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 Zhao Fu brought the 11 Evil Flower Demons to the entrance to the next level. The demon snake had been responsible for defending this place, and now that it had been killed, there was no other danger here.

There was a stone stage here that was nine meters wide and eight meters tall, on which there was a rhombus-shaped black crystal that gave off a faint demonic light; it seemed to be a demonic soul.

Zhao Fu looked at it and felt quite delighted because this black crystal was an Ancient Demon Crystal which contained powerful Ancient Demon's Power, and it could summon a large number of Ancient Demons.

Zhao Fu planned to fuse this with Mo Qianmo's Ten Thousand Demon Pond. The Ten Thousand Demon Pond would possess Ancient Demon's Power and the Ancient Demon Bloodline. That way, they would be able to produce large numbers of Ancient Demons, which would be quite useful.

Zhao Fu laughed and put the crystal away, and he headed to the second level.

After arriving at the second level, Zhao Fu felt quite surprised because there were Evil Spirit Abyss Flowers all over the ground, like a black sea that looked quite beautiful. The flowers were about 15 centimeters tall and had pale-white stems and a few leaves. The flowers were like roses and each petal had a picture of a demon woman dancing on it, and they gave off a bewitching demonic power.

If ordinary people stepped into here, the Evil Spirit Abyss Flowers would grow teeth and madly attack them.

However, Zhao Fu had the power of the Evil Spirit Abyss Flower Ancestor so of course these Evil Spirit Abyss Flowers did not attack Zhao Fu, and they instead showed fear and submission.

If he absorbed so many Evil Spirit Abyss Flowers, his Evil Spirit Abyss Flower's power would rise to a new level.

Thinking about that, Zhao Fu released a large amount of demonic qi and his pupils disappeared and were replaced by black rose-like flowers. Zhao Fu's aura changed and became incredibly evil, dark, and devilish.

The demonic qi that came out from Zhao Fu's body spread out and covered the Evil Spirit Abyss Flowers, which started to quickly wither. Their lifeforce and energy were all absorbed by Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu could clearly sense his Evil Spirit Abyss Flower become stronger, and this energy was increasing his cultivation and constitution as well. Zhao Fu had a Divine Bloodline, so the increase was negligible.

Zhao Fu continued to advance, and more and more demonic qi came out of Zhao Fu's body and spread to the surroundings, causing Evil Spirit Abyss Flowers to wither and continuously strengthening Zhao Fu.

"Roar! Roar! Roar..." Many Evil Flower Spirits did not want to be devoured like this. Even though they feared the Evil Spirit Abyss Flower Ancestor's power coming from Zhao Fu, they still resisted and attacked Zhao Fu.

These Evil Flower Spirits were quite special and were all muscular men. They were three meters tall and had pale-white faces. Their hands and feet were like roots and they did not have heads, only black, rose-like flowers that gave off evil demonic qi.

What Zhao Fu could not accept was that these Evil Flower Spirits' genitals were exposed, and they were not small.

Facing these Evil Flower Spirits, Zhao Fu felt quite disgusted and he stretched out a hand. The surrounding demonic qi quickly gathered towards him and formed thousands of spears, each one about three meters long. Zhao Fu then vigorously pushed forwards with his hand.

Swish, swish, swish...

The demonic qi spears gave off ferocious power as they shot out, piercing through the Evil Flower Spirits' bodies. They roared and their bodies started to wither as their lifeforce and power seemed to be devoured by the spears.

After the spears devoured the Evil Flower Spirits, they turned back into demonic qi and continued to devour other Evil Spirit Abyss Flowers.

The Evil Flower Spirits were unwilling to give up and continued to charge towards Zhao Fu. Zhao Fu expressionlessly continued to control the surrounding demonic qi to turn into spears and kill the Evil Flower Spirits.

"Roar! Roar! Roar..." As Zhao Fu went deeper into the flower sea, even louder roars sounded out as ten meter tall Evil Flower Spirits giving off powerful auras charged towards Zhao Fu.

The demonic qi that Zhao Fu gave off now covered the surrounding 10,000 meters. As soon as the Evil Flower Spirits charged into the demonic qi, their bodies gave off a faint demonic light which caused the devouring effect of the demonic qi to be greatly reduced. They were very fast, and they almost reached Zhao Fu in the blink of an eye.

Zhao Fu once again stretched out his hand towards the incoming Evil Flower Spirits and grabbed, and the surrounding demonic qi formed large hands that grabbed the Evil Flower Spirits.

Zhao Fu then clenched his hand, and the demonic qi hands also tightened, causing the Evil Flower Spirits to give off pained cries. Their bodies withered as their lifeforce was devoured by the demonic qi hands.

Some of the Evil Flower Spirits gave off cries that seemed like they were pleading for mercy, but Zhao Fu ignored them as he wanted to devour them.

In the end, the Evil Flower Spirits turned into terrifying withered corpses, looking quite horrifying, and the demonic qi hands turned back into demonic qi and moved towards the countless ordinary Evil Spirit Abyss Flowers.

After killing these ten meter tall Evil Flower Spirits, black pearls fell form their corpses. They were as big as lychees and looked like little balls of meat.

Zhao Fu examined them and found that they were Evil Flower Pearls which had many effects. They could control people and also had aphrodisiac effects. They could also be used as poison or to create illusions.

Zhao Fu was not very interested in these pearls, so he only collected a few before heading onwards.

More and more demonic qi flowed out of Zhao Fu's body and the area that the demonic qi covered grew larger and larger as Zhao Fu's Evil Spirit Abyss Flower's strength grew more and more.

"Roar!!" The ground trembled as an Evil Flower Spirit that was hundreds of meters tall sensed immense danger, dug up out of the ground, and gave a massive roar as it charged towards Zhao Fu, who was giving off terrifying demonic qi.

Zhao Fu disdainfully laughed and grabbed out with his hand. The demonic qi around him condensed into a massive sword that was over 100 meters long.


Facing the incoming Evil Flower Spirit, Zhao Fu vigorously slashed out with the sword, causing the demonic qi sword to bring with it an immense sword wind as it slashed the Evil Flower Spirit flying back hundreds of meters. The Evil Flower Spirit crashed to the ground and a large wound appeared on its chest as it instantly died.

Zhao Fu grabbed at the air and countless traces of demonic qi flowed towards the Evil Flower Spirit, covering its entire body and devouring its corpse.

Afterwards, Zhao Fu did not continue onwards and instead continued to release demonic qi to devour the Evil Spirit Abyss Flowers and Evil Flower Spirits. Only when he finished devouring them did he continue on to the inner regions.

He had killed many Evil Flower Spirits that were hundreds of meters tall, and he finally reached the end of the second level. There was a 10,000 meter tall Evil Flower Spirit here that gave off terrifying power.

What was most disgusting was that its thing was hundreds of meters long, and Zhao Fu simply could not bear to look at it.