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 The darkness soldiers unleashed different kinds of attacks. Some used arrows to shoot at the Evil Flower Demons while others shot out terrifying saber lights or stabbed out sharp spear lights, continuously attacking the Evil Flower Demons.

However, the Evil Flower Demons each gave off a formless Domain that ignored all of these attacks. All of the attacks that entered the Domains were devoured by the Domains, making it almost impossible to attack the Evil Flower Demons.


The defensive barrier was quickly destroyed and the Evil Flower Demons ferociously leapt up and devoured the darkness soldiers.

Countless pained cries sounded out as blood spurted everywhere and limbs flew about. The darkness soldiers continuously died. The ground had already been dyed red and the millions of soldiers were not enough to sate the hunger of the 11 Evil Flower Demons.

Soon, most of the millions of darkness soldiers had been eaten by the Evil Flower Demons, and only a small portion had run away.

Zhao Fu led the 11 Evil Flower Demons and continued onwards. Not too long later, they encountered another army. This army also had millions of soldiers and wore black armor, but what was different was that at the center there was a tall young man commanding them.

Zhao Fu once again ordered the 11 Evil Flower Demons to attack, and they ferociously leapt towards that army and ferociously attacked.

Zhao Fu set his eyes on the commander. Just like last time, the darkness army unleashed a defensive barrier to defend against the Evil Flower Demons' attacks.

The Evil Flower Demons leapt onto the defensive barrier and opened their mouths and sucked, devouring the defensive barrier's power. The defensive barrier became weaker and weaker, and it soon fell apart.

In that moment, the cross-shaped pupil in Zhao Fu's right eye quickly spun and chains shot out of the ground towards the commander.

The commander looked quite shocked and tried to run forwards on his black horse to avoid the countless chains shooting towards him. However, more and more chains shot out and the black horse was first tied up. He flew into the air, but after cutting apart a few chains, he too was bound up.

The chains binding the commander pulled and dragged him underground to the sealed region.

Zhao Fu also entered the sealed region and looked at the commander as he asked, "Are you willing to submit to me? Also, I want to know everything about this place."

The commander vigorously struggled and looked at Zhao Fu furiously but did not say anything, looking quite unyielding.

Zhao Fu frowned and once again asked, but the commander continued to ignore him, so Zhao Fu released countless arcs of lightning. However, the commander still showed no signs of giving in.

Seeing that there was no way to subdue him, Zhao Fu's expression was cold as he waved his hand and beheaded this commander. He then looked over his corpse and found a command medallion.

This command medallion seemed to be made out of jade and had a black flood dragon engraved on it, as well as some characters that Zhao Fu did not recognize, and it gave off a pure darkness aura.

Zhao Fu looked at this command medallion and found that it could control 1,000 darkness soldiers and he could also put them in the command medallion and summon them to fight.

He felt that the command medallion was not bad, but it could only control 1,000 darkness soldiers, which was not much. With Zhao Fu's strength, it was not of much use.

Zhao Fu came out from the sealed region and by now, the 11 Evil Flower Demons had finished eating all of the soldiers. The ground was covered with blood and torn limbs.

In the next two days, Zhao Fu led the Evil Flower Demons to go around devouring darkness soldiers, and they gradually reached the end of the third level.

In the past two days, the Evil Flower Demons had eaten countless darkness soldiers and Zhao Fu had obtained 50 or so darkness command medallions. Each of them could control 1,000 darkness soldiers and put them in the command medallion.

At the end of the third level, there were over 100 million soldiers, and with so many of them, Zhao Fu did not dare to have the Evil Flower Demons charge up. The army had a commander in chief, which was an imposing-looking middle-aged man.

Zhao Fu decided to use the Assassin Profession's skills that he had not used in a while and stealthily infiltrated the camp.

There were many tents here with soldiers standing guard, as well as groups of soldiers patrolling about. Zhao Fu could now hide within nothingness, and with the Assassin Sword's power, it was easy to get in, and he soon arrived at the commander in chief's tent.

The grunts of a man could be heard, and Zhao Fu felt quite surprised as he went in to have a look. Within the tent, the imposing-looking middle-aged man was ravaging a handsome-looking man. The imposing-looking middle-aged man looked incredibly happy while the handsome man's face was red and he loudly moaned in pleasure.

Zhao Fu could only silently hide nearby. The commander in chief was not weak at all and even though he felt quite speechless at what they were doing, in order to find a good opportunity to act, he could only wait by the side.

Suddenly, at the moment when the middle-aged man was enjoying himself the most, Zhao Fu slashed out, and the sharp sword light slashed towards the middle-aged man.

The middle-aged man's expression fell, but before he could react, his head was sliced off. The man under him cried out and started to run, but Zhao Fu shot forwards and pierced through his chest with his sword.

By now, the soldiers in the surroundings heard the commotion from within and hurried in. Zhao Fu immediately hid into nothingness and quickly escaped, but not before throwing down ten or so Destruction Crystals.

Boom! Boom! Boom...

Loud explosions sounded out as the destructive light swallowed everything and the ground continuously collapsed. The soldiers caught within the explosions were all blown into countless pieces.

The base was sent into chaos, and only then did Zhao Fu release the Evil Flower Demons. They opened their large mouths and madly devoured soldiers, causing the soldiers to flood into their mouths.

A few hours later, Zhao Fu finished dealing with the soldiers. More than half of them had been eaten by the Evil Flower Demons, and some had escaped. The scene was incredibly bloody and could cause anyone to vomit.

Zhao Fu disregarded the escaping soldiers and came to the stone stage. There was a rhombus-shaped black crystal which gave off a darkness godly spirit's aura.

Zhao Fu looked at its information and found that it was a Divinity, a pure Darkness Divinity, and it seemed quite strong.

Zhao Fu did not plan on devouring this Darkness Divinity and instead decided to bring it back to Great Qin to nurture a godly spirit. After all, he had already fused with a Divinity before, so devouring this Divinity would not do him much good, and he also wanted to continue to develop his godly spirit army.

After putting the Divinity away, Zhao Fu grinned and walked towards the fourth level.