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 Zhao Fu felt quite startled and asked, "What is it?"

Di Moji replied, "I have a Cloudheaven Pearl in my spatial ring; all you need to do is bring it to the Demon Emperor Sect. You have to hurry; my little sister is in desperate need for it."

Zhao Fu immediately refused, "Wouldn't I be throwing myself into a trap? If I went to the Demon Emperor Sect, how would I make it back? I'm not that stupid."

Di Moji said somewhat angrily, "I'm not an evil person like you. If you don't want to go to the Demon Emperor Sect, you can give the Cloudheaven Pearl to a nearby Kingdom. I'll write a letter and have them deliver it to the Demon Emperor Sect; they won't dare to not do it."

Hearing this, Zhao Fu felt that this was reasonable. However, hearing Di Moji's tone, it seemed that the Demon Emperor Sect really was very powerful.

Zhao Fu could not help but ask, "What kind of faction is the Demon Emperor Sect? Is it really that strong?"

Di Moji coldly replied, "Of course! The Demon Emperor Sect ranks in the top ten factions in the Demon Domain. I suggest that you let me go; you'll obtain everything you want, and I won't pursue this matter."

Zhao Fu smiled; how could he give up meat that was delivered to his mouth? So what if the Demon Emperor Sect was a top ten faction in the Demon Domain? If they could not find him, they would not be able to threaten him.

Zhao Fu kissed Di Moji's cheek and smiled as he said, "Write the letter and I'll deliver it for you."

Di Moji felt quite angry and had never thought that Zhao Fu would still dare to act like this after knowing how terrifying her faction was.

However, he had luckily agreed to send the Cloudheaven Pearl. Di Moji took out a jade pendant; now that Zhao Fu had helped her recover some of her strength, she wrote in the air and inscribed characters into the jade pendant.

"Here!" Di Moji passed the jade pendant to Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu looked over the jade pendant and checked that there was nothing wrong with it before putting it away.

Di Moji felt quite displeased as she said, "I know you don't trust me, but I'm not an evildoer like you; I have my pride."

Zhao Fu smiled as he pressed her beneath him and prepared to do it with her.

Di Moji angrily struggled and said, "You still haven't done what I asked you to do; I won't give my body to you yet."

"Can't I have you first and then do it?" Zhao Fu asked dissatisfiedly.

"No!" Di Moji immediately refused.

Zhao Fu felt quite frustrated, but after thinking about it, he smiled and said, "Give me the thing then; I'll deliver it for you now."

Di Moji nodded with a cold expression. She took out a transparent pearl as big as an egg that was surrounded by mist. This was the Cloudheaven Pearl.

Zhao Fu could sense that the power that the Cloudhaven Pearl possessed surpassed the Emperor Heaven Realm; it was a very terrifying treasure. However, he did not think of taking it for himself because taking in Di Moji was more important.

Zhao Fu waved his hand and an Evil Flower Demon appeared beside him.

Zhao Fu gave the two items to it and had it deliver them to a nearby Kingdom. Zhao Fu could control the Evil Flower Demons within 10,000 regions, which made things quite easy for Zhao Fu.

"Alright, it will deliver those things to a nearby Kingdom," Zhao Fu said to Di Moji.

Hearing this, Di Moji lay on the ground and closed her eyes, looking like she was accepting her fate.

Zhao Fu smiled and started to do it with her, and moans soon started to sound out.

Di Moji began to madly respond to Zhao Fu and seemed quite lewd, and they went about it for a few hours before stopping.

"You baddie, so you were the legatee of the Evil Spirit Abyss Flower Ancestor. No wonder you wanted me and are so despicable," Di Moji said with a red face as she glared at Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu hugged her and smiled as he asked in surprise, "You know about this?"

Di Moji rolled her eyes and replied, "But of course. The Evil Spirit Abyss Flower Ancestor once caused a massive disaster in the Demon Domain, and the history books record how terrifying that power was. The Evil Spirit Abyss Flower Ancestor also liked to steal women and bully them just like you."

Zhao Fu gave a trace of an evil smile as he said, "I didn't do anything; it was you who was so active before."

Di Moji's face became bright red as she embarrassedly hit Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu laughed as he stopped her and said, "Alright, there are people waiting for me. Let's leave this place."

Di Moji nodded and put on a new dress.

Zhao Fu hugged her and flew off, feeling quite happy. Now, he had gathered twelve Evil Flower Emissaries, and he only required two more Evil Flower Demons to awaken the Demon Star.

After returning to the others, Yuan Ziyuan looked at the woman in Zhao Fu's embrace in shock, while Di Moji also looked at Yuan Ziyuan in surprise.

Seeing their expressions, Zhao Fu felt quite curious and asked, "Do you know each other?"

Yuan Ziyuan felt quite angry and glared at Zhao Fu as she said somewhat jealously, "Husband, you're quite capable. You brought back the number one beauty in the Demon Domain."

Hearing this, everyone felt quite shocked, and they had never thought that the woman in Zhao Fu's embrace was the Demon Domain's number one beauty. Those peerless looks made them feel completely inferior.

Zhao Fu lightly laughed; he had never expected Di Moji to be the Demon Domain's number one beauty. He could only tell that she was slightly more beautiful than Yuan Ziyuan and that her faction was very powerful.

Seeing Yuan Ziyuan, Di Moji understood why she was here and could roughly guess how Zhao Fu had obtained her. She lightly harrumphed and hit Zhao Fu a few times, feeling that he was too despicable.

She knew Yuan Ziyuan but was not very familiar with her. At the same time, she could sense some jealousy from Yuan Ziyuan and lightly smiled as she said, "Yuan Ziyuan, even though we're not very close, since we've both become this baddie's women, let's get along."

Yuan Ziyuan's expression softened; facing the Demon Domain's number one beauty, she felt a lot of pressure. Seeing that Di Moji was trying to befriend her, she naturally accepted.

Zhao Fu came up, brought Yuan Ziyuan into his embrace, and smiled as he said softly, "I won't neglect you, don't worry."

Yuan Ziyuan happily smiled and trusted Zhao Fu as she nodded.

Seeing Di Moji's red face, Mei Lingling said somewhat dissatisfiedly, "Husband, you can't just be having fun out by yourself and have us all wait for you. You need to compensate us."

Bai Han'Er agreed, "That's right, you said you won't neglect us."

Zhao Fu felt quite helpless, and after a few hours, the women's faces were all red and had pleased smiles, and they started to search for Mo Qinyue.

A day later, they followed the command medallion to a mountain village. There, they discovered an intense battle, and many people had died.