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 "Liu Zhangmen, you'd best hand over the Void Mirror or we'll destroy your Liu family. You're not a match for us anymore," a savage-looking gray-robed elder shouted at a scholarly-looking middle-aged man.

The middle-aged man looked quite hesitant, but seeing the dead people around him, he gritted his teeth and said, "I can give you the Void Mirror, but let these people go first."

The savage-looking elder thought about it before agreeing, and he had everyone else stop.

The middle-aged man, Liu Zhangmen, gathered the remaining people from the Liu family and said in pain, "Hurry up and leave, run as far as you can. The Liu family won't survive this time; I'll stay here and stall them."

"Father, we won't go! We're willing to live and die with the Liu family," a valiant-looking young man said in a loud voice. He was the Liu family's eldest son, Liu Ming.

Liu Zhangmen felt quite angry as he cursed, "Idiot! Do you want the Liu family to perish? What's the point of everyone dying here?"

A beautiful and virtuous-looking woman, the Liu family's head madam Zhang Qingli, said tearily, "We need to listen to your father and hurry and leave. We can rebuild the Liu family in the future."

"That's right! I don't want to die here for nothing; I haven't enjoyed myself yet," a drunken young man cried out in terror; he was the Liu family's second young master.

A slim and flirtatious-looking woman said sorrowfully, "We should listen to your father and the big madam; as long as we live, the Liu family will still have hope."

She was the Liu family's second madam and was called He Dimei, and she was hugging a scared little girl.

"Mm, as long as we stay alive, we'll have more chances in the future. When that time comes, it won't be too late to take revenge. It's better than dying for nothing here," a valiant-looking woman said; she was the Liu family's third madam, Xi Yali.

There was also a gentle-looking woman who continuously wept and held a baby boy. She did not say anything, and she was the Liu family's fourth madam, Luo Ali.

There were some other people, bodyguards, and servants gathered around them. They all looked quite fearful and some of them were covered in blood. They waited for the Liu family to make their decision, but they naturally did not want to die.

"I'm letting you all leave so you'd best be quick, or else you'll all die here," the savage-looking elder called out in annoyance.

Liu Zhangmen had everyone else run away while he stayed behind by himself.

The savage-looking was worried that someone might have taken the Void Mirror away, so he said, "Take out the Void Mirror for me to see."

Liu Zhangmen understood what the savage-looking elder was thinking, and he took out a beautiful mirror made of crystal. It was 15 centimeters long and there were cloud inscriptions carved around it. The mirror was incredibly smooth and looked quite simple, and it contained a void aura.

The savage-looking elder gave a pleased smile and stretched out his hand as he said, "Then give me the mirror now."

Liu Zhangmen refused, saying, "The Liu family's people haven't gone very far yet; I can't give it to you yet."

The savage-looking elder looked quite disdainful and looked at one of his underlings. That underling shot out and stabbed his dagger into Liu Zhangmen's heart, and Liu Zhangmen died with a shocked expression on his face.

From the start, the savage-looking elder had never planned to spare the Liu family. He immediately ordered people to give chase and kill the rest of the Liu family.

Those people soon surrounded the Liu family's people. After hearing that Liu Zhangmen had died, the Liu family's people looked furious and hateful.

However, the Liu family evidently was not a match for these people. As the two sides fought, the Liu family's people continuously died, and it looked like the Liu family was going to be destroyed.

At that moment, powerful auras descended. Zhao Fu had followed the command medallion to here and saw this scene.

Seeing these people and sensing their power, everyone present looked terrified and did not dare to move because the highest cultivation here was at the Saint Realm, while Zhao Fu's group had two Emperor Heaven Realm experts.

The virtuous-looking big madam Zhang Qingli pleaded, "Sirs, please save us; these evil people have come to destroy our Liu family."

Zhao Fu's gaze fell on the big madam's mature body and asked, "Do you know where Mo Qinyue is?"

Everyone from the Liu family did their best to think in order to live, but none of them knew anything, so they could only shake their heads.

Zhao Fu felt quite confused; the command medallion had led him here, but Mo Qinyue was not here. As such, he asked, "Have you seen a special mirror?"

Hearing this, the second young master cried out in delight, "Our family had a mirror, but in order to steal that mirror, these people came to destroy our Liu family. It's said that the mirror can open a massive treasure trove and was passed down from a long time ago."

Zhao Fu smiled and understood that they had found the mirror. He looked at the women and said softly, "Kill everyone except those from the Liu family!"

The women flew to the ground and started to slaughter the original attackers.

The Liu family's people let out sighs of relief. The savage-looking elder held the mirror and had wanted to come and watch the Liu family's people be destroyed, but seeing this scene, his expression fell and he immediately turned and ran. However, he was decapitated by Zhao Fu and died on the spot.

After the savage-looking elder died, the Liu family's people all looked incredibly happy; Liu Zhangmen had been avenged.

The second young master called out, "The mirror's on him!"

Hearing this, Zhao Fu took the savage-looking elder's spatial ring and obtained the mirror. He looked at it and confirmed that it was the Void Mirror he was looking for.

However, didn't he have to find Mo Qinyue to obtain this mirror? Zhao Fu felt quite confused and looked at the four women and smiled as he said, "Come with me, I have some things to ask you."

The four women did not know what Zhao Fu wanted, but under the threat of his power, they still obediently followed him into a room.

Soon, the eldest young master looked furious and gripped his fists as intense moans started to come out from the room.

The second young master sighed; since that powerful person had done it with his mother and the three other women, he most likely would not harm them, and they would be able to instead benefit from him.

After doing it, Zhao Fu looked at the big madam in his arms and asked, "Do you really not know about Mo Qinyue? Also, when was the mirror passed down?"

The big madam's face was red as she panted and replied, "Sir, we really don't know. The mirror was with the Liu family since a long, long time ago. We really don't know who Mo Qinyue is.

"It's said that the mirror is connected to some kind of treasure trove but the Liu family has been unable to use it, as it's said that the mirror requires something else to be used."