the various higher-beings won't just stand by and watch this time. There are many higher-beings heading over and five have gone from our faction. They should be able to suppress the Evil Flower Bewitching World."

The elder looked quite grave as he shook his head, "I feel that things are not as simple. For some reason, I feel quite anxious and even a bit of fear."

The young girl felt quite surprised as she said, "Surely not! Grandpa, even with so many higher-beings, can't they stop him?"

The elder nodded seriously, "Look at the blood-red color in the sky; it's even more terrifying than what the Evil Spirit Abyss Flower Ancestor unleashed. The Evil Spirit Abyss Flower Ancestor's true body was the first Evil Spirit Abyss Flower, and there's practically nothing that can surpass his power. There's something even more terrifying hidden in the blood-red sky."

Hearing this, the young girl closed her eyes and sent out her senses. However, her cultivation was too low and she could not sense anything, so she felt quite confused.

The elder did not pay any attention to the young girl and sensing the ripples in the sky, he said seriously, "This time I should go and personally take a look at what's happening."

Just as the elder was about to leave, the young girl hurriedly pulled him, saying, "Grandpa, take me as well!"

The elder felt quite frustrated and could only bring her with him.