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 Zhao Fu also found out the four dragon's names - the red dragon was called Chi Huo'Er, the black dragon was called Mo Yin'Er, the white dragon was called Bai Han'Er, and the blue dragon was called Lan Shui'Er.

"Owner, can you continue to love your servants like this in the future?" Bai Han'Er said with a red face as she happily smiled and asked flirtatiously.

Zhao Fu smiled and nodded.

The five of them were willing to give Zhao Fu all of their treasures, but Zhao Fu decided to only take the things that were useful to him.

It was nearly time for the Demon Sea Meeting, and now there were all sorts of ships sailing on the sea. The meeting would be held on an island at the center of the Demon Sea.

The host was the largest financial group in the region, the Demon Sea Financial Group. The meeting was held like a ball, allowing people to get to know each other and also compete with each other - however, this required the consent of both parties. The meeting had been held over 1,000 times and was incredibly famous so many people were drawn to it.

Zhao Fu brought the women to the island, which was incredibly big and was comparable to over 1,000 regions. It had powerful barriers set up and had a wharf especially set up for the event. There were celebratory banners and lanterns hung everywhere, as well as all sorts of colorful shells, to welcome the attendees.

When Zhao Fu and his group arrived, the guards responsible for greeting attendees were slightly shocked as they found that the five demon dragons had come. These five demon dragons normally lived in the Demon Sea, and they were familiar with them.

What they were even more shocked about was that these five demon dragons were around one man and seemed to be infatuated with him. The man was wearing a cloak, making it impossible to see his appearance, but he only had Earth Realm Cultivation.

Seeing this scene, they could not imagine how a man with Earth Realm Cultivation had been able to subdue these five incredibly ferocious female dragons.

However, anyone who came was welcome as long as they did not make any trouble. As such, the guards did not say anything and invited Zhao Fu and his group in.

After coming onto the island, Zhao Fu saw that there were already many people gathered here. There were all kinds of people and there were tables placed everywhere, on which there were spirit fruits and exquisite wines. Anyone could eat or drink anything they wanted and there were female attendants to serve them.

The most eye-catching thing was a 1,000 meter tall pillar with a coiling dragon around it. It was over 100 meters wide and was made of stone, and the dragon seemed incredibly domineering. It was as if it was alive, and it gave off an intense dragon's might.

There were many people crowding around the dragon pillar, placing their hands on it. From the discussions of the people around him, Zhao Fu heard that it could test one's talent.

The Demon Sea Meeting did not limit who could come, and even ordinary people could participate. However, the meeting was split into three regions.

The first region was for ordinary people; the second region was for people with decent strength or with decent statuses; and the third region was for incredibly powerful or incredibly noble people.

Ordinary people would only cause the pillar to give off white light; people with decent talent would cause the pillar to give off green light; and those with good talent would cause the pillar to give off red light.

Suddenly, a white-robed young man placed his hand on the pillar, causing it to give off violet light, and a powerful aura spread out. This meant that he had extremely high talent, and everyone around him gasped.

"He's the Heaven's Edge Pavilion's Xiao Changling!" With such immense talent, he naturally was not a nobody, and people soon recognized him.

Soon, a beautiful female attendant came to take Xiao Changling to the third region, and everyone else watched on in admiration.

A well-built young man put his hand on the pillar, causing it to give off violet light as well. Everyone around him once again cried out in surprise, and another beautiful female attendant came to take him to the third region.


"Get out of the Prince's way, you peasants!" a loud and domineering voice sounded out, not showing anyone any respect. Everyone looked over and saw a ferocious-looking big man standing next to a young man in a dragon robe. He looked incredibly arrogant and there were a few guards behind him.

Hearing that he was the Prince of an Empire, no one dared to stand in his way. The young man looked at everyone else condescendingly and placed his hand on the dragon pillar.


The dragon pillar exploded out with a powerful aura and gave off a violet light, which became denser and denser, until it became a dark purple color.

This meant that the young man's talent was superior to the two people from before, as they had only released violet light while his was dark purple.

As expected of a Prince of an Empire, his talent was not something that ordinary people could compare to. Everyone sighed and felt quite inferior. Facing this Prince's talent or his status, even if he treated them incredibly condescendingly, they could only endure it.

"Sir, please come with me to the third region," a beautiful female attendant slightly bowed as she said respectfully.

The young man disdainfully harrumphed and left with the female attendant. No one dared to say anything out of fear of offending the Prince.

Zhao Fu stood by the side; he was naturally going to the third region as well to see if there was anyone suited to becoming an Evil Flower Emissary. However, he did not want to stand out too much, so he said to Jue Tianling, "Tianling, you go and try."

Jue Tianlign nodded and went up, and she placed her hand on the dragon pillar.

The dragon pillar started to give off a violet light, and everyone looked quite surprised. The violet light became denser and denser, and it ended up becoming platinum-colored. The eyes of the dragon around the pillar shot out two rays of light and a massive aura shot out as if it was alive.

"Heavens! It's the first time I've seen platinum light."

"That woman's talent is far too great! It's quite scary!"

"Yeah! That Prince's light was only dark purple, whereas hers is actually platinum. Doesn't that mean she has talent superior to that Prince? It's a pity that she's wearing a cloak and can't see what she looks like or who she is."

"Mm, I want to know who she is so badly. With such great talent, she's definitely not an ordinary person, and she is definitely famous in the Demon Domain."

The young man who had just taken a few steps looked furious as he glared at Jue Tianling. She was definitely trying to shame him, but he was quite shocked at how she could have greater talent than him.

The ferocious-looking big man warned him, "Your Majesty, many Princes will come to the Demon Sea Banquet. That woman has such great talent and definitely has a terrifying background; we should be careful."