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 Hearing those words, the young man thought about it and suppressed his anger. Perhaps that woman's status was higher than his, and if he became enemies with her, he might be punished by the Empire.

Otherwise, the young man would have immediately given the order for that woman's limbs to be chopped off and for her to be tossed into the Demon Sea.

Seeing the platinum light, Zhao Fu was not too surprised because Jue Tianling was the head of the Evil Flower Emissaries and came from a faction that could rival an Empire. Not only did she have the greatest talent out of all the women, but she was also the most powerful.

Jue Tianling returned to Zhao Fu's side and he smiled as he brought her into his embrace. Jue Tianling wrapped her arms around Zhao Fu and nestled against him.

This caused everyone else to feel quite confused; they had never thought that such a talented woman who most likely had a terrifying background would be so affectionate with a man who had 20 or so other women. That woman was just one of them.

Just who was that man, for such a woman to fall for him? Moreover, were the other women just as terrifying?

The dragon-robed young man's expression became quite unsightly. He had thought that perhaps that woman's status was higher than his, but seeing her affectionately rest in that man's embrace, all of his anger was now directed to Zhao Fu, and he now felt some killing intent.

The ferocious-looking big man could only once again warn the young man. If a woman of such quality was willing to submit to that man and serve him with other women, that could only mean that the man was more terrifying than he seemed.

Moreover, the other women all had powerful auras as well, which meant they were all experts. If a fight broke out, the young man would definitely lose.

Everyone else also stared at Zhao Fu and wondered just who he was, for him to have so many powerful women as female attendants. Moreover, one of them had greater talent than a Prince.

"Interesting!" A light laugh sounded out as everyone heard someone call out. They looked over and saw a young man in elegant clothing appear.

The crowd was sent into an uproar as countless people cried out and excitedly looked at the young man.

This young man was called Lou Yuye and was an Emperor Heaven Realm expert. He came from the Nine Hell Demon College and was ranked sixth on the Heaven Rankings. He came from a powerful Empire and was a genius whose name resounded throughout the entire Demon Domain. No one thought that he would also come to participate in the Demon Sea Meeting.

Lou Yuye's bright eyes fell on Zhao Fu and he asked, "Who are you?"

Zhao Fu's gaze became quite serious but he was not afraid, as he was not as defenseless in front of Emperor Heaven Realm experts like before. Zhao Fu calmly replied, "No comment."

Those words caused everyone to feel quite surprised; they had never thought that Zhao Fu would dare to speak to Lou Yuye like this. Zhao Fu was just an Earth Realm cultivator and the difference between their cultivations was immense. They all felt that he was arrogant and seeking death.


However, no one knew just who this person was; perhaps he had a terrifying identity, which allowed him to act like this.

The dragon-robed young man nervously gulped. Even he did not dare to talk to Lou Yuye like that. Even though they were both Princes, they were on completely different levels.

Seeing that Zhao Fu did not give him face at all, Lou Yuye felt slightly angry. His status in the Heaven Domain was already at the apex, so he did not care who anyone else was. At most, they were equals with him, and there was no one who surpassed him.


An Emperor Heaven Realm power surged out as Lou Yuye stepped out, causing a massive storm that blasted off the cloaks of Zhao Fu and his group.

Seeing Zhao Fu and the women's appearances, everyone cried out because they were simply too good-looking.

Not only was Zhao Fu indescribably handsome, all of the women with him were suffocatingly beautiful. The woman who had gone up to the dragon pillar was a nation-toppling beauty, and no one could compare to her.

"So beautiful! How can such a beautiful woman exist?"


"That man is also so handsome, I feel like I'm falling for him."

"Ahhh... I feel like I'm going crazy; these people look way too good. If I was as pretty as them, I would do anything."

Lou Yuye was quite surprised as he looked at Zhao Fu and the women with him. He had never thought that they would be so beautiful, and looking at Jue Tianling, he felt his heartrate speed up a bit.


A terrifying might spread out as a bronze aura flame burst forth around Zhao Fu's body, creating large gales and causing everyone in the surroundings to retreat.

Zhao Fu was somewhat angry as he looked at Lou Yuye. Sensing Zhao Fu's Nation Armament's power, Lou Yuye's expression became somewhat serious.

Seeing that a big battle was about to unfold, a scholarly-looking middle-aged man giving off a powerful aura hurriedly went up and said, "Sirs, you're currently at the Demon Sea Meeting. Please give us some face."

The Demon Sea Financial Group was relatively powerful in the Demon Domain and was only inferior to the Heaven Spirit Financial Group. Lou Yuye thought about it and lightly smiled as he said, "I will naturally give the Demon Sea Financial Group face; don't worry."

After saying this, Lou Yuye gave a confident smile as he said to Jue Tianling, "If you become my woman, I won't mind anything about you, and I'll make you my Empress. It will be far better than staying by his side."

Jue Tianling leaned against Zhao Fu and looked at Lou Yuye with her beautiful eyes as she calmly smiled and said, "You're wrong, staying with my husband is far better than being with you."

This caused Lou Yuye to feel even more angry, and he said mockingly, "Oh? Then tell us just who he is so I can see how he's better than me. He only has Earth Realm Cultivation, and if it wasn't for his Nation Armament, I would be able to crush him casually."

Hearing this, Jue Tianling felt quite annoyed because Zhao Fu was her man, so she said with a cold smile, "Putting all else aside, your talent is inferior to my husband's."

Lou Yuye loudly laughed, "Is that so? I want to see just how great his talent is."

Lou Yuye was most confident in his talent because his talent was at the apex of the Heaven Awaken World. Only very few people had talent surpassing his, and those people all had supreme Emperor Stars, so he naturally could not compare to them.

He came to the dragon pillar and placed his hand on it, and a powerful aura expanded out. The dragon pillar gave off a platinum light, which became more and more intense to the point that it was blinding.

The dragon coiled around the stone pillar gave off intense platinum light and started to move as if it was alive.

Everyone looked shocked; this was something that belonged to those with apex-level talent. Ordinary people could not compare and could only look up. Lou Yuye's talent was greater than even Jue Tianling's by a bit.