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 Zhao Fu thought for a moment before taking out the command medallion, which immediately turned into a ray of light and shot into the mirror, fusing with it. A violet crescent appeared on the mirror. Zhao Fu tested it and found that it was now usable, and he smiled.

The four women on the bed looked quite shocked. They had never thought that Zhao Fu would be able to use this mirror that had been passed down in the Liu family for generations.

However, given that he had come for the mirror, it was only natural that he had a way to deal with it.

Zhao Fu got up and put on his clothes. Since the mirror was now usable, what followed next was to open the historical remnant. As for Mo Qinyue, Zhao Fu did not bother trying to investigate the matters concerning her.

"Sir, are you just going to leave after taking our bodies like this?" the valiant-looking third madam said with displeasure as she watched Zhao Fu prepare to leave.

The flirtatious-looking second madam felt quite shocked. This person had saved their lives, so them repaying him with their bodies was reasonable. If they were not careful and made Zhao Fu angry, they could all die here.

"Sir, our third sister is not very sensible; please don't mind her. It was our honor to serve sir, so how could we ask sir to take responsibility?"

Zhao Fu lightly smiled as he said, "I'll take the four of you with me and I'll make arrangements for the others. I'll even leave some good things for the Liu family, so don't worry."

The gentle-looking fourth madam gave a happy smile and said, "Thank you, sir!"

Zhao Fu lightly nodded and walked out. The other women had already killed all of the Liu family's attackers. With them acting on his behalf, Zhao Fu did not have to do anything himself anymore.

Only one person could enter this historical remnant, so the women could only stay here and wait for Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu made some simple preparations. Now that he had gathered the twelve Evil Flower Emissaries, he only lacked two Evil Flower Demons. If he could obtain powerful demonic items or creatures within the historical remnant, he might be able to create the final two Evil Flower Demons and awaken the Demon Star.

Zhao Fu told the women to leave first if they sensed anything off because he did not know what would happen.

Hearing that Zhao Fu really was going to awaken the Demon Race's Emperor Star, the women all looked at Zhao Fu with expressions of disbelief, as that seemed impossible. However, seeing how serious Zhao Fu seemed, they could only nod and agree.

Zhao Fu came to an empty space and took out the Void Mirror. He pointed it at the sky and sent energy into it, causing a colorful beam of light to shoot into the sky.


An explosion sounded out as the colorful beam of light slammed into the sky, causing ripples. A massive and simple door giving off a massive aura gradually appeared.

Zhao Fu sent some more energy into the mirror, causing it to tremble, and it shot out another ray of colorful light that hit the enormous door. A massive sound rang out as the stone door gradually opened, and an ancient demonic qi vigorously flowed out, causing the surrounding temperature to plummet.

Looking at the women around him, Zhao Fu told them not to worry and turned into a ray of light as he shot through the door.

After entering the historical remnant, Zhao Fu saw a black sun in the sky and countless traces of demonic qi in the surroundings. The lighting was quite dim and there were countless blood-red eyes all around him. They were terrifying demonic beasts, including pythons that were hundreds of meters long, bears that were as big as small mountains, and demons that stood hundreds of meters tall.

Seeing Zhao Fu appear, these demonic beasts roared and ferociously charged towards him.

Zhao Fu felt quite disdainful and he just happened to need large amounts of blood and flesh to create Evil Flower Demons, so he let out the ten Evil Flower Demons.

The ten 3,000 meter tall Evil Flower Demons gave off terrifying auras and excitedly leapt towards the demonic beasts and attacked them.

Zhao Fu stood in the air as he watched the ten Evil Flower Demons carry out their slaughter. Cries continuously sounded out as blood spurted everywhere, and countless limbs flew through the air. The large numbers of demonic creatures that charged up were all devoured by the ten Evil Flower Demons.

The demonic beasts were all easily digested by the Evil Flower Demons, which seemed to have a bottomless appetite. They could endlessly eat and would never be full.

"Sss!" a loud hiss sounded out as an immense stench of blood rushed over. A 10,000 meter long demon snake with five heads had appeared, and it opened its five enormous mouths and bit towards Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu immediately retreated. He could not use his Nation Armament in this place, and facing such a massive demonic beast, he could not attack it head-on.

Zhao Fu controlled the ten Evil Flower Demons to ferociously charge over and defend in front of him. The snake's mouths bit onto a few of the Evil Flower Demons, which revealed pained expressions before madly biting the demon snake back.

The other Evil Flower Demons also leapt onto the demon snake from different positions, their sharp teeth tearing into its body and ripping off large pieces of flesh.

The demon snake hissed in pain and writhed about with its massive body, wanting to toss the Evil Flower Demons off.

However, the Evil Flower Demons clung onto the demon snake and continuously bit at it, devouring its body.

In the end, the demon snake was eaten to death by the ten Evil Flower Demons, looking incredibly wretched. There were teeth marks everywhere on its body and it had died in extreme pain.

The ten Evil Flower Demons continued to eat the demon snake's corpse and Zhao Fu came to the area below the five heads and vigorously slashed. The area was slashed apart, and a fist-sized demon pearl with a little snake wrapped around it flew out. This was the powerful treasure that the demon snake had been creating, called a Demon Snake Pearl.

Zhao Fu grabbed the Demon Snake Pearl and fused it into him as he revealed an expression of pain, and demonic qi continuously flowed out of his body.

The demonic qi continuously flowed out and condensed, forming a terrifying monster.

This monster looked like that demon snake but each of the heads had a horn and the snake's mouths were filled with sharp teeth. There were also sharp, pale-white bone spikes on the snake's back, making it look extremely terrifying.

This was the eleventh Evil Flower Demon, and the Evil Spirit Abyss Flower's power reached its eleventh stage. The Evil Flower Demons' bodies could become 6,000 meters tall and Zhao Fu could control them within one world. Now, only one Evil Flower Demon remained before he could unlock the Evil Flower Bewitching World.