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 Lan Shui'Er shyly replied, "Erniang, he's our owner and we serve him together."

Long Erniang felt quite surprised and asked, "Isn't he just an Earth Realm cultivator? How did he take in the five of you? Why don't you resist him? Is he threatening you in any way?"

Chi Huo'Er said, "Of course not! Erniang, it's not like what you think; we willingly submitted to him. Moreover, he's our Dragon Race's Young Lord and has the Devil Race's supreme Emperor Star!"

Long Erniang looked quite shocked, "Is he really the Dragon Race's Young Lord? Why couldn't I tell? However, to be able to follow the Dragon Race's Young Lord with an Emperor Star, it will be a great opportunity for the five of you."

Long Hao'Er smiled as she said, "When it comes to such a good thing like this, how could we forget Erniang? We came to ask you to join us in serving the Young Lord."

Long Erniang looked quite delighted but hesitated, "Would the Young Lord like someone like me? I'm quite old now and can't compare to the five of you."

Long Hao'Er smiled as she said, "Don't worry Erniang, the Young Lord especially likes mature women like you."

After saying this, Long Hao'Er looked to the side and said, "Owner, you can come out now."

Hearing this, Zhao Fu walked out with a smile as he looked at Long Erniang.

Seeing Zhao Fu's handsome face and knowing that he was the Dragon Race's Young Lord, a blush appeared on Long Erniang's face. Her eyes became hazy and she gave off a mature charm.

Zhao Fu smiled as he went up and hugged Long Erniang's body. Long Erniang wrapped her arms around Zhao Fu's neck and said flirtatiously, "Young Lord, let me serve you!"

After an intense round, Long Erniang tightly hugged Zhao Fu and her eyes were teary as she said gratefully, "Thank you Young Lord for giving me your love! It's the first time I've experienced such pleasure."

Zhao Fu smiled and nodded.

Lying on Zhao Fu's other arm, Long Hao'Er laughed as she said, "Erniang, you can't leave the Young Lord now, right? In actuality, there's something the Young Lord wants your help with."

Long Erniang felt quite confused and asked, "What is it? I'll do my best to help the Young Lord with anything.'

Long Hao'Er explained the situation and Long Erniang felt hesitant as she said, "That's quite dangerous; Yuan'Er's identity is not simple at all, and she trusts me so much. I've always seen her like a daughter."

Bai Han'Er spoke, "Erniang, think about the Young Lord; he greatly needs Yuan Ziyuan. Also, the Young Lord is the Dragon Race's Young Lord and has an Emperor Star; he will protect you and won't harm Yuan Ziyuan either. Instead, he'll give her a good place to be, and that way you guys can be together."

Long Erniang thought about it and agreed, but she said, "Young Lord, you have to treat Yuan'Er well!"

Zhao Fu smiled and agreed.

Following this, Long Erniang called Yuan Ziyuan here. After drinking a cup of water, she fell unconscious. She had never thought that the wet nurse who she adored since she was young would act against her.

That cup of water naturally contained a type of very powerful drug called the Fainting Soul Powder. It was something that Long Hao'Er had collected and was incredibly powerful; even Emperor Heaven Realm experts could not resist it, which caused Zhao Fu's plan to be very successful.

Looking at the fainted Yuan Ziyuan, Zhao Fu took off Yuan Ziyuan's veil and looked at her peerlessly-beautiful face. She was suffocatingly beautiful and was even more beautiful than even Jue Tianling, and Zhao Fu's heartrate could not help but speed up.

Zhao Fu quickly suppressed his emotions and pressed his hand against Yuan Ziyuan's abdomen. A massive power was sent in, and a round, black pearl was forced out.

Seeing this black pearl, Zhao Fu became incredibly careful because this item was the thing that Yuan Ziyuan could use to summon higher-beings. If Yuan Ziyuan was in any danger, it would immediately sense it and automatically activate.

Zhao Fu had to seal this pearl, so he took out the Heaven-Sealing Sword and absorbed the pearl into it, using the Heaven-Sealing Sword's power to suppress the black pearl for now.

Afterwards, Zhao Fu let out a sigh of relief and gave a happy smile as he carried Yuan Ziyuan's body to a large bed, and soon indescribable sounds rang out.

In the process, Zhao Fu gradually dissipated the Fainting Soul Powder within Yuan Ziyuan's body and had her gradually wake up. Her power had already been sealed so there was nothing to be worried about, and soon she madly started to madly do it with Zhao Fu.

Afterwards, Yuan Ziyuan lay in Zhao Fu's embrace and did not say anything and had an incredibly cold expression.

Zhao Fu hugged her with one am and said gently, "I'll take responsibility for you and won't let you suffer."

Long Erniang lay on Zhao Fu's other side and said guiltily, "Yuan'Er, I'm sorry but the Young Lord likes you a lot and said that he greatly needs you. As someone from the Dragon Race, I can't refuse the Young Lord's request; I'll accept anything you want to do to me as atonement.

"Also, I see you as a daughter and want to keep you by my side; now, we can serve the Young Lord together. You have also become an Evil Flower Emissary and can't resist the Young Lord, so it's better to accept him, alright?"

Yuan Ziyuan coldly looked at Zhao Fu and said, "Speak! Just who are you and why do you have the Evil Spirit Abyss Flower Ancestor's legacy?"

Seeing how cold she was and how discourteously she spoke, Zhao Fu felt that he was in the wrong, and he smiled as he said, "Call me husband and I'll tell you."

Yuan Ziyuan looked quite angry and she pinched Zhao Fu a few times to relieve her anger before saying coldly, "Husband!"

Zhao Fu had never thought that she really would call him that, and he smiled as he explained how he had obtained the Evil Spirit Abyss Flower's power. He only said that he had accidentally entered a seal and did not go into too much detail.

Yuan Ziyuan dissatisfiedly harrumphed as she said, "That's it?"

Zhao Fu hugged Yuan Ziyuan as he smiled and said, "I'll tell you about it more in-depth."

Yuan Ziyuan's expression softened and she lightly hugged Zhao Fu as she said softly, "If you want to be my man, you have to be someone who can shake the world. You have the Devil Race's Emperor Star, so you barely qualify."

Zhao Fu could not help but laugh, and he understood that Yuan Ziyuan now acknowledged him. He said, "Yuan'Er, don't worry. One day the entire world will know my name. Moreover, I didn't come to the Demon Domain just to make the Evil Spirit Abyss Flower more powerful, but to awaken the Demon Race's supreme Emperor Star."

Yuan Ziyuan looked at Zhao Fu in disbelief as she said softly, "How can a person have two Emperor Stars? Moreover, you're from the Devil Race, so how can you awaken a Demon Star?"

Zhao Fu did not explain because he was that person who had shocked the Heaven Domain with four Emperor Stars. Now, he had come to awaken the Demon Star.