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 With their help, the army of 200,000 Stage 5 soldiers was completely annihilated and none of them were able to escape. The ground was covered with blood and gave off a dense stench, and the eight Evil Flower Demons excitedly ate the corpses.

Zhao Fu had not acted at all, and he was still lying on the grass and left everything to them. Without his Nation Armament, he would not be a match for them at all.

Mo Wulin held the evil-looking young man and tossed him in front of Zhao Fu before kicking him. This fellow had actually wanted to take her; this was a humiliation to her.

The young man looked terrified as he knelt and pleaded, "Please don't kill me, I'll give you anything you want. I'm the Fire Mansion City's young master, and my mother is the City Lord of Fire Mansion City."

Zhao Fu did not know what faction this was. He looked at the Demon Beauties, but they did not know either. As such, he assumed that it was not a very big faction.

"Do you have any demonic treasures or creatures? If you can satisfy me, I'll spare your life," Zhao Fu said as he lightly laughed. He did not forget his goal, which was to search for demonic treasures, creatures, and two more women.

The evil-looking young man quickly took out a large pile of demonic treasures. Even though they were all decent, none of them could catch Zhao Fu's eyes.

"You want to keep your life with just this?" Zhao Fu felt quite displeased as he spoke.

The evil-looking young man said in fear, "My mother has better things. I'll take you there; she'll definitely give them to you."

"How's the strength of your faction?" Zhao Fu asked. He had to make this clear first or else if they went and were not a match for the faction, it would be quite awkward.

The evil-looking young man knelt on the ground and obediently told Zhao Fu about the faction.

The faction had around 100 or so Cities and was attached to a powerful Sect. The young man's mother was the leader of the faction and had Extreme Divine Realm Cultivation.

The 100 or so Cities could not be compared to 100 Cities in the inner Domains or outer Domains because they all had Stage 5 soldiers. 100 Cities here could wipe out a small Kingdom in the outer Domains; that was how powerful they were.

Zhao Fu felt that they were manageable, and even if they could not destroy them, running away at least would be no problem. As such, Zhao Fu agreed to the young man.

Within the City Hall, there was a voluptuous and beautiful middle-aged woman wearing bright red lipstick and dressed in red clothes. She was the leader of the faction, Mo Qingli.

"Reporting to the City Lord! The rebellion has been suppressed, but the young master did not lead troops there."

Hearing this, a trace of anger appeared on Mo Qingli's face. She knew what that good-for-nothing son had been doing. After he got back, she would properly discipline him.


Boom! Boom! Boom...

Powerful auras descended, causing Mo Qingli's expression to fall. She hurriedly walked out of the room and saw 11 cloaked figures in the sky, and one of them was holding her son.

"Mother! Please save me, the 200,000 soldiers were all killed by them!" the evil-looking young man immediately cried out.

Mo Qingli did not even need to think about it before knowing that it was her son who had offended these people first. She normally reminded him not to offend powerful people, as they could not afford to, but this had still happened in the end.

"Everyone, I don't know how my son has offended you all, but I apologies to you on his behalf. Please spare my son."

Mo Qingli could sense that most of the people's auras were stronger than her, and it was clear that their identities were not simple. All of them gave off prestigious auras and were not ordinary people.

She knew that with her power, she would not be able to defend against these people, so she could only apologize with a serious expression.

Zhao Fu's gaze fell on this middle-aged woman and gave a trace of a smile as he said, "I just need large numbers of demonic creatures and treasures. If you can satisfy me, I will spare your son. Otherwise, I don't mind destroying your faction.

"Also, don't try to use the Sect that you're attached to as a shield. Even if you're an Empire, I won't fear you."

Mo Qingli felt quite shocked, and she could already imagine how terrifying the identities of these people were. After hearing Zhao Fu's domineering words, she had thought to use the Sect behind her to scare them, but they already knew and were not afraid at all.

She naturally had some powerful demonic creatures and treasures, and if this incident could be easily resolved, that would be for the best.

Mo Qingli took out countless powerful demonic treasures and said, "These are a token of our apologies; is sir satisfied with them?"

Zhao Fu glanced over the treasures. Out of the treasures, one that caught his eye was a Demon Tree Seed. It was oval-shaped, as big as a fist, and was jet-black. There were many inscriptions on it, as well as a ghostly face, and the seed gave off an intense demonic qi.

This Demon Tree Seed could also be used to create an Evil Flower Demon, and Zhao Fu gave a trace of a smile. After having the Evil Flower Demons devour some people to provide blood and flesh, he could eat this seed and create another Evil Flower Demon.

Seeing Zhao Fu take the things, Mo Qingli let out a sigh of relief; the situation had been resolved.

However, Zhao Fu's next words destroyed her hopes, "Your son said he wanted to sleep with my women, so I also want you to serve me."

Mo Qingli felt furious and wanted to directly refuse. However, her son was still in their hands and she was locked onto by the most powerful person, whose cultivation was almost at the Emperor Heaven Realm.

If she dared to do anything or refuse, she felt that she would be instantly killed. These people also had terrifying identities and she could not afford to offend any of them.

The person locked onto her was naturally Jue Tianling. With her strength, she could instantly kill Mo Qingli because she came from a faction that was superior to ordinary Empires.

"Mother, please save me!" the evil-looking young man looked quite afraid as he wailed and cried. Even though he didn't want his mother to serve someone, he didn't want to die even more.

Before, Mo Qingli had been hesitant, but hearing these words, she sighed and said, "I can agree to your demands, but I have some things to take care of; can you give me some time?"

Zhao Fu smiled and nodded.

Following this, Zhao Fu and his group came to the City Hall and Mo Qingli ordered people to call her eldest son to take over the faction. She then gathered some of the most important figures in the faction to tell them about the situation.

After she dealt with these matters, Zhao Fu had a good taste of this middle-aged woman.

When the evil-looking young man saw his mother again, her face was red and she gave off an enticing aura as she lay against Zhao Fu's chest. Seeing this, he knew that Zhao Fu had ferociously ravaged his mother.

Even though the evil-looking young man was quite furious, he did not dare to say anything, and he could only watch as his mother left with those people. His brother quickly took over the faction, and his good days were over.