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 Zhao Fu disdainfully laughed; they didn't need these people to give the historical remnant over to them - after all, once this group was dead, it would be theirs anyways. Moreover, Zhao Fu guessed that the information would be some simple explanations.

Otherwise, they would not have fallen into such danger if they had known everything. If they knew that it was too dangerous, they would not have come.

As such, Zhao Fu was not very willing to save them. By now, the minotaur demons had discovered Zhao Fu's group, and some of them came charging over.

Because Zhao Fu could not use his Nation Armament and only had Earth Realm Cultivation, he was the weakest out of the group. Facing the incoming minotaur demons, the women all took out their weapons and unleashed attacks.

Zhao Fu did not bother attacking, and the minotaur demons were easily dispatched by the women. Even the weakest of the women was at the peak of the Divine Realm and they all came from powerful factions.

"Arghhh!" Another cry sounded out as a young man was bisected at the waist, causing his organs and blood to spill onto the ground.

The others looked terrified because they would also die horribly like this. The bearded middle-aged man could only plead, "Please save us; we'll give you anything you want."

Hearing this, Zhao Fu glanced over the remaining eight people, of whom five were male and three were female. The men were all ordinary-looking and there was nothing special about them.

Of the three women, there was a young woman who was slim and quite beautiful. Her face was currently covered with tears, as the one who had just died was her husband. One of them had a fiery body but a pure-looking face, and the remaining one was tall and slim but had a flat chest and seemed to be the cheerful type.

Zhao Fu stretched out his hand and pointed as he said, "I can save you, but those three will be mine. Also, I want to know about the information you just mentioned."

The men hurriedly agreed while the women hesitated. However, given the danger they were in, they could only nod and agree.

The women with Zhao Fu all looked quite displeased; even though the three women were pretty, they were far inferior to them, and they had never expected Zhao Fu to take interest in them. To Zhao Fu, every woman was unique.

Even though they were displeased, they could only follow Zhao Fu's orders and kill the minotaur demons.

The middle-aged man let out a breath of relief. Now they had a new lease on life, and the three women came before Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu stretched out his hand and wiped away the tears on the young woman's face and sent some Six Desires Demonic Qi into her body, and he said, "You three can come serve me later."

The young woman's face became red as she nodded.

Because Zhao Fu had said he wanted the three of them and her body started to become hot, even though her husband had just died, she was no longer as sad.

Zhao Fu looked at the middle-aged man, "Speak! Tell me about this historical remnant."

The middle-aged man sighed and started to speak. He talked about how they had obtained the historical remnant, as well as various other things. It was more or less as Zhao Fu had expected, and it was not too useful.

Zhao Fu spoke, "All of you stay here for now, and I'll set down restrictions in your bodies. Don't worry, I won't kill you - after we finish exploring this historical remnant, I'll set you free."

The middle-aged man thought for a moment and felt there was no problem, so he and the others agreed.

After setting down restrictions in their bodies, Zhao Fu and his group headed onwards. Minotaur demons continuously charged out as they were quickly killed by Zhao Fu's people and did not pose much of an obstacle.

"Roar!!" a massive roar sounded out as a minotaur demon that was hundreds of meters tall holding a black pitchfork charged out, giving off a massive aura.

This time, Zhao Fu acted. He summoned the nine Evil Flower Demons that were 1,000 meters tall, and they surrounded the minotaur demon and attacked.

The others did not need to act, and even though the massive minotaur demon was powerful, its strength was on the Extreme Divine Realm level, and the nine Evil Flower Demons were enough to deal with it.

The minotaur demon continuously swung its pitchfork, sending out ferocious gales as it attacked the nine Evil Flower Demons. However, the Evil Flower Demons completely ignored these ordinary attacks and leapt at the minotaur demon.

The minotaur demon was caught off-guard as it had never expected the Evil Flower Demons to be able to completely ignore its attacks. By the time it wanted to unleash other attacks, it was too late.

Massive mouths bit onto its body and tore off large chunks; facing the enormous minotaur demon, the Evil Flower Demons had a massive advantage. Their large mouths ripped the minotaur demon's body apart, and blood fell like rain.

Victory and defeat were decided in a single moment, and the minotaur demon, that was on par with the Extreme Divine Realm, was devoured by the nine Evil Flower Demons, creating a bloody and ruthless scene.

Zhao Fu came to the chest of the minotaur demon. The blood and flesh were quite mangled here and had just been bitten by the Tiger. Zhao Fu could not finish the large heart, so he only ate the essence of the heart.

Jue Tianling and the other women also had a taste. Some felt that it was quite tasty while others felt that they could not accept it. This caused the newly-joined women to feel quite shocked.

Even though Zhao Fu ate the essence of the heart, he could not create a new Evil Flower Demon. It was not a problem with the minotaur demon's heart but that the final Evil Flower Demons needed incredibly powerful demonic creatures or treasures to create.

Zhao Fu felt a bit disappointed, but he continued onwards and a 1,000 meter tall and hundreds of meter wide door appeared in front of them.

This door was black and there were two massive demons engraved on it, looking as if they were alive. They gave off a ferocious aura and the door gave off dense and pure demonic qi as well as a powerful might. Zhao Fu was quite surprised and found that this door was quite a good treasure.

The door was called the Abyssal Door and could connect to the Abyss. The Abyss was a space underneath the Demon Domain and was very big, only a bit smaller than the Demon Domain, and all kinds of demonic creatures lived there.

Zhao Fu was quite interested in the Abyss and perhaps he would go there in the future. When that time came, the Abyssal Door would be quite useful.

Zhao Fu smiled, recalled the Evil Flower Demons, and put the Abyssal Door into his spatial ring, and they continued onwards.

Zhao Fu and his group did not encounter much afterwards, and their path was quite smooth until they reached the depths of the castle.

A woman blocked in front of them - she had a sensual figure and wore a black knight's dress. She held a large, black sword and was peerlessly beautiful. There were two black horns on her head, and she had jet-black long hair and a long demon tail.

"Those who intrude into the Cemetery of Gods must die!" the woman was quite cold as she cried out and exploded out with demonic energy as she attacked Zhao Fu and his group.