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 Luo Yanhuo felt quite displeased as she looked at Zhao Fu hugging Mo Qingli; she felt that Zhao Fu was especially interested in older women.

Zhao Fu smiled as he looked at Mo Qingli in his embrace, who lightly hugged Zhao Fu in response. She felt that her body and soul had been conquered by Zhao Fu, and she still had not come back to her senses.

She felt that serving Zhao Fu was not bad, and she was no longer as worried or angry.

However, even though Mo Qingli's talent and strength were decent, they were not enough to become an Evil Flower Emissary.

Zhao Fu let out the Evil Flower Demons and had them attack a few Cities and devour large numbers of people to provide blood and flesh, while Zhao Fu found a secluded area to consume the Demon Tree Seed, and a massive wave of demonic qi flowed out of Zhao Fu's body.

A three meter tall monster once again appeared. This monster had a tree-like body and was a gray-black color. It had arms and legs, as well as a pair of massive, blood-red eyes and a mouth that looked like a black hole, looking quite terrifying.

This was the ninth Evil Flower Demon and the Evil Spirit Abyss Flower had now reached its ninth stage. The nine Evil Flower Demons were all greatly enhanced and their bodies could become 1,000 meters tall, and Zhao Fu could control them within 100 regions.

Now, Zhao Fu was only three Evil Flower Demons away from reaching his goal.

Mo Qingli started to become more and more curious about Zhao Fu and his group. Now only were they incredibly powerful, but they were also quite terrifying and strange and their looks were even more shocking. The ten women were as beautiful as goddesses, and Zhao Fu had a peerlessly handsome face.

"Husband, just who are you?" Mo Qingli rested in Zhao Fu's embrace as she asked curiously.

Zhao Fu hugged Mo Qingli as he smiled and said, "You'll know in the future!"

Following this, the group continued onwards neither quickly nor slowly. Their main purpose was to find powerful demonic treasures, creatures, and women, or they could have arrived at the historical remnant already.

"Husband, I've discovered a group of people up ahead; we should be careful," Jue Tianling sensed some movement and said to Zhao Fu as the group walked through a forest.

Hearing this, Zhao Fu thought about it; no one would come to such a desolate area unless they had some kind of purpose. Perhaps these people had discovered some kind of treasure.

As such, Zhao Fu smiled and said, "Let's go over and take a look!"

Jue Tianling nodded and led the group over. There were ten or so people in total, both men and women. They were all dressed in different clothes, but their auras were quite similar - they were most likely from the same faction and practiced the same Art.

These people's cultivations were not very strong, and the person with the highest cultivation was only at the Divine Realm, while the person with the lowest cultivation was at the Saint Realm.

Zhao Fu and his group hid in the air and did not reveal themselves, planning to see what these people were doing first.

They followed this group ahead and soon came to a basin.

It was quite open here and the ground was red, and there was a heavy smell of sulfur. There were no plants, nor any animals, making this place deathly silent.

After the group arrived here, the person in the lead, a bearded middle-aged man, said to the others, "Take out the demon beasts for the sacrifice to open the historical remnant!"

The others took out bound up demon beasts from the spatial rings. There were cows, tigers, and pigs, and most of them were quite big. These demon beasts were lined up in rows and there were around 100 or so of them.

The middle-aged man took out a two meter long violet staff that seemed to be made out of metal. At the top was a black heart.

The middle-aged man stabbed the magic staff into the ground in front of the demon beasts, and he ordered the others to slit the throats of the demon beasts. Large amounts of blood flowed out, and the demon beasts howled in fear and pain.

The magic staff gave off a faint light and a strange energy. The blood was gathered by that power into the sky, forming an enormous blood-red vortex that gave off terrifying power. Within the center of the vortex there appeared the scene of another place.

The middle-aged man gave a trace of a smile and said, "Now that the historical remnant has been opened, everyone be careful."

Everyone else nodded, looking quite serious. After making some preparations, they felt into the blood-red vortex together.

"Husband, should we kill them?" Jue Tianling asked Zhao Fu after seeing the group of people go in.

Zhao Fu replied, "Have them scout out the path for us. We'll go in later and see if there's anything good."

After waiting outside for a while, Zhao Fu and his group went into that blood-red vortex as well, and he came to a place with lava everywhere.

Right after entering, a few demons holding spears appeared. Their auras were incredibly powerful and had roughly Stage 7 or Stage 8 strength. Their black eyes looked at Zhao Fu's group cruelly and ferociously charged towards them.

Jue Tianling did not even bother looking at them and waved her hand. An arc of light flashed out, cutting apart the demons at the waist and sending blood flying everywhere. The demons did not even have time to cry out before they died.

Zhao Fu lightly laughed; bringing Jue Tianling along was like bringing a hired thug; he no longer had to do anything himself.

They followed the tracks from the other group and continued onwards.

Soon, they came before a massive castle, where there lay many demon corpses. They did not see anyone else; those people had most likely entered the castle after slaughtering the demons.

However, from the state of the battlefield, it seemed that some of them had been injured.

Zhao Fu led his group into the castle. Right after entering, Zhao Fu felt that something was off because this place sealed his Nation Armament, and his power had been greatly reduced.

"Be careful, this place might be quite dangerous," Zhao Fu became quite serious as he spoke to the women, who nodded in response.

"Arghhh!" a howl sounded out, startling Zhao Fu's group, and they headed in that direction.

They saw hundreds of five meter tall minotaur demons with powerful bodies holding weapons as they ferociously attacked that group of people.

That group of people had already lost five or six people and their situation was quite grim. They were being attacked by countless minotaur demons and countless more charged over; it seemed that this group would definitely die.

However, at that moment they discovered Zhao Fu and his group, and they cried out, "Please save us! We'll give you this historical remnant and tell you everything about it."