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 Everyone left the building and came outside. There, they saw a 10,000 meter long demon dragon floating above the water. It had jet-black glowing scales and three black dragon horns, one on each side and one on the middle. There was also a trace of blood on its forehead.

Its eyes were filled with fury as it looked at everyone on the ship as if it wanted to eat everyone.

The ship's captain, the big man, looked quite grim. This demon dragon was at the peak of the Extreme Divine Realm and was a bit away from breaking through to the Emperor Heaven Realm. Adding on its constitution as part of the Dragon Race, its power was incredibly terrifying.

The highest cultivation on the ship was the Divine Realm, and they were not a match for the demon dragon at all. The captain could only apologize, "Lady dragon, this lowly one is willing to provide ten million gold coins as compensation."

Hearing the captain mention gold coins, the demon dragon's expression became savage. The Dragon Race liked amassing fortunes and the ship crashing into her had made her feel murderous. Now that she had heard about money, she was even more tempted to attack.

The cultivations of the people in this ship were quite weak and there was nothing to be wary of. As such, the demon dragon gave off a terrifying aura and charged towards the large ship.

The expressions of the people on the ship fell and they hurriedly ran in all directions. If the demon dragon suddenly attacked, none of them would be a match for it.

The captain felt a chill in his heart and decided to give up the ship; his life was more important. If he lost his life, he would have nothing.

However, the demon dragon's eyes locked onto him, making it so that he had no opportunity to escape. The demon dragon opened its mouth and bit towards the ship, and the captain could only go all in and fight to the death.


A clear sword hum tore through the sky as a sharp sword light shot out and hit the demon dragon's large mouth, causing it to howl in pain and retreat.

A goddess-like woman in white appeared, holding a silver-white sword. Her enchanting beauty caused everyone's hearts to tremble, and their heartrates could not help but speed up.

The demon dragon looked furious as she looked at Jue Tianling, who had suddenly appeared. She had been careless and had been hit by Jue Tianling, and her expression became serious as she could sense that Jue Tianling's strength was not inferior to hers.

Following this, more and more women flew into the sky, ten in total. All of them had Extreme Divine Realm Cultivation, and all of them were extremely beautiful.

The demon dragon was quite shocked. Just Jue Tianling was enough to give her a headache, and now another ten Extreme Divine Realm Cultivators had appeared. If they fought, she would definitely lose.

Thinking about that, the demon dragon hatefully glared at Jue Tianling before turning and leaving.

Clang, clang, clang...

Suddenly, massive chains shot out from the sky. The demon dragon was greatly shocked and wanted to dodge, but the chains were too fast and bound it up.

"Roar!!" the demon dragon gave a furious roar and its massive body gave off terrifying power as it continuously struggled, breaking apart the chains.

A cloaked figure appeared in the sky with a bronze aura flame around him - Zhao Fu had already unleashed his Nation Armament's power.

Seeing the demon dragon continuously struggle, Zhao Fu's expression was cold as he gradually raised a hand and massive amounts of violet dragon qi flowed out from Zhao Fu's body, turning into a massive pillar of qi that blasted into the sky with immense power.


A shocking explosion rang out as an extremely terrifying energy descended. The clouds in the sky were dissipated by the energy, and violet light spread out in all directions.

An enormous violet dragon star gave off a massive sound as it gradually descended, and the heavens and earth seemed as if they were sinking.

The instant that the Violet Sky Dragon Star appeared, the geniuses in the surrounding regions turned and looked over as their expressions became serious. They all recognized this star - it was the Devil Race's supreme Emperor Star.

The demon dragon looked terrified; under the Violet Sky Dragon Star, she felt an unprecedented fear. It was if she had fallen into boundless darkness, and her dragon bloodline became cold as her massive body trembled. Even though she was a demon dragon, she only had demonic attributes and was still a dragon. Facing the Devil Race's supreme Emperor Star, she could not resist at all.

Zhao Fu lowered his hand and the Violet Sky Dragon Star gave off a brilliant starlight that shook the heavens and the earth. A violet pillar of light blasted down, slamming onto the demon dragon's body.

"Roar!!" The demon dragon coughed up a large mouthful of blood and gave off a pained roar. The violet pillar of light could easily tear apart her flesh, causing her immense pain.

"I'm willing to submit to you; please stop, I beg you," the demon dragon quickly submitted and cried out.

Hearing this, Zhao Fu hesitated because he somewhat wanted to eat her heart and create another Evil Flower Demon. However, after thinking about it, he already had a dragon-shaped Evil Flower Demon, so perhaps eating her heart would not have much of an effect. As such, he accepted her surrender.

Zhao Fu set down various restrictions in the demon dragon's body before waving his hand, and the violet star gradually disappeared.

Jue Tianling and the other women looked at Zhao Fu in shock, and they had been like this ever since Zhao Fu summoned the Violet Sky Dragon Star. They had never thought that Zhao Fu would actually have the Devil Race's supreme Emperor Star, but Zhao Fu was evidently not a Devil but a Human.

Zhao Fu now seemed even more mysterious to them. Zhao Fu had only just revealed that he had a Divine Bloodline, and now he had revealed this Devil Race's supreme Emperor Star. Both of them were things that could shake the world; could it be that he was hiding even more things?

The demon dragon was a Dark Spirit Abyss Dragon, and it was a higher-tier dragon. Taking her as a mount would seem quite grand.

Suddenly, the demon dragon's body gave off black light as her massive body gradually disappeared and a pretty woman in a black dress appeared. Her skin was slightly dark and she had long, dark hair, and she gave off a vicious aura.

"I greet my owner!" the demon dragon turned into human form and looked somewhat afraid as she half-knelt and spoke nervously.

Zhao Fu was quite surprised and had never thought that the demon dragon would be able to turn into human form and be so pretty as well. Even though she could not compare to Jue Tianling and Mo Qianmo, she was comparable to Luo Yanhuo.

Seeing how pretty the demon dragon was, Zhao Fu smiled and hugged her. The demon dragon did not know what Zhao Fu was doing and struggled a bit in fear.

Seeing this, Jue Tianling rolled her eyes; she knew what this husband of hers was going to do.

Seeing that the demon dragon had been subdued, everyone who had been running away came back onto the ship. The captain heaved a sigh of relief, and he was covered with sweat as if he had just fallen into water. If it wasn't for Zhao Fu acting, he might have died.

He had wanted to go to Zhao Fu's room to thank his savior, but hearing the intense sounds coming from there, he did not want to interrupt them.