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 This Evil Flower Spirit was not easy to deal with. It was far stronger than Zhao Fu and by now it had discovered Zhao Fu. It waved its hand and five black arcs of light ferociously slashed towards Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu immediately gathered countless traces of demonic qi in front of him, forming a massive ball of demonic qi that contained immense power.


The massive ball of demonic qi was destroyed by the five arcs of light, and the shockwave sent Zhao Fu flying back. He crashed onto the ground and a trace of blood leaked out of his mouth.

The Evil Flower Spirit stretched out both hands towards Zhao Fu and sharp spikes grew out of its palms and shot out with terrifying power.

Zhao Fu immediately reacted, summoning the 11 Evil Flower Demons. However, he did not have them attack, nor did he have them defend; instead, he fused all of them into himself.

The 11 Evil Flower Demons that were each 6,000 meters tall flooded into Zhao Fu's body, and a terrifying aura came out from within Zhao Fu's body.

Zhao Fu's black hair became crimson-red and his hands looked like claws. His fingernails became incredibly sharp and blood-red colored, and his lips became black. Fangs grew in his mouth and his pupils were replaced by black flowers. He gave off an evil and ferocious, as well as slightly bewitching, aura.

The countless spikes gave off terrifying power as they shot over. Zhao Fu stretched out a hand and an enormous black flower giving off demonic light bloomed beautifully.

The spikes were blocked by the black flower, and some landed next to Zhao Fu and gave off muffled bangs as the ground cracked; it was evident how powerful the spikes were.

After blocking this wave of attacks, Zhao Fu stretched out an arm and grabbed at the air, and countless black flower petals fell and gathered within Zhao Fu's hand, forming a sword made of flowers.


Zhao Fu gripped this flower sword and vigorously slashed, and a massive black sword light slashed out towards the enormous Evil Flower Spirit. It was extremely fast and before the Evil Flower Spirit could react, it was hit by Zhao Fu.

"Roar!!" A pained roar sounded out as the thing that Zhao Fu hit was the thing between its legs. Moreover, he had cut it off with a single strike and it fell to the ground and squirmed a few times. Blood spurted out from the wound, forming a waterfall of blood.

Zhao Fu took this opportunity to fly into the air and arrived in front of the Evil Flower Spirit. He ferociously slashed down at it. The sword light he sent out was incredibly ferocious and seemed to be able to tear apart mountains, and it sent the Evil Flower Spirit flying back.

"Roar!!" The Evil Flower Spirit crashed to the ground and a bloody gash appeared on its chest, from which blood continuously flowed out. The Evil Flower Spirit started to desperately attack Zhao Fu.

The black flower on its neck and its flower petals gave off an evil and dark power as they flew over incredibly quickly towards Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu continuously slashed with the flower sword, sending out arcs of light that destroyed the incoming petals. The destroyed flower petals fell like rain, creating a desolate but beautiful scene.

After blocking this wave of attacks, Zhao Fu charged up and the flower sword in his hand gave off an intense sword light as he vigorously stabbed towards the Evil Flower Spirit's heart.

The enormous black sword light gave off terrifying power as it shot out, seeming to be able to destroy everything. It slammed into the Evil Flower spirit's heart, causing it to split apart and for blood to fly everywhere.

The Evil Flower Spirit cried out and its body spasmed a few times before it died.

Zhao Fu gave a trace of a smile and dispelled the Evil Flower Demons' power. He waved his hand and countless traces of demonic qi flowed towards the Evil Flower Spirit's corpse and devoured its corpse and power.

The Evil Flower Spirit dropped three things. The first was an Evil Flower Pearl which was one meter wide and had powerful effects that could most likely affect even an Emperor Heaven Realm expert. Zhao Fu felt that it would be quite useful so he put it away.

The second item was a droplet-shaped, palm-sized seed with a demon woman's picture engraved on it. It was the Evil Flower Spirit King's seed and could be used to nurture Evil Flower Spirit Kings, which were like the Evil Flower Spirit that Zhao Fu had just fought.

However, thinking about a group of Evil Flower Spirits running around naked with their things hanging out in the open, Zhao Fu felt quite disgusted and did not want to nurture this kind of Evil Flower Spirit.

The third item was a red flower. It was 45 centimeters wide, looked like a camellia, and gave off a faint fragrance, and it seemed quite intoxicating.

This kind of flower was called a Woman Change Flower, and any man who wore it would transform into a woman, and they could transform back by taking off the flower. Zhao Fu felt that it was not of much use because he did not want to transform into a woman.

Zhao Fu put these three things away and headed to the stone stage. There was a wooden box there, and after opening it, he saw a pale-white, oval seed.

This was an Evil Spirit Abyss Flower seed, but Zhao Fu was not too surprised, as this region was filled with Evil Spirit Abyss Flowers. He then headed to the third level.

The third level was a battlefield and the sky was blood-red colored. An aura of killing covered the surroundings, and anyone who stood here would feel an icy feeling and a trace of terror in their hearts.

After Zhao Fu entered this place, a group of soldiers in black armor, holding black weapons and giving off a darkness aura, rushed towards Zhao Fu and attacked.

There were millions of soldiers and all of them had at least Stage 6 or Stage 7 strength, and they were already in formation as they attacked Zhao Fu.

Swish, swish, swish...

Arrows containing immense power tore through the air and caused the air to explode as they flew towards Zhao Fu like a torrential downpour.

Zhao Fu did not let down his guard and immediately summoned the 11 Evil Flower Demons to defend in front of him and unleash a formless energy barrier, blocking those countless arrows.

"Roar! Roar! Roar..." The 11 Evil Flower Demons gave off massive roars as they looked quite savage and gave off powerful auras as they charged towards the incoming soldiers.

Hundreds of thousands of darkness soldiers released their power and traces of darkness aura rose up from their bodies and gathered above their heads, forming a massive barrier that gave off an extremely sturdy aura.

The 6,000 meter tall Evil Flower Demons also gave off terrifying auras as they slammed into the defensive barrier. What was surprising was that this defensive barrier could negate the Evil Flower Demons' ability to turn illusory, or else they could have passed through and attacked instead of slamming against it.

However, the 11 Evil Flower Demons still had a large advantage. They leapt onto the defensive barrier and opened their mouths as they madly bit at the defensive barrier, quickly weakening it and causing it to become thinner and thinner. Soon, they would be able to break through.