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 Even though he was furious, Zhao Fu knew that he couldn't stay here for long. He had already become a wanted criminal, so he would not be able to use Heavenstone City's teleportation channels. As such, all he could do was quickly walk towards the city gates.

However, he soon caught the attention of a 10-man patrol squad. Facing those 10 city guards, Zhao Fu's expression did not change as he quickly walked into an alleyway.

The city guards thought that Zhao Fu's cultivation was only Stage 1, so they were incredibly confident. A single Stage 1 city guard would be able to take him down, let alone 10 of them. As such, they did not notify anyone, and they followed Zhao Fu into the alleyway.

At that moment, Zhao Fu stopped walking and turned to look at the city guards, a cold smile appearing on his face.

"Li Wu! You're wanted in Heavenstone City, and you won't be able to escape. If you surrender now, we'll leave your corpse intact. Don't blame us - you can only blame yourself for offending the Young Master." the captain of the patrol squad said confidently and somewhat mockingly to Zhao Fu.

'Li Wu' was the name that Zhao Fu had used to purchase properties. He was cautious by nature, and because he knew how much power the government had in main cities, he never used his real name to purchase properties.

Hearing their words, Zhao Fu's gaze became incredibly cold. His people had treated the Young Lord courteously and had continuously made concessions, but they had been killed in the end. What's more, they had blamed Zhao Fu and his people. As such, Zhao Fu did not reply and immediately attacked - at this moment, he simply wanted to kill. Black traces of King's Power rose from his body, and he leaned forwards before kicking off the ground, leaping towards the city guards like an arrow shooting out of a bow.

"So fast!" The city guards were completely dumbfounded, and before they realized what was happening, Zhao Fu had appeared in front of them. He stretched out his fingers, forming a hand-knife as black light covered it.


Zhao Fu's hand-knife pierced through a city guard's chest, and blood flowed out of that city guard's mouth as a look of surprise appeared on his face. He had never thought that he would be killed so easily.

In the next second, Zhao Fu's body once again disappeared.

Bang! Bang!

Two heavy sounds rang out as two city guards flew away, smashing against the walls on either side of the alleyway. Their chests were completely caved in, and it seemed that they would not be able to live for long.

The remaining city guards were quite fearful and realized that they were actually the prey, not the hunters.

"Hurry and leave! Let's report this to the City Lord!"

When the captain saw that three city guards had died in an instant, he realized that they were unable to fight against Zhao Fu, so he immediately gave the order to retreat.

At the same time, the city guards were extremely confused - when had players become so powerful? Normally, they relied on their strength to look down on players, but now, it seemed that they had unexpectedly kicked an iron board.

They wanted to leave, but Zhao Fu was not willing to let them go. The fury in his heart exploded out, and he darted back and forth within the squad of city guards like a black shadow.


Zhao Fu's fist smashed into a city guard's chest, causing him to collapse as his body flew backwards.


Zhao Fu whirled around and slashed out with his hand, and a city guard's head flew off his neck, causing blood to spurt from his neck.

This was a completely one-sided massacre. Perhaps these city guards could act high and mighty in front of normal players with their Stage 1 cultivation, but with Zhao Fu's different powers and high-grade equipment, he had long since started to disregard Stage 1 city guards.

After Zhao Fu dashed around in the squad of city guards for a few moments, there was only one city guard left. The other city guards lay on the ground in all sorts of positions, looking extremely pitiful, and the alleyway was dyed red with blood.

This final city guard tightly gripped his sword with both hands, but his body was trembling. His eyes stared at Zhao Fu, and because he knew that he couldn't escape, he could only go all-out.

Zhao Fu disappeared before his eyes in an instant, and the city guard cried out in fear. He savagely slashed forwards with his sword, but the black blur easily dodged around it and appeared before him.

In that instant, a hand grabbed onto his head and lifted him up.


Without any hesitation, Zhao Fu simply tightened his grip and crushed the city guard's head. It exploded like a watermelon, causing blood and bits of brain to fly everywhere.

Zhao Fu continued to stand still, his hands covered with blood. It was the first time that Zhao Fu had felt killing to be so happy and carefree, and this started to change Zhao Fu's personality.

Of course, Zhao Fu knew that he could not stay here, so he quickly left towards the city gates.

Soon, a soldierly-looking middle-aged man brought a large group of city guards to the alleyway. When he saw the gory scene, he was incredibly infuriated.

The middle-aged man was called Yue Linping, and he was one of Heavenstone City's three Great Generals. He was in charge of all of the city guards in the city.

Before, he hadn't paid much mind to this matter, as it was just a hedonistic young master offending some weak players. In order to not make any trouble for Heavenstone City, it was necessary to get rid of the people who the Young Lord had offended.

Yue Linping had wanted to deal with this player like all of the other players in the past: by getting rid of him quickly and without too much fuss. However, he never would have thought that he would continuously receive messages that his city guards had been killed while he was within the city!

As such, he brought people and came here immediately. Only after seeing the scene did he find that the situation was not as simple as he had expected. His Stage 1 city guards had been massacred without being able to resist at all.

It seemed that the Young Lord had angered someone who could not be offended. The City Lord simply spoiled his son too much, and the Qian family's people were incredibly vile characters, stirring up the Young Lord each time. If this went on, Heavenstone City would be destroyed.

However, there was no turning back now. Yue Linping suppressed the flames of fury in his heart as he turned and said, "Immediately list Li Wu as an S level fugitive!"

The city guards beside him were quite surprised. They knew that S level fugitives were all powerful enemies who could threaten the existence of main cities, so they were quite shocked to hear that a weak player would be listed as an S level fugitive. They all asked in disbelief, "Sir, are you sure about this?"

Yue Linping nodded seriously and said, "For him to kill city guards so easily, his strength is not inferior to mine. Hurry and report this matter to the City Lord and give the order for the city gates to be closed - we can't afford to let him escape, or the consequences will be unimaginable!"

Hearing this order, some city guards went to report to the City Lord, while Yue Linping and the remaining city guards chased in the direction that Zhao Fu had left in.

By now, Zhao Fu had already reached the southern city gates of Heavenstone City. He stood in the midst of a large crowd, suppressing his aura to not stand out.

He was about 10 or so meters away from the city gates when the city guards standing at the city gate took out their sabers and said in a loud voice, "Close the city gates! No one is to enter or exit!"

This gave Zhao Fu a big shock. He was still in Heavenstone City, and if the city gates were closed, it was more likely than not that he would die. Putting aside the 100,000 Stage 1 city guards, just the City Lord alone would be enough to take him down. He had to quickly escape from here.