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 This tower was very big and there were massive pillars below it, and the ground was made of smooth marble. This was the third region for the most prestigious attendees, and there were many tables there. There were already many people gathered, and they all had powerful auras and extraordinary looks.

As Zhao Fu brought his group here, countless people looked over. They all knew what had just happened, and their expressions became somewhat serious.

The lively and bustling atmosphere quietened down as everyone looked at Zhao Fu without saying anything. Zhao Fu did not pay any attention to these people, and he found a place to sit down.

A while later, the atmosphere became lively again as various people started talking. Some people still glanced over to Zhao Fu now and then, while Zhao Fu ignored those gazes. He looked over the women present to see who would be suitable to become an Evil Flower Emissary.

Following this, some more top-tier figures arrived and the gazes that were concentrated on Zhao Fu were shifted over to them.

One of them was a cold had handsome young man who was the Prince from the most powerful Empire nearby. There was also a famous genius from the Demon Domain who was just as famous as Lou Yuye. There was also the legacy disciple of a top-tier Sect in the Demon Domain, who was also quite famous.

Zhao Fu was in quite an awkward situation because he was in the Demon Domain but others thought that he was from the Devil Race, and his strength was quite lacking compared to others.

There were a few people who wanted to get to know Zhao Fu, but he refused all of them. After all, Zhao Fu knew what his true identity was, and he did not want to get too close to them and expose himself.

Suddenly, a peerlessly beautiful woman with a tall and slim figure, light violet hair and wearing violet clothes walked in. She had a veil that obscured part of her face.

Everyone looked shocked; this woman was the seventh-ranked beauty in the Demon Domain, and was called Yuan Ziyuan. She was a one in one billion beauty and almost no one could compare to her, and she came from a top-tier faction in the Demon Domain.

Zhao Fu was greatly interested in her, and she was an Emperor Heaven Realm expert. She would be incredibly suitable to become an Evil Flower Emissary.

However, Zhao Fu did not dare to make a move against her. After all, she was the seventh-ranked beauty in the entire Demon Domain, and she came from a terrifying faction. She could definitely summon higher-beings just like Wu Five, who Zhao Fu had met in a historical remnant.

Making a move against her would definitely resolve in death, so Zhao Fu could only continue examining other women.

After Yuan Ziyuan entered, many people crowded around her, both men and women, laughing and talking.

After Zhao Fu saw Yuan Ziyuan, all of the other women paled in comparison. However, he did not dare to do anything to her, so he could only inwardly sigh.

After hearing that Zhao Fu had the Devil Race's supreme Emperor Star, Yuan Ziyuan looked at Zhao Fu and felt quite surprised, as Zhao Fu's cultivation was quite low and he dared to openly appear at the Demon Domain.

Seeing so many women around Zhao Fu, she understood that he was quite dissolute, which she did not like.

However, she thought about it and decided that it may be good to get to know him. After all, he was someone with the Devil Race's supreme Emperor Star and would definitely shake the Devil Domain. There was no harm in befriending him, as it might benefit her in the future.

"My name is Yuan Ziyuan and I come from the Deep Abyss Empire. Where does sir come from?" Yuan Ziyuan came up and smiled as she introduced herself.

Zhao Fu was somewhat surprised that Yuan Ziyuan would take the initiative to talk to him. However, he naturally could not tell the truth. "My name is Yao Ye and come from a small faction."

Hearing this, Yuan Ziyuan felt somewhat interested in Zhao Fu and continued talking with him. However, she was left disappointed, as Zhao Fu refused to answer anything.

This made Yuan Ziyuan feel quite puzzled; this person was most likely from a top-tier faction, so why did he not reveal anything? Moreover, even if he answered her questions, it would not be a big deal, and everyone present would try to curry favor with him. Could it be that his identity was quite complicated?

Seeing that Yuan Ziyuan start to become suspicious as to his identity, Zhao Fu became wary. If he did not make himself seem mysterious, he would be in a dangerous spot.

Yuan Ziyuan smiled as she continued to ask, "Since sir has the Devil Race's supreme Emperor Star, you must be an unparalleled genius in the Devil Domain, and I'm sure everyone in the Devil Domain knows about you. Why not tell us who you are so we can esteem you?"

Hearing Yuan Ziyuan say this, Zhao Fu replied somewhat discourteously, "You are one of the Demon Domain's top ten beauties, so why do you wear a veil? Are you afraid of showing your appearance? I'm lacking some female attendants, so you can be one of my female attendants."

Yuan Ziyuan felt somewhat angry and everyone else felt that Zhao Fu was quite arrogant, asking Yuan Ziyuan to become his female attendant. With Yuan Ziyuan's identity and beauty, that was simply impossible.

"Yuan'Er, you came as well!" A soft voice sounded out as a beautiful and voluptuous middle-aged woman with enormous breasts walked over as she smiled.

Seeing the woman, Yuan Ziyuan happily smiled, saying, "Wet nurse! I was just passing by and wanted to see you."

The voluptuous woman was called Long Erniang and was a demon dragon who had once been Yuan Ziyuan's wet nurse. She had lived with Yuan Ziyuan for a while, and because Yuan Ziyuan greatly liked Long Erniang since she was young, she would occasionally come to visit her.

Seeing Long Erniang appear, Long Hao'Er smiled and whispered into Zhao Fu's ear, "Husband, didn't you want to have Yuan Ziyuan? I have an idea."

Hearing this, Zhao Fu felt quite delighted and asked, "What is it?"

Long Hao'Er whispered her plan into Zhao Fu's ear, and afterwards, Zhao Fu and his group left the island.

Seeing Zhao Fu leave, everyone else did not hold back anymore. In actuality, they did not like Zhao Fu, as they thought that he was from the Devil Race and was too arrogant. Him leaving was good for everyone.

Following this, a few more major figures came to the Demon Sea Meeting, causing the atmosphere to become livelier.

After the meeting ended, Long Erniang returned to the palace in the depths of the Demon Sea. Long Hao'Er and the four other women were there waiting for her, and seeing her arrive, Long Hao'Er smiled and said, "Erniang, we've waited for you for so long; why did you only get back now?"

The five women were also demon dragons and lived in the Demon Sea, and they had a good relationship with Long Erniang and were often looked after by a senior like Long Erniang.

Seeing the five of them, Long Erniang happily smiled and replied, "The Meeting only just concluded; is there anything you all need? Before, I saw you with a man; what was with that?"