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 Seeing her attack, Zhao Fu smiled. There were two things that made Zhao Fu happy: The first was that he felt that this woman was quite suitable to becoming an evil Flower Emissary, both in terms of talent or strength.

The second was that she said this place was a Cemetery of Gods; perhaps there would be the corpses of godly spirits here. If he could eat one, he would most likely be able to awaken another Evil Flower Demon.

The demon woman was stronger than ordinary Extreme Divine Realm experts, but Zhao Fu did not feel any fear. After all, Zhao Fu had eight Extreme Divine Realm experts here.

"None of you need to do anything; I'm enough to deal with her!" Jue Tianling gave a confident smile as she drew the silver-white sword at her waist and went to meet that demon woman.

Hearing this, Zhao Fu lightly laughed and left it to her.

"Arghh!" the demon woman gripped her sword with both hands and shot over as she cried out. Countless illusory demon images appeared behind her, and there seemed to be tens of thousands of them.


The demon woman swung her sword and the demons behind her roared as they gave off a terrifying aura and flooded towards Jue Tianling.

Jue Tianling held her sword with one hand as she rushed towards the demon woman. Facing the incoming illusory demons, she sent power into her sword, causing it to give off extremely sharp sword qi.


Jue Tianling slashed out, sending out an enormous white crescent that brought with it an incredibly sharp power. Under the sword light, countless demons howled and dissipated.

The demon woman's expression fell, and by now Jue Tianling had charged in front of her. Her sword gave off a white sword light as it hacked towards her, and the demon woman gripped her own sword with both hands and blocked.


A metallic collision sound rang out as sparks flew everywhere - the demon woman blocked Jue Tianling's sword and had a serious expression.

A slightly condescending smile appeared on Jue Tianling's face as she lightly cried out and vigorously slashed down with her sword, and the demon woman slid back ten or so meters before she stopped. Her expression was quite unsightly because she was not a match for Jue Tianling.

Clang, clang, clang...

The sound of metal colliding continuously sounded out as Jue Tainlign rushed up and continued to clash with the demon woman. The fight was quite intense, but it was evident that Jue Tianling was stronger than the demon woman.

Zhao Fu was quite shocked because Jue Tianling was quite powerful; even with his Nation Armament, it would have been very difficult to subdue her. Fortunately, she had taken the initiative to submit to him.

"Roarr!" Jue Tianling raised her sword and a silver sword light shot into the sky, causing a massive wave of sword qi to spread out. A silver-white dragon appeared behind Jue Tianling and gave off a terrifying dragon's roar.


Jue Tianling's sword descended, and the silver-white dragon gave off a massive aura as it quickly flew towards the demon woman.

Even though the demon woman used her sword to block in front of her and unleashed a defensive barrier, she was still sent flying hundreds of meters and crashed against a wall. The wall cracked and she fell onto the ground, coughing up a large mouthful of blood. She was heavily injured and did not have any strength left.

Jue Tianling wanted to continue but Zhao Fu smiled and said, "That's enough."

Hearing this, Jue Tianling stopped and returned to Zhao Fu's side.

Zhao Fu came to the demon woman and lifted her chin as he smiled and said with a trace of domineeringness, "You're not bad; become my woman!"

The demon woman's expression was quite savage as she replied, "In your dreams; I'll never become your woman and won't submit to you thugs who intruded into the Cemetery of Gods. You show no respect to godly spirits and will be punished by godly spirits in the future."

Hearing those words, Zhao Fu lightly laughed as he said, "I already have a few godly spirits as my concubines. Not only that, I've eaten a godly spirit's corpse before."

The demon woman felt a chill in her heart; she had never thought that Zhao Fu would be so savage and twisted.

Zhao Fu did not say any more and set some Six Desires Demonic Qi into her body. He picked her up and walked towards a door further inward.

Zhao Fu opened the door and saw an exquisitely carved white coffin made of wood at the center of a hall. There was nothing else in the hall and there were some beautiful murals on the walls.

Zhao Fu walked up, opened the coffin, and saw a woman's corpse. The woman was quite beautiful and was not inferior to Jue Tianling. She had an enticing figure; white skin; and long, black hair. She also had two demon horns and a demon tail.

She wore a snow-white robe and her eyes were closed, looking incredibly beautiful, as if she was asleep.

Zhao Fu put the demon woman to one side and looked at the corpse of the woman inside the coffin. If he ate her, he would most likely be able to create another Evil Flower Demon and the demon woman could become the eleventh Evil Flower Emissary.

Zhao Fu took out the woman's corpse from the coffin because it was not very convenient to eat her inside the coffin. After taking her out, Zhao Fu opened his mouth and bit towards the woman's throat.

"Wait! I'm willing to submit to you!" the demon woman felt greatly shocked and pleaded with Zhao Fu seeing that Zhao Fu really was going to eat the godly spirit who she deeply respected.

Zhao Fu stopped and hesitated. Easily subduing the demon woman like this would not be bad, and he would just have to delay the creation of the next Evil Flower Demon.

After making his decision, Zhao Fu suddenly found that the woman's body still had some warmth, and he felt quite shocked- could it be that this godly spirit was still alive?

Looking at the woman's peerlessly beautiful face, Zhao Fu could not help but kiss her. Traces of lifeforce that originated form his Divine Bloodline flowed out, and it was absorbed into the woman.

The woman gradually opened her eyes, revealing a pair of black, vertical pupils. Looking at the handsome young man who was kissing her, she stretched out her arms and lightly wrapped them around his neck as she gently responded to him.

The demon woman was quite shocked; she had never thought that her revered godly spirit would come back to life and be awoken by a man's kiss. If she had not seen it herself, she would not have believed it.

At the same time, she could not believe that the godly spirit who used to hate men would passionately respond to that man; what was going on?

Jue Tianling and the other women also looked quite confused and had never thought that such a thing would happen. They had thought that Zhao Fu was going to eat her, but he had instead kissed her, and they thought that Zhao Fu was interested in corpses. However, that woman had come to life.

It seemed like some kind of power within Zhao Fu's body had awakened her, and that power was incredibly terrifying. Even Jue Tianling, who had experienced much, felt quite shocked by that aura.

After all, this aura reigned above even Emperors; could it be that Zhao Fu had a Divine Bloodline? Moreover, ordinary Divine Bloodlines did not have such a dense aura; was it an Early Stage Divine Bloodline?

A moan sounded out as everyone found that the two of them had started doing it.

Everyone looked at each other, and Mei Lingling was the first to walk towards Zhao Fu, while Luo Yanhuo was the second and Mo Qingli was the third...

Following this, all the other women also joined in.