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 After doing it, Zhao Fu hugged the demon godly spirit with one arm and the demon woman with the other as he smiled. Both of them lay in his embrace with reddened faces as they panted, looking incredibly bewitching.

"Holy Son, thank you for awakening me," the demon godly spirit's beautiful and gentle eyes looked at Zhao Fu as she spoke softly.

The demon godly spirit had already died, but it kept a trace of her remnant soul within her body. This remnant soul had continuously grown stronger, causing the demon godly spirit's body to regain some life, but it came at a great price - her Divinity had dissipated as the price for coming back to life.

Apart from this, she also needed an extremely high-tier power to awaken her, and Zhao Fu's Divine Bloodline was one kind.

Lying by the side, Jue Tianling felt quite shocked when she heard the demon godly spirit address Zhao Fu like this. It was just as she had guessed; Zhao Fu's identity was not simple at all, and he was actually a Holy Son - this meant that he was from a Divine Empire. Thinking about how she had chosen to follow him, Jue Tianling smiled; she had not been wrong at all.

Hearing the demon godly spirit's words, the other women could also guess at Zhao Fu's identity, and they all felt quite excited and delighted. After all, Holy Sons reigned above Emperors and Holy Empires were legendary existences.

Zhao Fu lightly laughed as he said, "No need to thank me. Now, both of you are my women, understood?"

The demon godly spirit gently nodded, and seeing that her godly spirit agreed, the demon women also nodded. Doing it with Zhao Fu just then was the first time she had experienced this kind of pleasure, and she had fallen in love with it.

Apart from the demon godly spirit and the demon women, Zhao Fu also tasted the three newly-joined women, who were all quite good as well.

Zhao Fu also found out their names: the demon godly spirit was called Mo Qianmo; the demon woman's name was Nishi; and the three women were called Bai Niao, Dou Nanyue, and Cha Mei.

Even though Zhao Fu had just enjoyed two exquisite women and three beauties, he felt a bit disappointed because none of them had become an Evil Flower Emissary.

Mo Qianmo was the one with the biggest potential to become an Evil Flower Emissary, but because of her special Constitution as a godly spirit, she could not become an Evil Flower Emissary.

"Husband, I have something here. Maybe it will be of help to you." Mo Qianmo took out a miniature pool as she smiled and handed it to Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu looked at the pool, which was 15 centimeters tall and as wide as his hand. There were countless demons carved on the outside of the pool, all of them looking incredibly lifelike and ferocious, and it gave off powerful demonic qi.

Zhao Fu looked at the pool's information and was delighted.

This pool was called the Ten Thousand Demon Pool and could become hundreds of times bigger. Its main use was in nurturing all kinds of demons; with this Ten Thousand Demon Pool and the demon godly spirit, Zhao Fu would be able to create a demon army.

The demons and minotaur demons outside were created from this pool. Zhao Fu had seen their strength and they were all decently strong.

"Thank you!" Zhao Fu hugged Mo Qianmo and smiled. After she gave him such a good thing, he felt quite grateful towards her.

Mo Qianmo lightly nodded as she kissed Zhao Fu and said flirtatiously, "Husband, I want more!"

After another round, everyone packed their things and left.

Outside, the middle-aged man and the other men were obediently waiting. It had been ten or so hours, and for the first eight hours they could hear some noises, but then there had not been any more noises. They suspected whether Zhao Fu and the others had died inside.

They did not know that Zhao Fu had been having the time of his life, doing it with all of the women. Seeing them come out, they let out a sigh of relief.

Zhao Fu honored his promise, undid the restrictions, and allowed them to leave.

As for the corpses of the demons here, Zhao Fu released the Evil Flower Demons and had them clean them up. Following this, everyone continued onwards.

A massive river appeared in front of everyone - this river was at least 100 regions wide and was unfathomably deep. The water was incredibly clear and everything inside was visible. The water flowed peacefully and looked quite tranquil.

Zhao Fu planned to find a teleportation channel to get past here because flying over would take too much effort and time. However, at that moment, a massive ship sailed over.

This ship was tens of thousands of meters long and was black and made of wood. There were dozens of levels and there was a monster bird's head engraved at the prow, which looked quite savage. The entire ship gave off an aura of suppression.

The ship stopped in front of Zhao Fu's group and a big man walked out and shouted, "Do you want to come on the ship? The fee is 500,000 gold coins per person, and you will be able to freely sail the East River."

Hearing this, Zhao Fu thought about it and felt that it was a good deal, so he agreed.

The big man smiled; Zhao Fu's group had 17 people, which came to a total of 8.5 million gold coins. That was quite a decent sum.

Zhao Fu and his group flew onto the ship and gave the gold coins to the big man. Now, money was not much use to Zhao Fu. The big man took over the spatial ring containing the gold coins and had an attendant bring Zhao Fu's group into the building.

The first level was a big hall, where there were already many people. Seeing Zhao Fu's group walk in, all of them wearing cloaks, everyone felt quite curious but did not pay much attention to them.

However, some people felt quite envious. From their figures, it seemed that of this group, only one person was a man and the rest were women. Even though they could not see their appearances, from their auras and their bodies, they could tell that they were definitely all exquisite beauties; that man was quite lucky. Zhao Fu found a place near a window to sit so that he could appreciate the scenery outside, and he had the attendant bring over some food and wine.

The people around them talked about various things. At first, Zhao Fu did not bother listening, but he later overheard that there was going to be a Demon Sea Meeting soon, and many of the Demon Domain's geniuses would go. This ship's destination was the Demon sea, and many people planned to go there to have a look. Hearing to there, Zhao Fu felt quite interested; perhaps he would be able to find a suitable woman there to become an Evil Flower Emissary. As such, Zhao Fu decided to go there as well.

The ship quickly sailed, and Zhao Fu looked at the scenery outside while drinking some wine with beauties, making those around him feel quite envious.

"Husband, I'll feed you!" Mo Qianmo leaned against Zhao Fu and picked up a small cup of wine as she brought it to Zhao Fu's lips.


The ship seemed to collide into something, causing it to violently tremble. The wine from the wine cup that Mo Qianmo was holding spilled out onto Zhao Fu's clothes, causing him to slightly frown.

At that moment, a loud and hoarse woman's voice sounded out from outside, "Watch where you're going! You hit your granny!"