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 After talking to Jiang Rou, Zhao Fu returned to the Great Qin Town and continued taking care of unfinished matters.

At the same time, he decided that Great Qin would develop northwards because his plan was to leave China and use Vietnam as a stepping stone.

Even though Vietnam was a smaller country than China, it was still a country, and seizing it would take some preparation. Zhao Fu planned to open a path in that direction first before developing his forces in that direction.

East Green's four restaurants had all opened, and these things no longer required Zhao Fu to look over them himself.

He also received some good news: the underground exploration teams had discovered a Skeleton General. This Skeleton General was just as powerful as the first one, but Zhao Fu's soldiers had become much stronger. Li Wen had combined the two exploration teams together, and at the cost of a few light injuries, they had successfully killed the Skeleton General.

The Skeleton General dropped five items. The first item was its armor, which Zhao Fu gave to Li Wen as a reward. The Skeleton General's sword was called the Flowing Cloud Sword, and it had the same stats as Bai Qi's original Star Slashing Sword. Zhao Fu gave this new sword to Wang Jian.

Next was a General Soul, and now that Zhao Fu knew how powerful a General Armament was, he could no longer bear to use General Souls to strengthen pieces of equipment. He decided that he would keep them until he had 10 so that he could fuse them into a General Armament.

The next item was a Skeleton General Profession Change Stone, and Zhao Fu gave it to a Ratfolk called Carnegie to use. Now, Zhao Fu had 11 Generals.

The final item was quite interesting. It was a jade flute that was white-colored and felt cold to the touch. Because it had been contaminated with Undead aura for a long period of time, the aura it gave off was quite strange and eerie, and it felt like an inauspicious item.

[Deathcry Flute]: A strange flute that will make any song played seem sad and will make one subconsciously shed tears. The person who plays the flute will attract ghosts to him or her.

The fifth item was indeed an inauspicious item. If it appeared in the real world, it would give many people a big scare - after all, anyone who played this flute would attract ghosts to him or herself, which sounded quite horrifying.

However, in the Heaven Awaken World, with Zhao Fu's current strength, he did not fear ghosts. As such, he put the jade flute to his lips and lightly blew.

As a note sounded out, Zhao Fu felt a chill at the back of his neck as if a cold breeze had blown past. He looked up and the scene fell silent, and something strange started to happen.

A few illusory figures slowly appeared, and they were both male and female. They looked quite blurry, so their features could not be seen. The clothes they wore were quite normal, and their feet were floating a few centimeters off the ground.

Zhao Fu looked at them and found that they were just some normal ghosts. These ghosts were quite weak, and a casual attack could cause them to dissipate. In fact, they did not even dare to come within 10 meters of Zhao Fu. This was because just the power of the Fate around Zhao Fu was enough to kill them.

Zhao Fu was surprised that blowing just a single note was enough to attract a few normal ghosts. If one played an entire piece on it, just what would be attracted?

The Deathcry Flute seemed to be quite powerful, so Zhao Fu put it inside his King's Ring. He then looked at the ghosts around him and casually waved his hand. A formless wave of energy rippled out like a breeze, immediately scattering the ghosts.

Most of the important things had been taken care of, so he went back to his room to cultivation. He had risen to Stage 1 not too long ago, but he hadn't advanced much since then. However, not too long after he started cultivating, he was interrupted.

Guo Binglin knelt on the ground with a serious look on his face and reported something to Zhao Fu. Hearing what he had to say, Zhao Fu's eyes glinted coldly before putting on his black cloak and leaving the room, going with Guo Binglin to Heavenstone City.

There were many people gathered in front of a restaurant. Some were sighing, while others were rejoicing at the owner's misfortune. This restaurant was the one that Zhao Fu had opened.

Zhao Fu walked in and saw a chaotic and disorderly scene. All of the tables and chairs had been smashed, and what made him furious was that there were 20 or so corpses on the ground.

These corpses belonged to the waitresses, the managers, and the chefs. All of the people associated with the restaurant had been ruthlessly murdered.

The ground and walls were stained with their blood, and their bodies lay on the ground in different positions. However, the same expression of fear was engraved on their faces. Zhao Fu knew all of these faces, and now, they were all in front of him, dead.

Zhao Fu became filled with rage, and his eyes became cold as his hands tightened into fists and asked, "What happened?"

Beside him, Guo Binglin could feel Zhao Fu's anger, and his heart trembled. He cupped his hands respectfully before saying, "Your Majesty, this is what happened. Not too long after the restaurant was opened, Heavenstone City's Young Lord came here quite drunk with a few servants. He directly said that he was reserving the entire restaurant and ordered the manager to kick everyone out.

"Because of his status, the manager could only apologize to each of the customers already dining here and ask them to leave. The Young Lord then demanded all of the dishes to be served to him, which the manager did, carefully attending to him.

"However, the Young Lord said that he didn't like the wine here, so the manager went to some other restaurants and spent a lot of money to purchase the wine that he liked. In the end, the Young Lord became more and more difficult as he became drunker, and he even ordered the waitresses to perform sexual favors for him.

"The manager felt quite troubled, as we only hired these women to be waitresses, so he did his best to explain to the Young Lord that this demand was simply impossible. However, the Young Lord did not care, and he tried to force himself on some of the waitresses. A few of them were unwilling, and they injured him while struggling.

"The Young Lord flew into a fit of rage, and he ordered his guards to kill everyone in the restaurant and for the restaurant to be smashed. He was then brought back to the City Lord's residence by his lackeys because of how drunk he was."

Now, Zhao Fu realized why there were so few players in Heavenstone City. With such an overbearing, violent, unreasonable, and bloodthirsty trash doing as he pleased, who would want to stay here? Something that one put his or her blood, sweat, and tears into could be destroyed by him on a whim.

Even though Zhao Fu was enraged, his mind was quite clear. He immediately realized something and said coldly, "Order all of Great Qin's people to leave Heavenstone City immediately!"

Guo Binglin complied and quickly left to disseminate the order.

Very soon, everyone who belonged to Great Qin left Heavenstone City and returned to the Great Qin Town. Not too long after they had left, a group of guards came to seal up the restaurant and to confiscate all of Zhao Fu's properties.

If it wasn't for Zhao Fu's quick thinking, it was possible that not a single one of his subjects in Heavenstone City would have remained alive.

"System announcement! You have been listed as a wanted criminal by Heavenstone City."

"System announcement! Your position in Heavenstone City has been exposed. Please leave quickly."

It seemed that the Young Lord was not taking any risks, and he was trying to get rid of any future troubles, causing Zhao Fu to gnash his teeth in anger. He had never felt so furious before.